Senbokuji Ame - Captain of the 13th

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Jul 3, 2005
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Senbokuji Ame
Captain of the 13th Division

Name: Senbokuji Ame
"Fortunetelling Child" - "Rain"
Family name Senbokuji, given name Ame.
Christian name: James Everard. Never uses or speaks it, due to a disdainful relationship to his father, who insisted the boy have a proper name.
Age: 28 of appearance, almost half a century in Soul Society.
Birthday: 14th of February
Family: American father and part Japanese mother. He doesn't look distinctively asian, since the blood has been thinned out for two generations. Father descendant of native americans, though born and raised in England.
Ame's great grandfather and kin was of the Sioux tribe. Upon meeting his grandfather, Ame's grandmother travlled abroad to Great Britain and settled there with her husband, an English merchant. She passed away giving birth to her fourth child, a son who grew up to become a prosperous merchant, following in the profession of his family. On business in Japan he met a young american/japanese girl by the name Senbokuji Riana, and by her he had two sons of his own. They were christianed James and Morgan Everard by their father, although both boys always preferred the intimate names by which their mother called them - Ame and Morian.
Ame's father was businessminded and distant from his family, and even more so after his wife Riana died ten years after the birth of their youngest son Ame. After her death the man didn't want to hear the boys' japanese names uttered, and always demanded that they go by their christian names. Ame and Morian , though young as they were, hated their father for taking away such a tangible remnant of their mother, and always called each other by their japanese names when no one was around to hear.
In the last years of his life on Earth, Ame met a woman named Yoruda Simone. By accident she became pregnant with his child, but he refused to partake in any aspect of the child's life, even refusing to ever see the pending mother again. Not long after, Ame died and began a new life in Soul Society, where a second chance at life had been a revelation to him. Eager to redeem the horrible actions of his past life, he bitterly regretted his treatment of Simone, and he sought to do anything to find out about his child.
Roughly six and a half years after Ame's death, both Simone and her daughter Amelia died in a fire. While the soul of the young girl moved on quickly to Soul Society, the bitterness and despair in Simone caused by the heartache Ame had caused her led her into darkness, and she became a Hollow.
In Soul Society, Ame found his daughter and though they had never met, he knew beyond doubt she was his, and he took her in to be her parent.

Senbokuji Ame, Main theme: Bloc Party - Banquet
Senbokuji Ame, Battle theme: Placebo - Meds
Senbokuji Ame, Shikai theme: Gluecifer - Easy Living
Senbokuji Ame, Bankai theme: Kronos Quartett - Requiem For a Dream
Senbokuji Ame, Sombre theme: Madrugada - Majesty

Persona: His mood is as variable as the weather, but it is always undeniably him and only that. He never tries to be anything he's not, and generally avoids fake people. Truth and honesty are both things he values highly, and is greatly provoked by lying. He's a bit of a self-contradiction, often finding himself behaving in the ways he dislikes. Though he knows what he doesn't like about people, he won't judge them because of it. He knows that it's not his place to pass judgement on people he doesn't know. Instead he will simply step aside and let people be themselves, unless it affects him directly. He has a strong sense of justice, much because of his bad behaviour in his old life, he now tries to be the best he can be to make up for that. He wants to repent towards himself and the people he hurt, but he knows that some things are unforgivable. Loyal to his work and his superiors, he does as he is told, even if he dislikes it. Duty is precisely that.
Though he tries his best, the result isn't always good enough, and that bothers him greatly. He isn't a genius or a natural at using his spiritual powers. Rather, he is a determined and ambitious Shinigami that has a lot of potential, and wants to make the most of that.
Trying to be a better person than in his previous life is sometimes hard for Ame. He is still himself, and sometimes the anger and resentment he so much felt as a man in the real world will surface. Having little patience for those that annoy and oppose him, he keeps true to his ideals and will fight to make other people relate to it.
He is socially a man who will wait for others to make contact with him than take initiative himself. Not because he is shy, but because he is a rather stoic guy in the social arena.
When he encounters hard resistance, he is not one to waste time and powers trying to fight his opponent ordinarily, but rather he is quick to realize the measures he must take to end it, going all out.
Not usually one to enjoy the pain of others, his dark-mindedness can sometimes scare the people around him when it is at it's worst. They do not always understand his way of thought, and the measures he takes when acting upon those thoughts. In his heart, Ame does whatever he can to make this world a better place, at least for the people closest to him. He is determined to leave an imprint of his existence in this realm, a proof that he was here.

Physical Stature: 182 cm tall, his hair is a very dark shade of brown, but his eyes are the palest shade of blue, borderlining to white, and they attract a lot of attention. His hair hangs down jn bangs diagonally across his face. He's got a tall and solid frame, though he doesn't look like a beefcake, but rather lean, the result of a lot of hand-to-hand training.
His black and white Shinigami uniform is composed of a pair of wide pants rather than a robe or gi, and the uniform is sleeveless. Ame's haroi is sleeveless as well, more like a jinbaori, and fits on a bit more tightly than the spacious standard, because of the disadvantage of having flowing garments during a hand-to-hand fight. He wears heavy and solid Geta on his feet and he has bandages wrapped around his lower arms and palms.
A rosary hangs around his neck. It's composed of a long row of linked beads that converge into a pendant of the Virgin Mary's face surrounded by a halo. From this pendant a single row of beads continue down, and the cross itself hangs a few inches below.
Ame wears a white men's kimono obi around his waist rather than the scarf-like sash many wear. It measures around five inches in width, is composed of silk, and it's tied low on the waist, very tightly. In this his Zanpakutou, which is always in the form of a rapier, is held, on his left side.
A long and thin metal chain runs from the right side of his waist down to the left side of his thigh. At the end of this is a silver pocketwatch inside of his pocket.

Division: 13th Division
Rank: Captain

Biography: Ame's background is very vague, and not much have been heard of it, since Ame has decided to leave that part of his life behind and look purely to the future. Still, it's known that he was no angel, quite to the contrary a real jerk. Addicted to both alchohol, drugs and partying, Ame was headed in the totally wrong direction. Caring for nothing but himself he sinned and did things no ethical human being would have ever done, but he didn't mind at all. Selfish and stubborn to the very end, he died of an overdose, his life culminating in a predicatble way for those around him.

Having some time in the past had a brief relationship to a young girl named Simone, he shares a child with her assumedly, although he never accepted her into his life. In fact, as the scumbag he then was, he tossed her out on the streets without a second thought.
Now, this is the one thing about his previous life that he cannot forgive or forget. The memory of this girl haunts him.. and the knowledge of his unknown child boy even more so. It is what drives Ame to struggle for greater fame and power. In the hope of one day of meeting his son, he wants to prove to him that his father isn't just an idiot, but someone that is respected, someone that people look up to. For the things he have done, Ame thinks that being a shinigami is a way of redeeming himself for past crimes and behaviour. Still that work is far from complete, and he doesn't intend to stop anytime soon. Redemption must be earned, not given to one.

Upon arriving to Soul Society, Ame was shocked to find himself in an afterlife he had never believed in.
Death had changed him for the better, and he immediately decided that he wouldn't repeat the mistakes of his old life.
He embraced his new life in Soul Society as a second chance, and as a way to be a better person. Having turned around completely, he enjoyed the poverty of living in the Rukongai, opposed to the life of crimes, drugs and fake glamour he had lived the real world.
He did what he was told, learned to respect rules and when he eventually discovered his spiritual powers, he embraced them and worked hard to improve himself, entering the Shinigami Academy four years after arriving to SS.

Noteworthy events in chronological order (Pertaining to personal plot only):
aka. The complete plot guide to Senbokuji Ame

- Joins the 10th Division after his graduation from the Shinigami Academy.
- Befriends Seigibi Hakai.
- Is involuntarily taken in as Juujun Dokumaru's pupil.
- Strives to grow as both a person and a Shinigami.
- Juujun is murdered, Ame falls into a dark disorder.
- Learns of his inexplainable illness.
- The Gotei 13 fully formes and Ame joins the 7th Division Hakuda Masters.
- Attains the rank of Vice Captain.
- Befriends Takero Idaten of the 7th Division.
- Finds new purpose and drive in the responsibility his new rank brings.
- Meets newly graduated Hiana Maisaku.
- After an initially cold and resentful relationship, Ame and Mai become a couple.
- Seigibi Hakai is murdered while on mission with Ame to track the movement of one Akarina Kaizoku.
- Seeing Ame's state of despair, Akarina makes him her novice.
- Meets Kuro Yanagi, Akarina's original pupil.
- Is briefly introduced to Chiyudo specialist Christine Romero.
- The Seireitei is sieged, captain of the 7th - Saiyoisen - is murdered.
- Fights and kills the Arrancar Fulgencio though severly hurt.
- Is found wounded in the aftermath of the Siege and miraculously restored to health.
- The harmony with his Zanpakutou Kohakufushin is disrupted by the loss of his gentle and innocent nature.
- With the help of Akarina, Kohakufushin is destroyed and reforged. Its nature is entirely morphed.
- With newfound harmony and power in his Zanpakutou, Ame attains the power of Bankai.
- The divisions of the Gotei are once more to be formed anew.
- Ame is among the candidates for captainship and participates the Taishuu examinations.
- Displays his power as a wielder of Bankai to Seisatsu Kuragari of the 4th Division.
- Attains the rank of Captain of the 13th Division.
- Reforms the Division into the Castus Militia - the noble soldiers and defenders of the Gotei.
- Is given the pet raven Maro by Akarina as a promotion present.
- Mai meets a little girl in the Rukongai and takes her into the Seireitei.
- Upon talking to the girl, Ame discovers that she is the daughter of Yoruda Simone, and consequently his biological child from Earth.
- Takes Amelia into his home and parents her.
- The Hollow Maschera Donna makes her appearance with Hollow accomplice the Pied Piper.
- Meets and is schooled in Chiyudo by Christine Romero.
- Christine becomes Amelia's teacher.
- Becomes severely ill again as his disease escapes remission. He hides his illness from the public eye.
- Christine moves in with Ame and Amelia to care for them.
- The Hollow Maschera Donna makes her appearance with Hollow accomplice the Pied Piper.
- Kanosuke Jinju joins Ame's ranks in the 13th Division, the two are instant friends.
- Mysterious sickness goes back into remission.
- Encounters Arrancar Maschera Donna in Moscow on mission with Takero Idaten. Maschera reveals that she was once the human Yoruda Simone, the mother of Ame's daughter.
- Steals a strange item from Maschera.
- Captain Kyin Fenre of the 8th Division reveals hidden information within the item, extracting cryptic Latin phrases.
- Trains with Kanosuke Jinju, senses extreme potential in his ambitious subordinate
- The Gotei 13 moves to war against the Hollow King Emptybones and venture into Hueco Mundo with an army of Shinigami. Ame leads the 13th Division as one of the divisions in the strategic battle formation known as the Javelin, the main offensive branch of the attack.
- Goes Hollow-killing inside Hueco Mundo with Kanosuke Jinju.
- Encounters a high level behemoth Hollow and attains the power of Shinno Bankai.
- Teams up with Mai and fights one of the Espada Arrancar within the Fortress of Emptybones in Hueco Mundo.
- Befriends Diega Cofresi-Torres, Captain of the 11th.
- Is forced to redefine his life mission and mentality for the new task at hand: compressing the power of his Ban releases into one force.
- Fights the manifestation of his Zanpakutou in a dire duel for supremacy. The sword spirit manifests itself as the people Ame knows and loves, forcing Ame to symbolically sever his dependence on them.
- Successfully compresses his Ban releases into the power of Ousaka Bankai. This shifts the balance of balance with the two factions within Ame's Zanpakutou, and he learns of the two elements that dominate his power: the Raven and the Avatar. The aggressive, destruction-oriented Avatar supresses the Raven and claims supremacy within Ame's Zanpaku realm. The Zanpakutou is renamed Ekinaiya.
- New figure Persephone briefly makes an appearance
- Involves himself in the new round of Taishuu exams to fill vacant captain seats in the Gotei. Questions his friend Takero Idaten and duels Tenshirou.
- Ame is worried by the increasing Reiatsu of Amelia and its consequences.
- Persephone reveals herself to be in alliance with Maschera Donna. Their agenda remains mysterious, but it is clear that it revolves around the child Amelia.
- Ame researches a method to lock away Amelia's Reiatsu.
- It is revealed that his illness has returned once more and is more serious than ever.
- CURRENT DATE week 87 -

Senbokuji Ame -- Captain of the 13th Division
Reiatsu: 64 105
Ekinayia ~76 926~
Ekinaiya Toudaimori ~128 210~ (8 turns//60%)
Zanjutsu: 2366
Hakuda: 27 540
Hohou: 17 880
Kidou: 17 000
Hadou #4, Byakurai
Hadou #15, Defusion
Hadou #17, Dragon's Breath
Hadou #31, Shakkahou
Hadou #47, Fist of Destruction
Hadou #62, Gouka
Hadou #68, Uchuusename
Hadou #76, Comet
Bakudou #4, Lockdown
Bakudou #28, Anchor
Bakudou #30, Liquid Prison --> Celsius
Bakudou #44, Mask of Punishment
Bakudou #73, Pyramid of Light
Bougyoudo #19, Shock
Bougyoudo #28, Harinezumi --> Yammarashi
Bougyoudo #30, Banshiissei
Bougyoudo #35, Collapse
Bougyoudo #53, Shattered Visage
Bougyoudo #91, Lost Arms
Chiyudo #18, Tereiki
Chiyudo #23, Santo Incendio
Chiyudo #28, Life Whirl
Chiyudo #38, Great Wall
Chiyudo #45, Rethread
Chiyudo #49, Gardeurange
Chiyudo #51, Knight's Honour
Chiyudo #53, Secchaku
Chiyudo #54, Temperance
Chiyudo #58, Destruction Barrier
Chiyudo #60, Mend
Chiyudo #68, Granite Guard --> Granite Mosaic
Chiyudo #69, Arrosez Miroiter
Chiyudo #70, Contego ab Aqua
Chiyudo #73, Mirror
Chiyudo #75, Clef Blanc
Chiyudo #79, Invincible Soul
Chiyudo #81, Boutokuhaji

Connection: 58,654
[Kagami Jujutsu]
*[Shikai no Shirei Nukeura]
**[Kyoukkou Hitoame]
**[Tsumibito Enkou]
**[Kihou Youshiki]
**[Kizu Boutoku]
***[Shaowanzaru no Fuuin]
***[Touitsu Sensen]
***[Touitsu Kousen]
*** [Sankakuen]


* Ryuukaryuudojutsu:
Ame's fighting style Setsu Ryuukaryuudojutsu constantly applies +30% to his hakuda and -5% to his hohou.

Maro is a black, common raven that belongs to Ame. He is about 65 cm in length from tail to bill, with twice the wingspan. He has iridescent feathers and a slightly curved beak, also black. He is usually seen perching on Ame's shoulder or flying around near by. He has no cage and flutters around freely inside the 13th Division. Obviously a creature separate from the norm due to his human-like intellect and spiritual powers. Maro cannot speak, but the communication between him and Ame is silent understanding. They talk to each other without words. Maro is a loyal and dutiful companion to Ame, and he does what Ame asks him to. When he is not with his master, Maro flies around freely and observes what is going on, especially in the 13th Division, which can lead to him being shunned as a bad omen as he belongs to the captain. Friendly in manner towards Ame and those he knows, he has a calm nature and never bites or scratches strangers.


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Jul 3, 2005
Dahlitium (⏆50 per)
Bigatium (⏆100 per)
Auritium (⏆300 per)
Vitatium (⏆1200 per)
Caelitium (⏆6000 per)
Zanpakutou Information


[Ekinaiya] "Liquid Diamonds"
Type: Melee/Summon
Level: Compressed Bankai

Shi Kai: Ekinaiya
Ban Kai: Ekinaiya Toudaimori​

Manifestation and Spiritual Realm:
The manifestation of Ekinaiya is a person who's appearance is the spitting image of Ame himself. At first his body had the clear looks of being drowned. His skin was pale and had a blue and green sheen to it. His face was wet and hung half in his face, and his eyes were bloodshot and large. For a long time this was the only part of Ekinaiya that Ame knew, and he became accustomed to seeing the bluishly sick lips part into a cunning smile of ambition. After the shift of power balance in the inner world of his Zanpakutou, the sword's spirit changed appearance. Still he looked like Ame, but his attire had turned immaculate white, taking on the garments of a Christian crusader -- complete with tabard and warrior raiment.

The Spiritual Realm of Ekinaiya is an abstract Banquet Hall. It is a huge room with a vast floor. Everything is greyish and gloomy, as if it's long deserted and haunted by evil spirits. The once shining brown floorboards are creaky and colourless, and in the far right corner of the room the floor has been totally ruined. There is a giant hole in the flooring there, as if there is a little pond within the once obviously glorious hall. The hole is filled with water to just above the floorboard brink, which causes the surface of the hall to be constantly wet. The water is seemingly bottomless and pitch dark, as if the entire banquet hall is built on top of a mystic lake. This is where Ekinaiya the spirit usually sits. In the opposite corner of the great hall, a huge birdcage is built into the interior, composed by two fences cornering in the walls of the room. A massive, withering tree fills the cage, and a pack of black ravens inhabit it. They represent the Raven element in Ame's Zanpakutou.

The walls and roof of the banquet hall are grand. The domed ceiling has many chandeliers hanging from it, and although none of them are ever lit, they enrichen the sense of past glory in this vast room. The walls are crooked and misaligned as if taken out of a children's book. One might get the impression that the entire banquet hall is collapsing unto itself, but despite their appearance the walls are solid and bracing.

After the compression of Ame's Bankai, a new manifestation that had lain dormant within this world made itself physically known - The Avatar . Unbeknown to anyone but the Zanpakutou itself (which went by the name Meikarasu back then), there had always been two forces struggling for supremacy within the world of Ame's Zanpakutou. The Raven, which had been obviously present from the very day the Shinigami took the rapier sword into his hand, was all Ame knew. Though Ame knew only of the Raven, the Avatar had always lain dormant in the Zanpakutou world. It was not until Ame's personality was changed by the horrid truth he came to understand during the compression of his Bankai that the Avatar made himself known. The Raven had represented Ame's wish to redeem himself through his service as a Shinigami. This wish was blown to pieces upon the compression of his Bankai, and he gained new conviction to live for.
As a result, the Avatar repainted the canvas of Ame's Zanpakutou releases and demanded that Ame referred to the sword's true name: Ekinaya.

Release command: "Oukoku Kuru/Kingdom Come, Ekinaiya."​

Ability #1: Kamite/Godhand
- Upon release, the Zanpakutou crumbles into dust and crawls up Ame's arms like an ensnaring quicksand. Forming around his hands, the dust solidifies as a pair of black metal knuckles. Because the steel of the blade has been compressed into such a small form, it is nearly impossible to break the dense form. It is a weapon much more suited for Ame's hand-to-hand fighting style than a sword.
Four glasslike, see-through arms emerge from Ame's upper back and shoulders. They are durable and hard like stone, but flexible like vines. Each of them can extend to a max length of three metres. The arms can endure a lot of damage before taking injury. Should an arm be severed, it can be generate by expending 1% Reiatsu. The time it takes to regenerate an arm is two full turns. Each arm has the same strength as Ame's Hakuda stat, and they are very fast. They can act in unison or be controlled individually.

Ability #2: Kamitourou/Godlantern
- A white light amasses in Ame's palm as he holds it upwards to the sky. Slowly it drifts up into the sky, hovering two and a half metre above the ground. The light fades a little and takes the shape of a traditional black and white Japanese paper lantern, still shining brightly. In black ink, the kanji symbol Kami is inscribed on it's front. Under the light of the lantern, a healing aura is projected. The air grows slightly chilly and humid, soothing any injured ally. All light wounds vanish in a matter of seconds, and moderate wounds are healed in half a minute. Heavy injury is not treated easily, but can with total devotion to the healing process be half recovered. This requires Ame to assist the treatment with his immediate presence, and takes more time. For heavy injury to be treated, there must be no interference. Pleasant side effects of the Godlantern's healing aura are rejuvenation of fatigue and a kind sedative that dulls the signals from the nerves that transmit the sensation of pain. The lantern always stays stationary. Ame may leave the healing field without it extinguishing, but the objects of healing must remain within the light, which covers roughly an area of two metres radius.

Compressed Bankai

[Ekinaiya Toudaimori]

" Liquid Diamonds Lighthouse Keeper"​

Form: At the release of the Bankai, pieces of the spiritron structurs around Ame break apart in myriads of teeming lights like fireflies. Amassing in a giant flock beside the captain, the spiritron particles grow denser and denser and begin to reveal the outline of a massive humanoid figure. Lighting up even the darkest of arenas with it's brilliant light, the release of Ame's bankai is like a flaring beacon of divinity. Even in broad daylight the release of Ekinaiya can be witnessed from any distance by the entire Seireitei like a pillar of flaring light to the sky. The glowing spiritrons solidify and take the shape of a white giant. He has the appearance of a man in a crusader's attire, with helmet, tabard and iron plated armour. The giant is fifteen metres/fifty feet high, extremely durable and simply massive. It is referred to as the Avatar.

Ability: A white glow surrounds Ame, and he is able to telepathically control the Avatar like a puppet, whilst also fight himself. Despite it's size, the giant is both fast and manoeuvres easily. Its armour can resist almost any attack, and it will not crumble unless it's master is defeated. Only a force at least five times stronger than Ame can break it. Any Kidou energy can be channelled through the Avatar instead of casting it himself, though the cost of the spells will be on Ame, and the cost increases by 25%. As long as it stays within sight, the Avatar can be controlled from any distance.

Attack #1
Kamite Naiya Demizu
/Godhand Diamond Flood/

Attack #2
Shuuyoujo Naiya
/Asylum Diamond/

Attack #3
Naiya Kami no Saigo Hi
/Diamond God's Last Light/​


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Jul 3, 2005
Dahlitium (⏆50 per)
Bigatium (⏆100 per)
Auritium (⏆300 per)
Vitatium (⏆1200 per)
Caelitium (⏆6000 per)
NPC profiles

NPC Akarina Kaizoku
Age: Died at age 30, several hundred years in SS.
Status/Occupation: Shinigami retired from Gotei, has long held an occupation as an assassin. Sensei of Senbokuji Ame and Kuro Yanagi.

Main theme: Tori Amos - Siren
Battle theme: Deftones - Change (In the House of Flies)

Appearance: Of latin origin with a very tan skin. She has dark hazel hair and yellow tinted eyes. Tall and curvy, she's an attractive woman, but certainly not a girl. Comes from noble descent, though what sort is not known, and therefore dresses in a very aristocratic manner, akin to that of the french renaissance. Having adapted this style of dress into her own vampy attire, she looks more like a victim of haute coutoure than classicism.

Persona: Naturally a vixen of mind, she is incredibly willful and an extreme resource of mind. She has an unrivalled intelligence, and is a natural born leader and figure of respect. Never likely to submit to anyone, she is aware of her own strength and how to use it to gain what she wants. Seductive and playful to the point of vulgarity at times, she will use both body and mind as aids to achieve her goals. Even to those who know her the best her dark-mindedness and sinister nature is hard to relate to, as she always seems to be a mystic character that thinks very differently from the rest. While wielding her own, secretive morals, she is not unlikely to abandon ethic to get something done. Not one to regret anything usually, or even debate whether or not her actions are right, she has utter confidence and belief in herself. This can create conflicts with others who do not approve of her recklessness despite the usually successfull results of her actions.

Aquaintances: Senbokuji Ame, Kuro Yanagi, Christine Romero

Relationship: Akarina seems to have been a part of the Gotei 13 once, as she carries a Zanpakutou, but she never mentions that. Her outward relationship to the gotei is a tense one, as her occupation is assasination. It's been said that Akarina is untouchable by the Gotei because of them being her former employers, and so Akarina carries on with her criminal occupation despite the Gotei being fully aware of her.
At one point it was believed by the Gotei that Akarina had assasinated a judge of the Central 46, while this was in fact not the case. At this point, Akarina and Ame met when Ame was given the mission to track down her carriage as it moved out of the Rukongai. Through a series of events Ame was forced into conflict with her companion, whom harboured other plans than Akarina herself. Betraying her, he kills Ame's companion Seigibi Hakai after having immobilized the unexpecting Akarina. After Hakai is killed and Ame fails to avenge her, Akarina breaks free and executes her companion with perfect ease. After these events, Ame was taken into her care, and since then he has been Akarina's pupil.

NPC Kuro Yanagi
Age: Died in the end of his twenties, a little over 100 years in SS.
Status/Occupation: Shinigami that has shunned the Gotei and studies privately under Akarina Kaizoku as one of her two only pupils.

Main theme: Mew - Coffee Break
Battle theme: Nightwish - High Hopes

Appearance: Has medium length black hair, is a tall and lean man. He is roughly the same build as Ame, only a little more gaunt. His appearance is a bit bishounen-like, but he too has a more adult charm to his face rather than boy-like. He is young, but he doesn't seem like it once you get to know him. His personality shines through and makes him look older. He is noted as dressing like a gentleman, and that is more of a reflection of his manner than actual clothing. Usually dresses in black or grey, and often in shirts. Has a bit of a "polite rebel" look to him.

Persona: After being with Akarina for most of his life in Soul Society, he has adopted her dark-mindedness, but not to the same extent. A bit more normalized and rational, he often conflicts with Akarina herself despite his obvious attachment to her. He seems more like the loner-type, often reading books to himself by the fireplace, but he is surprisingly outwarded when approached. Naturally cocky because of his awareness of his own talent, he often makes snide remarks and looks down on people. Though when proven wrong he doesn't object to that and accepts his bad judgement. Not unreasonable at all, he is infact an incredibly calm and collected man that is an asset in himself. Of balanced nature, that manner reflects him all the way through. He has a great deal of knowledge and is very resourceful, just like Akarina. He has a keen eye and an amazing handling of his abilties. With him control is his greatest asset, not raw power.

Aquaintances: Senbokuji Ame, Akarina Kaizoku, Christine Romero, Kuro Kimi

Relationship: Ame and Yanagi met when Ame was introduced to the Akarina manner, where Yanagi lives with Akarina. He is her only other student, and was so long before Ame. Not accepting Ame as his equal at first, he thinks it's just an attempt by Akarina to replace him for some reason that has not been told. After a while he gets along with Ame just fine. Though they both are her students, they never train together, because of their power difference. As with Akarina, Yanagi has sealed of parts of his Reiatsu to make his training more fair. He has a little sister from previous life that has not been heard of in Soul Society yet, and none of the other persons around him seem to know much of her.
After Ame lost control over his Zanpakutou and had to undergo the Dante Project to regain the spirit of his sword, Yanagi trained with Ame for the first time ever in the fight that led to Ame learning both the Shikai and Bankai of his newly forged sword.​

NPC Christine Romero
Age: Died at mid-twenties, several hundred years in SS.
Status/Occupation: Part time teacher of Chiyudo at the Shinigami Academy, caretaker of Senbokuji-Yoruda Amelia.

Main theme: Alanis Morrisette - Precious Illusions
Battle theme: H.I.M - Behind the Crimson Door

Appearance: Like Akarina Kaizoku she is of latin origin and has olive perplexion. She is a few years younger than Akarina but they bear a small resemblance to each other. Her natural hair colour is dark brown but it's been dyed platinum blonde, a sharp contrast to her brown skin. Her hair is slightly wavy and reaches down to the middle of her back. She is around 5' 3" tall, shorter than Akarina.
Dresses in skirts most of the time, most of which are at knee height.. or shorter >3
Has a curvy and healthy body, looks good in pretty much anything but favours button-up shirts. Has the appearance of a vixenous business-woman, but has a sincere smile and eyes.

Persona: Kind and caring, Christine has great patience deriving from her profession as a teacher and has compassion for anyone, both strangers and family. Is a woman who knows what needs to be done in any situation and is both modest and resourceful. She has many of the same traits as Akarina Kaizoku because of their close friendship, but is neither as lecherous nor as overly confident as her. She is self-sacrificing and enjoys helping others. Seldom refuses to do someone a favour.

Aquaintances: Akarina Kaizoku, Kuro Yanagi, Senbokuji Ame, Senbokuji-Yoruda Amelia.

Relationship: Ame met Christine through Akarina, but their latter relationship was a result of own initiative when Ame began studying Chiyudo under Christine, who is an expert healer and tutor at the Shinigami Academy on her part time. With her help Ame made use of his excellent Kidou potential, learning to protect those around him by use of spells. Christine and Ame have grown very fond of each other, and his relationship to her have ironically grown tighter than the one he shares with Akarina, who is his real teacher.
After having known Christine for a while, Ame asked her to become his daughter's personal tutor, which she happily accepted.

NPC Seigibi Hakai
Age: 24 years of appearance, about 100 years in SS.
Status/Occupation: Deceased, former Gotei Shinigami of the 10th Division.

Persona: She has a gentle and careful manner socially, which is really pleasant to be around. She has a light and mild sense of humour that most people can laugh at, and she is really down to earth and friendly, not of the boastful sort at all. She would rather help other people than work for her own ambitions. But she is in no way a shy person, which might seem to be the case. She will open herself like a book to anyone who cares to read it, even a perfect stranger. She is honest and refreshing, but makes a point out of never hurting other people's feelings, due to her own mental traumas in her previous life.
She fights to win as quickly as possible, trying to dispatch her enemies as mercifully as she can. Ordinarily. There is a big difference to Hakai's battle-persona, depending on the situation. Most of the time she will fight with the intention of winning painlessly, but in the rare occasion when a battle will connect to her personally, triggering memories from her previous life, she will go at it vindictively with all her energy. Wholeheartedly and passionately, the mercy she normally shows evaporates.

Physical stature: Measuring in at a little over 160 cm, she has a curvy and light body. She has dirty blonde hair and deep brown eyes. Her hair is quite long, and is normally worn in two long ponytails.
She has a gentle smile to her lips, making her very easy on the eyes.
Though she is a gentle person, she likes to look attractive, and therefore doesn't care much for the shapeless, asexual gis worn by Shinigami. She has modified it beyond recognition, adapting her to suit her favourable style.

Zanpakutou: Tonbo [Dragonfly]
Is in its sealed form like any other Soulcutter, like a normal katana. The only variation to Tonbo is that the hilt guard is edged with small spikes.
From the bottom of the handle hangs a pair of dices by a thin green thread.
These are the only two details that distinguish Tonbo from the standard Soulcutter.
Tonbo's sheath has green markings running in spirals from top to bottom, in a fine, thin line. The markings are Russian for:
" And beneath the leaves of autumn and gloom lies passionate hope."
Hakai carries Tonbo diagonally on her back.

Biography: Born in Russia, her name at birth is still unknown to many, since Seigibi Hakai is a name she made up for herself upon arrival in Soul Society, erasing her old name so that she would truly have a new start.
Hakai's family were rich upper class aristocrats, living in a large, beautiful mansion outside of Moskau (Moscow). Hakai was schooled in playing the piano from she was only six years old. She showed great talent, and her parents had great ambitions of her becoming a grand pianist. However, later circumstances made such goals unreachable for Hakai.
She had a dramatic life in the real world, though the details haven't been revealed by her yet. She had issues with herself that she couldn't work out, and they were what drove her to her early death. Whatever those issues were, they were cured during the passage to Soul Society, something Hakai is tremendously grateful for. Like Ame, she does her best to make the most of her second chance at a life, and she has turned out to be a completely different person now than she was before.​

NPC Juujun Dokumaru
Age: 68 years of appearance, over 800 years in Soul Society.
Status/Occupation: Deceased, former Gotei Shinigami and later on instructor of swordplay at the Shinigami Academy.

Persona: As a longtime ago former vice captain of the Gotei 13 and now an instructor at the Shinigami Academy, Juujun is a person who demands respect and hard work from his students. He is a stern and strict man, who seldom gives into his emotions. Whatever passion he may have had has been erased by time and mental defeat. Now he is a serious and monotone teacher who really has no interest in his job. He feels that being a instructor is a waste of his talent, and he yearns for some of his old glory as a captain.

Little is known of his life outside of the academy. He is an enigma unto himself, never sharing any personal information with others. Mysteriously, he is frequently absent from lessons, blaming an unknown disease which according to himself lashes out at his spiritual powers, making him weak.

Physical stature: At 1,91 meters height, he has towers over most of his students. He has greyish, short hair and distinctive yellow eyes, which coupled with his strict nature and tall height scares a lot of students at the Academy. His face is lightly wrinkled, and he certainly looks his age.

Zanpakutou: Tsuihousha [Outcast]
Juujun's Soulcutter Tsuihousha is straight as a shinobi's sword, unlike the conventional curved Soulcutter. The handle has no diamond-pattern like most swords, but is instead solid black. The hilt guard is a small rectangular square made of matted steel.
The sword is as simple as this. Other than what has been mentioned, it has no distinguishing marks whatsoever. Thus, the reason for it's name is mystical.

Biography: Died of a cancer in his previous life, leaving his wife, children and grandchildren behind, never to be seen again. He is pretty much the same person now as he was then, stern and demanding. He doesn't like to talk about his previous life much (or anything personal at all), so most of his background before entering SS is unknown.

After settling down in Soul Society and becoming a Shinigami, Juujun was prematurely admitted into the second division. There he rose in the ranks quickly, due to his extreme talent within both Kidou and the use of his Soulcutter. He took great pride in being a Shinigami, and loved the appraisal he received for his work.
Upon the retirement of his old Vice Captain, Juujun was appointed to be the new second on command of the second division.His career as a Vice Captain was a short one, alas. Due to mysterious reasons deemed as "behaviour unfit for a Captain" , Juujun was removed from his post and demoted to a position as battle-instructor at the Academy.
Often being absent from his job due to a self-proclaimed illness, it is unknown if this is sincere, or if another reason lies beneath his absence.


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Jul 3, 2005
Dahlitium (⏆50 per)
Bigatium (⏆100 per)
Auritium (⏆300 per)
Vitatium (⏆1200 per)
Caelitium (⏆6000 per)

Volume 21: Unveiling the Cross
Volume 22: Beauty of the Beast
Volume 23: Pale
Volume 24: The Gospels of War
Volume 25: The Sacrament
Volume 26: The Fury of Heaven
Volume 28: Clinging to Orchids
Volume 29: Revolution and Heartache in the Skies
Volume 30: An Envoy to Eden
Volume 31: Red Renaissance
Volume 32: The Show Must Go On
Volume 34: Wide Awake
Volume 37 to 40 - Plot Missions
Volume 41: Fratello e Sorella
Volume 44: The Dante Project pt. I
Volume 45: The Dante Project pt. II
Volume 46: The Dante Project pt. III
Volume 48: Brother Asclepius
Volume 48: [Taishyuu Exam] Silver Lining
Volume 50: Soundtrack of Our Lives
Volume 51: Castus Draco
Volume 54: Omake: Seireitei Bishounen Awards
Volume 54: Kids Are On High Street pt. I
Volume 55: Kids Are On High Street pt. II
Volume 56: A World of Glass
Volume 56: NPC: The Doctor
Volume 57: Mezzanine
Volume 58: In Horam Vivere
Volume 63: Plot Missions
Volume 64: Plot Missions Continued
Volume 68: Soul Blueprint pt. I
Volume 70: Soul Blueprint pt. II
Volume 73: Soul Blueprint pt. III

Week 25: Amber Waves and Fire Flowers w/Crowley
Week 26: Ame vs. Jubei w/Shikage
Week 29: Time After Time w/Miharu-chan
Week 29: These Lines the Last Endeavours w/AngryPolkaBoy
Week 31: The Ice That Melted w/Miharu-chan
Week 31: When Love and Death Embrace w/Miharu-chan
Week 33: Romanticide w/Miharu-chan
Week 33: Unwanting Lucifer w/Shikage
Week 34: Winds of Vengance w/Dar and AngryPolkaBoy
Week 35: Jading w/Son
Week 36: O Holy Night w/Miharu-chan
Week 36: 'Armless Fun w/Rabid
Week 38: Drifting w/Davenfonet
Week 41: Into Your Light w/Miharu-chan
Week 47: One Nerd Deserves Another w/Kazushi
Week 48: Walk On Stormy Seas w/Jei
Week 48: Your Friendly Neighbourhood Rapist w/Iggy
Week 48: Blood That Unites us w/Dar
Week 50: Parting Ways w/Dar
Week 50: Slap Me Sealy w/Dar
Week 51: Sealing the Monkey's Fist w/Dar
Week 51: Phoenix Down w/Miharu-chan
Week 51: Velvet w/Miharu-chan
Week 51: The New Recruit w/Cat and Kehengto
Week 52: Rock Around The Clock w/Fuzakeru
Week 54: Cutting Ropes w/Miharu-chan
Week 55: Placebo w/Miharu-chan
Week 58: Secure Introductions w/Proggy
Week 61: Men At Arms w/Rabid
Week 62: Under the Rose w/Drag
Week 62: Neve e Sangue w/Dar
Week 62: Afterglow w/Fuzakeru
Week 62: Pick Out Your Cloud w/Proggy
Week 63: Until Death Do Us Part w/Miharu-chan
Week 63: Nightriders
Week 64: The Leviathan w/Proggy
Week 64: Waiting for the Rain w/Shiggtyluffluff
Week 64: Into the Unknown
Week 68: Song of Ascents w/AngryPolkaBoy
Week 69: One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, Floor w/Saint
Week 73: Trimurti w/Proggy

Sou Kyokou:
SK: Ame vs. Junko w/Dr.Impz
SK: Ame vs. Amagawa w/Mizumiko
SK: Ame vs. Tenshirou w/Tenshirou
SK: Ame vs. Jinsoku w/too_lazy
SK: Ame vs. Axe w/TheRisingSun

Collab partners

Miharu/Hiana Maisaku - 138k
Dar/Takero Idaten - 95.9k
Son/Koukei Diaz - 58k
Proggy/Kanosuke Jinju - 53.1k
Ururublue/Yukiko Murray - 48k
Phoenixfire/Meigetsu - 48k
AngryPolkaBoy/Shimizu Isamu - 29.5k
Fuzakeru/Sayuri Chikako - 17.3k
Saint/Diega Torres-Cofresi - 13k
TheRabidHunter/Hasegawa Shun - 10.2k
Igawa/Junichi Terada - 8.1k
Crowley/Kanshoku Meisekimu - 7.9k
Shikage/Jubei - 6.3k
YanLan/Catherine Teo - 6.1k
Kehengto/Ryokou Shimazaki - 6.1k
Kazushi/Kazushi - 5.2k
Shiggtyluffluff/Katsu Iwakami - 5.1k
Too_Lazy/Jinsoku - 4.8k
TheRisingSun/Axe - 4.8k
Dr.Impz/Junko Shirenhiroi - 4.5k
Jei/Shimizu Takuya - 4.1k
Tenshirou/Tenshirou - 4.1k
Drag/Kyin Fenre - 3.5k
Davenfonet/Mika - 2.3k
Mizumiko/Amagawa Sougen - 2.1k

Total collabing: 378k


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Jul 3, 2005
Dahlitium (⏆50 per)
Bigatium (⏆100 per)
Auritium (⏆300 per)
Vitatium (⏆1200 per)
Caelitium (⏆6000 per)
Feats and Tech Library

[3/3 slots used]

Shinseina Bujutsu / "Sacred Fighting Art"
[Setsu Ryuukaryuudojutsu] "Ardent Art of Dragonhunters"
Through perfection and refining of the common Ryuujutsu fighting style, Senbokuji Ame has mastered it fully and developed a unique and stronger version of the said style. Setsu Ryuukaryuudojutsu is built on many of the same principles as it's little brother Ryuujutsu. Focusing on power rather than speed, as the master of this fighting style the user gains a heavy edge to his physical attacks at the cost of his movement speed. The manner of accentuating each physical strike with projecting Reiatsu to the attack is developed more strongly in Setsu Ryuukaryuudojutsu, and the user's speed suffers less. The execution of Shyunpo isn't as heavily penalized in this fighting style, and the user can still learn Shyunpo-based techs, though these techs suffer a 20% efficiency drop when used.

Setsu Ryuukaryuudojutsu is a fighting style of pure breed that goes hand in hand with Hakuda on a even more harmonizing level than it's origin. The lowered requirements for learning the technique Shunkou are removed, but the reduced cost of the tech's upkeep are the same. This fighting style is a perfect base style for the use of the said technique and is built on Ame's preferred mix of using Hakuda and Kidou in battle, which is the same as Shunkou's principles. Therefore the Kidou cost for each blast in Shunkou is lowered to 5%.

Setsu Ryuukaryuudojutsu allows a defensive advantage of being able to " anchor" himself to the ground when being attacked, and thus can not be knocked off his feet when attacked, provided that he can see the attack coming, or know where it is coming from.

Stat modifications:
+30% to Hakuda
-5% to Hohou

Special Conditions:

- Techs utilizing Shyunpo suffers a 20% efficacy drop, but not cost. Executed basic Shyunpo is penalized with a -5% in efficacy and a +5% increase in Reiatsu consumption.

- Shunkou's upkeep cost per round is now 2% Reiatsu and Kidou. Energy burst now consumes 5% Reiatsu and 5% Kidou. Using Shunkou negates Setsu Ryuukaryuudojutsu's +30% Hakuda boost, but also negates Ryuujutsu's Setsu Ryuukaryuudojutsu's 5% Hohou penalty.

- The user can avoid being thrown off his feet by having the ability to "anchor" himself to the ground provided he can see or know the attack coming.

[Arashitori] "Stormbird"
Upon the compression of Ame's Bankai the aspect of the Raven was replaced by the Avatar - a new theme of the man's Zanpakutou releases that was the result of a change in psyche. The compression of his Bankai was a raw injection of ambition and a love for destruction and creation in a symbiotic relationship. The Raven, who is a part of his Zanpakutous personality, no longer has an impact on the sword's powers, but very much on Ame's mind still. While the Avatar is the newly embraced representative of destruction, the Raven is both the hand that guides as well as the bringer of creation. They compliment each other, but the Avatar has claimed sovereignty. Though this is in sync with Ame's new feelings, he still has a desire to hold onto the calm power of the Raven. As such he has trained vigorously to manifest it's force in a tangible form. Experimenting with Zanpakutou spirit manifestation, Ame has become able to perform a "partial manifestation" .
As a result he is able to manifest the wings of the Raven into the physical realm, just as his old Bankai would. Though without any of that Kai's abilities, say for flight.
The black wings have a span of ten metres, and they accelerate movement speed whilst airborne by fifty percent. This partial Zanpakutou spirit manifestation drains 2% Reiatsu for every turn in play in a fight, or 1% in a situation of stoic nature.

[Shirotori] Whitebird
In the Akashic Texts the principle of materializing the pure essence and power of the spirit and the godly is described in many contexts and ancient ways. Having come across an old copy of this book, Ame is studying the nature of the Akasha, the substance which is invisible but constantly present in every living creature. Through his studies he has begun to learn of ways to utilize this strange substance.

Once this ability is activated, a large hexagram glowing white appears on the ground in a circle some thirty feet in diameter. Within the main circle there are seven different rings going inwards towards the centre. In each of these rings there is a different set of symbols, and each ring is lit up one by one, starting with the one closest to Ame, who stands in the centre. Each row of symbol reads sentences from ancient religious texts such as the Bible and the Koran, words that speak of God's punishment on man.

The hexagram will begin to rotate with quickening pace. Once the movement of the hexagram has begun the lighting of the rings commences. As they one by one light up they emit a strong white light. It takes approximately five seconds for all the rings to be light up. At this point the hexagram is spinning so fast that no symbols are clearly visible and the strong light is flashing so vividly that opponents finding themselves within the range of the circle see nothing but a head aching blur, often causing them nausea and to loose their balance.

As soon as all 7 rings have been completely charged, the light produced by the total hexagram will converge into a huge explosion that affects anything within the range of the hexagram. The explosion itself is greatly visual. Rising from the hexagram like a pillar upwards, the light play inside of the pillar makes it look like a flock of white birds is storming at the sky. The damage is great and terrible, capable of causing death depending on the opponent. No elemental or Kidou-resistance affects the power of this explosion, and no physical protection can protect against it's damage. A great spiritual pressure superiority is the only way to fight the attack.

If you have more than double the amount of Ame's SP, the attack can be fought off.
If you have similar SP the attack is hard to fight off, and damage cannot usually be evaded totally.
If the opponent has more than 2k lower SP than Ame, the Shirotori Kaiten cannot be evaded.

Using Kidou barriers of pure energy has been said to be able to protect somewhat against this explosion. Barriers of either physical or elemental substance are nullified however. If the barrier is composed of pure Kidou energy it will only be able to protect the user if the user's Kidou is similar to Ame's or stronger.

For every use, Shirotori Kaiten drains away 20% of Ame's spiritual pressure.

* = Requirements met, pending learning.

[ Hankyou ] -- "Echo" (Atk/-/-)
A hand-to-hand Technique that is executed as any direct attack. Using the Technique creates an echo of the user's strike following instantly after the initial attack with great speed, often leaving the opponent bewildered if he is not cautious. It's most useful when doing heavy attacks, as it will force the attack to strike twice. When performing this Technique, the second attack--the echo--will only do half the damage the initial strike would. Doing this Technique will seem like watching a film glitch. You see the initial strike, and then suddenly an exact replica follows. [Attained when 3,000 Hakuda and 1,300 Hohou are reached.]

[ Nukite ] -- "Spear Hand" (Atk/Sta/-)
A Technique necessitating the formation of a knifelike position with the hands and using Reiatsu to fortify or harden them, enabling the user to pierce through most surfaces. The damage incurred by Nukite mainly depends on the speed and accuracy of the attack, but it rarely finishes off the enemy.

Nukite is mainly used to subdue or weaken a part of an opponent's body. Once this Tech is applied to an opponent, it forces out small amounts of energy to disrupt the flow of power into the struck parts of the body. It basically disrupts the function of that area for a couple of seconds before returning it to normal. [Attained when 250 Spiritual Pressure and 450 Hakuda and Hohou are reached. For every additional increment of 150 Spiritual Pressure and 100 Hakuda and Hohou, the user gains one more usage of this Tech.]

* [ Shikai no Shirei Nukeura ] -- "Shikai Command Bypass" (Aur/-/-)
After achieving Ban Kai, the release phrase for Shikai is no longer necessary. This Technique allows the user to simply release his Zanpakutou instantaneously.

[Attained when Ban Kai is acquired.]

*** [ Touitsu Sensen ] -- "United Front" (Bst/-/-)
In battle, two characters who have spent much time with one another and are fighting together against an adversary receive a +20% stat boost to two stats of their liking (except Connection). Outside of PC vs PC battles (Sou Kyouko, direct duels, etc.), Touitsu Sensen does not take up a slot in either the List or Allocation. However, in order to be used in PC vs. PC fights, Touitsu Sensen must be equipped, and takes up an Allocation slot. [Attained after 30,000 words have been written together.]
Ame has attained UF with the following PCs:
- Hiana Maisaku
- Takero Idaten
- Yukiko Murray
- Meigetsu
- Koukei Diaz
- Kanosuke Jinju

*** [ Touitsu Kousen ] -- "United Resistance" (Def/Aur/Syn)
Allies that have faced many hardships together often gain a higher bond. Through such a connection, comrades are able to face the brunt of duress and adversity with a heightened degree of tolerance. Touitsu Kousen, a sister Technique to Touitsu Sensen, culminates this aspect of bonds into an inherent defensive mechanism. This Tech allows characters that have reached a special bond to endure and tolerate more damage than usual. Characters under Touitsu Kousen's effect receive a -15% physical and spiritual damage reduction, and a +15% effectiveness increase to all defensive Kidou, Techs/Feats, and Zanpaku abilities. Touitsu Kousen remains wholly invisible in a "non-duel" circumstance. Otherwise, it automatically occupies a Tech Allocation slot (though still does not count towards the Tech List).

[Attained after writing 45,000 words with another character. All connected characters must have Touitsu Sensen with each other beforehand. Word count for Touitsu Kousen starts after the initial 30,000 required for Touitsu Sensen.]
Ame has attained UR with the following PCs:
- Hiana Maisaku
- Takero Idaten

*** [ Sankakuen ] -- "Fate of Triangles" (Syn/--/--)
Real, unconditional comradeship is a rarity that comes only to those true of heart. Allies that have attained such a legendary bond are said to be inseparable and unbreakable in battle. Sankakuen emphasizes the power of invincible bonds, allowing indivisible comrades to combine their efforts into a singular, unique, and synergetic skill. Sankakuen remains wholly invisible in a "non-duel" circumstance. Otherwise, it automatically occupies a Tech Allocation slot (though still does not count towards the Tech List). No more than three characters may unite under a single Sankakuen. All characters are limited to one Sankakuen group.

[Attained after writing 60,000 words with other character(s). All connected characters must have Touitsu Sensen and Touitsu Kousen with each other beforehand. Word count for Sankakuen starts after the cumulative 75,000 words required for learning both Touitsu Sensen and Touitsu Kousen.]
Ame has attain Sankakuen with the following PCs:
- Hiana Maisaku

*** [ Shaowanzaru no Fuuin ] -- "Seal of the Short-Armed Monkey" (Aur/--/--)
By outstretching one's arms, the user may bestow the luck of the Monkey. A swirling network of sigils is burnt onto the target's arms and hands, marking the presence of the seal. Shaowanzaru no Fuuin locks the target's Zanjutsu and Hakuda, all boosts/decreases made to them, and all effects that modify Zanjutsu and Hakuda-related aspects very much in the same way as Aometsu no Fuuin. This seal cannot lock down boosts and/or decreases that last shorter than one turn. Releasing a weapon or relaxing the arms into a non-combative stance for five seconds will cause the seal to prematurely vanish. This seal may only be bestowed if the user outstretches his/her arms out.

[Attained with 1,000 Zanjutsu and Hakuda, or 2,200 in either one. Only one Fuuin Tech may be held at all times. At 3,200 Zanjutsu and Hakuda, or 7,000 Zanjutsu or Hakuda, Shaowanzaru no Fuuin does not occupy a Tech Allocation slot, but still counts toward the Tech List total.]

* [ Eishouhaki ] -- "Revocation of the Recited Poem" (Aur/-/-)
Allows the user to bypass of the chanting of a Kidou spell and simply state the name. However, this also results in a drop in the efficacy of the bypassed Kidou, based on its level as outlined below:

Low Level
1:1 User's Kidou:Spell Cost = 66% Power
2:1 User's Kidou:Spell Cost = 88% Power
3:1 User's Kidou:Spell Cost = 100% Power

Mid Level
1:1 User's Kidou:Spell Cost = 50% Power
2:1 User's Kidou:Spell Cost = 75% Power
3:1 User's Kidou:Spell Cost = 100% Power

High Level
1:1 User's Kidou:Spell Cost = 33% Power
2:1 User's Kidou:Spell Cost = 66% Power
3:1 User's Kidou:Spell Cost = 100% Power

Note that this only takes into account the base, listed cost of the Kidou spell. Kidou cost reductions from any other effect/skill cannot be taken into account and be used as "shortcuts."

[Attained when 2,000 Kidou is reached. Cannot learn Kichouji.]

[ Kagami Jujutsu ] -- "Mirror Spell" (Aur/-/-)
A Technique in which the same projectile-type Kidou can be fired twice during the same chant. The Technique fires the two identical Kidou spells right after another and in the same direction(s) as the previous one. The attack costs about 150% the regular amount of the two Kidou, however the second blast will be around half the strength of the first one. This can even be used with lingering effects having one activate after the other.

[Attained when 3,500 Kidou is reached.]

[ Shunkou ] -- "Instant War Cry" (Atk/Bst/Aur)
Torrents of Kidou can now be channeled to support the body of the user in unarmed combat. These torrents manifest themselves as explosively charged electric lines of spiritual power that radiate outwards from the user's shoulders and back. While the torrents are in place, the user will experience a +20% boost to both Hakuda and Hohou. In addition, the user is able to channel large amounts of Kidou to release huge blasts of Kidou energy with their strikes. These blasts of energy cost 15% of the user's total Kidou value with each use. Also, by learning Shunkou, the user gains access to the defensive Technique, Hanki, with the additional requirement of having to be learned by itself in the form of a written volume dedicated solely to learning the Technique. Shunkou's duration (in rounds) can be calculated by taking the average of Hakuda and Kidou, dividing that value by 1,000, and rounding it to the nearest whole number, with a Kidou drain of 5% of the user's max Kidou for each passing round.

[Attained when 7,000 Hakuda and Kidou are reached.]

[ Hanki ] -- "Anti-Spirit" (Def/-/-)
Cancels out non-Kidou attacks valued less than the character's current Reiatsu by counteracting the attack's flow of energy. However, the user must expend the exact same amount of Reiatsu for this effect to work. If the attacker's Reiatsu is lower than the user's base Kidou value, they are subject to a counterattack. Against other PCs, it can only be used with permission.

[Attained with Shunkou and after writing a full-fledged volume dedicated to learning this Technique.]

13th Division Techniques

** [ Kyoukkou Hitoame ] -- "Aurora Rainfall" (Def/Hea/Sta)
A warrior is only as strong as his defense. A person who isn't able to protect himself or those around him will drown with the rising tide and in the end will be worth nothing.

Usable both in groups and when alone, Kyoukkou Hitoame is a sharp burst of gleaming light that erupts from the user, casting a quick bell-like shape around him/her and all allies within a five meter radius. In those short few seconds, the user and his/her allies are protected from harm, both physically and from Kidou spells with a magnitude equal to or below their own strength. The aurora burst heals the user of any negative status conditions or stat deprivations unless these are self inflicted. While the aurora is unleashed, the stats of all enemies within range drop by 10% to all. Status effects (not stat penalties) already incurred upon the enemy will escalate by 50% during this time. After this Tech has been used, any Chiyudo barrier that the user casts will have a +30% increase to strength and durability. Each use of this skill consumes 6% Reiatsu.

** [ Tsumibito Enkou ] -- "Sinner Halo" (Atk/Sta/-)
The members of the Thirteenth Division are devoted to their faith and their work as one, keeping the presence of a higher power ever existent in their lives. The unclean must be purified and the ill must be cured. Righteousness is the key to making the world a better place, and the presence of malignant foes must be fought. A sinner rapes a thousand saints-- Evil outweighs the good, and therefore, the Thirteenth Division members bring their sacred powers into combat to help defeat their opponents. With a prayer of summoning divinity, the user casts a spell on their opponent. A shining white ring appears around the enemy's head, greatly resembling the traditional halo that is present in the depiction of angels and saints.

The casting of the halo itself is an initial attack that deals Holy damage akin to that of such spells as the Hadou Soukatsui. After this initial attack, the halo decreases the opponent's Hohou with 10% and causes the victim to be at physical unbalance for the duration of three turns, vanishing afterwards. This skill consumes 450 Kidou per usage, and cannot be reflected by any refractory effects. To activate this Technique, the user must recite the incantation: "Expio Áƒ © purgo! The mark of the impure, Tsumibito Enkou!" If the user already possesses the Eishouhaki skill, this incantation may be bypassed without penalties.

** [ Kihou Youshiki ] -- "Highform" (Def/Bst/-)
A short and rough way to describe the basis of the Thirteenth Division Techniques is to say that it is a way for the Division members to act as vessels for channeling a higher power, and thus their abilities do exactly that. Kihou Youshiki is the most corporeal manifestation of such powers as can be summoned by mere humans. Users of this Technique will, through a divine summoning, channel sacred energy from the very life force around them, the ethereal binding element that is all around, and make this energy physical, bringing its force into the world of flesh and blood.

Upon use, Kihou Youshiki gathers pure white energy that is surmounted onto the user's body like a set of armour, complete with bracers, chest plate and leggings. Composed of energy, this armour will not affect mobility, but protects the user physically as well, able to withstand hits from unreleased weapons and hand-to-hand blows equal to or less than three times the Reiatsu spent for the Tech (ex., if the user spends 1,000 Reiatsu, he/she will be protected against Zanjutsu/Hakuda strikes valued at 300 and less).

The armour provides resilience against Kidou, making the user immune to low-level spells and halves the effects of mid-level Kidou. The armour provides no significant protection against high level spells.

A user of Kihou Youshiki will be given a short-lived flare of power that exceeds his or her original potential, and the power of attacks carried out while under the influence of this Technique (Zanjutsu/Hakuda/Kidou, but only one of those) is boosted by 40%. However, the use of Zanpakutou abilities during the duration of this Technique is rendered null. Because the supernatural power that is given to the user is already pushing the limit of the human host, any Kai abilities are prohibited from use, lest the Technique fade instantly. As well, any boosts that Shikai or Ban Kai provide will be put out of play until the Technique's duration is over. One can use a Kai ability while still under the effect of the Tech, but the Tech will disappear right away. Kihou Youshiki lasts for a maximum of three turns, and consumes 10% Reiatsu upon activation. A minimum of 2,000 Kidou is required in order for this skill to boost the user's Kidou stat.

** [ Kizu Boutoku ] -- "Wound Sacrilege" (Atk/Hea/-)
Powerful intervention and abilities are certainly useful in the fight to protect and serve. As the principle of the Thirteenth Division goes, being able to both destroy and preserve is the key to their unique modes of combat. This Technique is both an attack and a healing skill which affects both user and opponent.

Performing the sign of the cross with a free hand, the opponent casts a seal on the enemy. The mark of an encircled triangle appears on the opponent's torso, etched in black. Upon casting, the seal will knock the opponent to his/her/its feet. From then on, it will steadily cause the enemy more and more pain, tearing up wounds on his/her/its body over time and reopening the ones already caused.

Puncture wounds will appear in both the victim's arms and feet. This ability causes little critical damage to the body itself except pain and pretty severe blood loss, but the seal draws the vitality out of the blood spilled, redirecting it to the user of this Technique. The result is a slow and steady healing that cures shallow wounds and stops blood flow from breaching open wounds. Kizu Boutoku lasts for a maximum of two rounds, and consumes 7% of the user's Reiatsu upon activation. Can only be used once per battle.


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Dahlitium (⏆50 per)
Bigatium (⏆100 per)
Auritium (⏆300 per)
Vitatium (⏆1200 per)
Caelitium (⏆6000 per)

Picture Gallery

- Drawing by yours truly - Photomanipulation by me and Momo - Digital painting by a friend of mine -

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Bigatium (⏆100 per)
Auritium (⏆300 per)
Vitatium (⏆1200 per)
Caelitium (⏆6000 per)
Main Antagonist

Maschera Donna
"Masked Woman"

Human name: Yoruda Simone
Race: Arrancar
Rank: S​

Appearance: As she was in her human life, Maschera Donna is a beautiful, golden haired woman of some 170 cm. Her face is serene and soft, though her eyes are cold and manipulative. She has a slight red tint to her cheeks that makes her look like a rosy beauty from a renessaince painting. Like the Aphrodite figure in Boticelli's Birth of Venus, she is the very epitome of feminine beauty.
Her mask is of Venetian style, with definite female features, and high intricacy of details. It doesn't cover any large parts of her face, but is instead placed over the left side of her head. The foundation is pale, almost colourless, but the is painted complexly and is very beautiful. Red lips; colourful paint around the eyes, expressionless as she is. She appears ultimately mystical, and rarely - if ever - does emotion show on her face.
Her clothes are airy soft and as feminine as imagineable. A pure white, thin dress of airy fabric covers her curvy features, held up on her shoulders by simple, thin straps.
On her feet she wears delicate white stiletto shoes that are tied with ribbons around her ankles. With a crimson red shawl around her shoulders and back - often down on her elbows - the feminine perfection is complete.
Her Zanpakutou hangs horizontally across the small of her back by two chords from her shoulders, discrete and barely noticable with her shawl on.
Maschera's attire reflects her way of fighting - she simply doesn't most of the time. She's far from dressed to do battle, and while she is indisputably a force of nature in regards of strength, that is not her main weapon. Her mind and cunning manipulation is and will always be the number one threat.

Persona: Calm and placid in an eerie manner much like a psychopath, there is no telling what is on her mind. She contains all emotion within herself and is always set with a stone face and stoic nature. Never makes a rushed decision, and keeps her head cool in any circumstance. Has a intelligence far superior to that of humans and the average Shinigami, and this she uses with outmost perfection. Is a manipulator of nature, and leads other like puppets. Has her mind dead set on her personal agenda, which no one can interfere with or fully understand. Does not converse or act unnecessarily, and is often the one observing, while her allies do the fighting, despite her superior competence in that area as well.
Manipulates any situation into her own advantage without ever directly interfering on her own, and seldom does one see the strings of her masquerade before the curtain falls down. Has high knowledge of Shinigami ways and technology.
Is both cruel and ice cold, killing without remorse when she does interfere herself. Bears no sympathy for anything, and there is little if anything left of the human Simone in her, who was both caring and kind. Maschera governs her companions with an iron fist, and does not hesitate to send them into their death if it benefits her cause.

Reiatsu: 18 200
Zanjutsu: 2 500
Hakuda: 19 350
Hohou: 11 400
Ability: 13 500

Abilities: In combat, Maschera primarily uses formidable hand-to-hand skills as her preference. Superior to that of even the most Hakuda-skilled Shinigami, she is both quicker, stronger and more efficient. Has a strength totally out of proportion with her female, delicate body, and has been witnessed crushing bones with her grip alone. (Ask Takero Idaten) Quick movement, powerful combinations and great physical power makes it hard for any Shinigami to get an opening on her. If she gets one hit in, expect a myriad to follow in a split second's warning. Masters her hybrid abilities Hierro, Bala, Cero and Sonido with near perfect execution and while she is inferior to many in handling a sealed sword, her other strengths more than make up for it. No Shinigami in the Gotei rivals her hand-to-hand skill, though one is getting close.

[Leona] - Lioness



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Bigatium (⏆100 per)
Auritium (⏆300 per)
Vitatium (⏆1200 per)
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NPC: Senbokuji-Yoruda Amelia

Family name: Senbokuji-Yoruda. "Fortunetelling Child" - "Night Exorcism"
First name: Amelia.
Age: 19 of appearance, died 17 years ago.
Birthday: November 15th.
Family: Father Senbokuji Ame, Mother Yoruda Simone/Maschera Donna
Has Sioux Indian, British and Japanese blood from her father's side of the family. Has no siblings or other family members that are known to her.

Race: Shinigami
Rank: 11th Division, Unseated Officer.

Musical score
Amelia's theme: Tori Amos - Precious Things
Battle theme: Bond - Explosive
Shikai theme: Matthew Good Band - Weapon
Bankai theme: Nightwish - Symphony of Destruction
Amelia & Ame's theme: Sia - Breathe Me

Amelia's appearance is of Japanese/Sioux Indian origin - quite the stunning blend. Her body's proportions are very balanced and feminine without neither skinny nor bodacious. She's 170 cm tall and weighs near 60 kilograms, give or take a little in any direction. What most people in the Gotei notice about her looks (except for her slight Sioux traits), is that Amelia looks astonishingly similar to her father. Like him, she has deep brown hair and pale blue eyes. She wears her hair in a braid most of the time. Seldom lets it hang loose due to complications when fighting.
Her clothing is comprised of a black top and knee-height skirt, both with white trimmings. Out of practical reasons she wears white, knee-height tights beneath her skirt. Her Asian style top wears the symbols of the 11th Division on the chest and neck. Amelia wears black high heeled shoes with ribbons around her ankles. Her clothes bear distinct traits of being a Shinigami though they are not of the standard uniform.
Amelia's Zanpakutou hangs horizontally at the small of her back, the Saiya hanging by two chords from her shoulders.
Around her neck she wears a necklace with a stunning diamond pendant. The pendant consists of two circles of diamonds hanging together, the upper circle smaller than the lower. Reference .

A flawless diamond in so many ways. Her beautiful appearance and gracious presence makes her an instant femme, attracting a lot of attention for her unique looks of Sioux Indian and Japanese heritance. Amelia has a constant perfect posture of elegance, but her soft looks betray. Anyone who approaches her soon realise she is as impervious and hard as a gem - beautiful to look at but hard to attain.
She is very overt, never sugarcoating her opinions. She speaks her mind and doesn't care how her words affect others. Though impersonal, she is not unsociable. She has few true friends, though she spellbinds many a person with her strong and intriguing nature. She attracts attention but does not thrive in it. In essence, she doesn't care.
Amelia is extremely loyal and willing to go to any lengths to protect what she believes in. Her detachment from emotions lets her kill without remorse, and because of it many think her to be cruel. It is her steadfast faith that reasons her actions, and she will never apologize for something she has done. If she believes something is right, no matter how cold and brutal her actions are, she won't be losing any sleep over it.
A natural tease by nature, Amelia plays on her good looks to overtly flirt. She has no interest in a relationship, but is flamboyant still.
She carries her poise with a sense of beauty and proudness that borderlines to arrogance.

+ Fierce_______Cruel
+ Adamant_____Stubborn
+ Intelligent____Cynical
+ Loyal________Hostile
+ Reliable______Restless
+ Ambitious____Impersonal
+ Calm________Unaffected
+ Flamboyant___Tease
+ Gracious_____Vixen

Background: Born by Yoruda Simone as the bastard child of Senbokuji Ame, Amelia was named after her absent father, whom she on Earth never met. At the age of 2 she and her mother died in a horrible fire. Amelia passed on to Soul Society, while her mother's ghost grew bitter and resentful at her mortal fate. Her mother became the Hollow and the eventual Arrancar Maschera Donna.
Growing up in the Rukongai, the infant Amelia was fortunate enough to be cared for by a group of kind citizens. Keeping mostly to herself as she grew older, she was both sweet and independent, managing perfectly well on her own at an early age. After 4 years in the Rukongai, the six-year-old Amelia was found by one Hiana Maisaku, at the time the Fukutaichou of the Fifth. The Shinigami officer brought the girl into the Seireitei to give her some decent clothes and food.
Inside the Court, the girl met Mai's companion Ame - whom at the time was a captain of the Gotei. Talking to him, she introduced herself as Yoruda Amelia. Instantly, the man recognised the name as that of Simone's, and the startling similarities in appearance between him and the girl bore clear evidence of her origin. Amelia finally met her father, and Ame found the daughter he had been searching far and wide after.
Raised within the Seireitei for almost a year in the home of her father, Amelia displayed a unnerving Reiatsu capacity, as well as an uncanny growth of spiritual strength despite the lack of any training. This worried her father, and for her safety he resolved to lock away Amelia's access to her Reiatsu reserves, containing it within her body but dampening any signs of it. This way he hoped to hide her presence from his enemies - Maschera Donna being the foremost of them - and keep her safe from the eyes of those that would do her harm.
Before her father could proceed with his plans, however, Amelia was kidnapped by Maschera Donna - the Arrancar whom once had gone by the name Yoruda Simone, Amelia's birth mother. Brought to Hueco Mundo, Amelia was raised by the female Arrancar within an artificial dimension created by the witch Persephone, an accomplice of Maschera. Inside this dimension, time passed with significant difference from that of Soul Society. Amelia spent 13 years in the involuntary training and manipulation of Maschera Donna, but in Soul Society this amount of time only amounted to a single month.
Becoming a young woman of 19 years of age, Amelia's genetical Shinigami potential and massive Reiatsu had been fully developed by Maschera's training, and the girl's strength was on par with that of the Gotei's finest. By Maschera's agenda, Amelia was sent back to Soul Society. For what reason, and how this fit in with the Arrancar's agenda, remains unknown.

Item: [ Adamas Star ]
The diamond pendant worn around Amelia's neck is one of the most valuable gems in Soul Society, its value enough to buy a mountain. Two rings of diamond interlink to form the pendant of the necklace, the lower and larger ring hanging by the upper and smaller ring.
Originally, the Adamas Star was comprised of only one ring -- the larger of the two. When Senbokuji Ame bestowed guardianship of his soul to his daughter, the Adamas Star was exposed to a tremendous amount of fluxing Reiatsu. The diamond pendant became one of the three containers of the captain's soul and strength -- the other two being Amelia's Zanpakutou and her blood. When this happened, the Adamas Star sported a sparkling new second ring of diamonds.
Amelia wears this necklace at all times and treasures it as her most prized possession, as it is a direct memorial of her father. Being a container of his power, the diamonds of the Adamas Star disperse a faint morsel of his soul's power and lends Amelia her father's strength, which lay in the two fields of Hakuda and Kidou.
This amounts to two special effects:
- The Adamas Star gives Amelia 10 points extra to her Hakuda skill for every 200 points she has in Connection.
- Decreases the interval between each Kidou slot attained to 400.

[Shunkou boost]
[Shin'ishikengo boost]
[Adamas Star effects]

Senbokuji-Yoruda Amelia -- Unseated, 11th Division
Reiatsu: 62 105
??? ~76 926~
??? ~128 210~ (8 turns//60%)
Zanjutsu: 2000
Hakuda: 30 000 [+6 000][+4500][+2930]
Hohou: 18 000[+3 600][+2700]
Kidou: 12 105
--27 slots --30 slots
Connection: 58,654

*[Shikai no Shirei Nukeura]
***[Shaowanzaru no Fuuin]
***[Touitsu Sensen]
***[Touitsu Kousen]
*** [Sankakuen]

First two portraits coloured by yours truly. These pictures are for reference only. I do not take credit for making them.


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