Seth Greer

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May 21, 2008
Pembroke Pines, FL
Contact Info: AIM- blankityblank23

Name: Seth Greer

Age: 18

There comes a point when even the most stalwart mind corrodes and withers in the face of constant abuse, this is an affliction Seth knows well. He is an egotistical genius struggling with unease, isolation, and lunacy. These attributes are bolstered by the unconventional way that he carries himself and the superiority present in his tone when he communicates with others. Seth can be described as lazy, jaded with existence in and of itself to be precise. Nihilistic, he removes himself from the responsibilities of good and evil, focusing instead on self-empowerment. The idea of death inspires little fear within him, rather the thought of losing his fragile grip on reality causing inexplicable and often frightening results. In dangerous situations he is not one to throw his life away however, if an escape or victory is available, that avenue would be pursued first.

Physical Stature:

Slim and slender there is very little musculature in this young man that stands out. Disheveled and shaggy, his brown hair flows freely across his face showing little to no upkeep. Despite this, he is also incredibly hygienic, having germaphobic tendencies. While his face remains unmarred, various scars decorate the fragile pale skin of his torso and arms. His face is well formed, noteworthy features being the color of his eyes, the left a faint gray, the right a deep crimson as well as constantly donning a surgical mask, a direct result of his phobia.


The Greer lineage has long since been an unimportant blip in the annals of history. As typical a mid-western American family as one could fathom. However, this generation was to be different. By genetic chance, or divine intervention Isabel Greer gave birth to something extraordinary. From the moment Seth was removed from the womb and welcomed into the cold harsh air of reality, one could say he was rather unique.

Having recently moved to Japan a mere three months former, he began attending Tokyo Nishi Koutougakkou in the hopes of starting life anew. Seth was sent off by his parents to live with his aunt, a linguist of some repute, out of both fear and sorrow. With open arms the kind woman welcomed her long absent nephew, teaching him the language and customs of the country. In a mere week he mastered the complex dialogue. Despite her pushes, the secluded teenager had little interest in pursuing the cultural wonders Tokyo had to offer, opting instead to contemplate quietly, rarely deciding to pass the time with a video game or two.


Individual – Tokyo Nishi Koutougakkou


Reiatsu: 100
Combat: 15
Agility: 35
Resistance: 50
Harmony: 0

Sample Chapter: Word Count: 1009

Don’t send me away mommy. What did I do that I need to go to the special school? It isn’t fair. I don’t wanna!

Seth inhaled deeply, several harsh gulps of air removing his mask ever so briefly to do so. The back of his shirt was drenched with sweat; he muttered a curse as he removed it, swinging his legs over the side of the bed. Regaining his composure, he glanced down at his arms.

The scars never go away. The memories plague my dreams. This irrevocable cycle I must suffer through each night. My mind is my own…but for how long? How long before I lose myself and becoming a blathering invalid? I won’t have it. I WON’T!

Lanky arms pounded fiercely into the soft mattress, his fingers gripping the sheets so tightly his veins nearly burst from his wrists. With a shrill growl, he released his hold and stood up, walking fiercely to the restroom. With a squeak the faucet began to trickle a clear, familiar liquid. A final turn of the knob and the water burst forth with a vengeance. Seth carefully held his hands under its cool embrace, closing his eyes for a moment in jubilation. Three precise squirts of the anti-bacterial soap he had brought with him to Japan, uncertain if they would have it there. Quickly and efficiently he began his routine, scrubbing his hands thoroughly, careful to leave not a sliver of flesh unclean. Seemingly satisfied, he plodded about his drawer, pulling from it a thin medical mask. The strange teen took careful attention as he placed the old mask into a sealed container, quickly replacing it with the one in hand. He would repeat this routine three more times today, but for now, he could relax. With a deep sigh of relief he collapsed backwards onto his back staring at the plain white of the ceiling. After several minutes, he was once more trapped in the hell of his dreams.

“Are you staring off again 643?” said a gruff voice. “How many times must I tell you? This is not a time for you to dawdle idly. You have a duty to perform and failure is not an option.” The young child looked up with defiance, nearly screaming “My name is Seth!”

Before the child could react, a swatch was brought down upon his wrist, the blow sending reverberations up his entire arm. Tears began to swell in his mismatched eyes as he became even more rebellious.

“You think I don’t know! This isn’t a school. This is a prison!”

“I said silence 643. You will obey and make yourself of use to us, or you will suffer. We –will- break you boy.”

The ten year old Seth glared hatefully at the man, sitting in room draped in white with only a single seat. A thin mirror lined one side of the square. With a hiss, the wall opposite the mirror began to open, a single gap in which a man adorned in white entered.

“That is enough for today Darren. We need them alive you know.” the man smiled wickedly, his beady black eyes affixed to the bald child.

“Understood, I will deal with this one again tomorrow sir. He seems unwilling to serve his country.”

“Such is expected, in time we will gain the information we need and discard them any way you please.”

The child sat shaken with fear as the two men walked out and he was left in silence and solitude within which he would remain for hours. “I will find a way out” he thought, ever hopeful.

The room began to shatter into innumerable shards the walls fading to black, an obnoxious beeping continuing amidst the darkness. The weary man opened his eyes with a groan, despite the relief of being back in the real world. The sun pierced through one of his blinds, it had been broken since he began his stay here, but he never got around to fixing it. Rather, he didn’t particularly care enough.

And so begins another one of my doldrums. This high school is full of nothing but simpletons. Its books reek of irrelevant information I already knew. No matter, I have business I must attend to despite. There is something to this place…this Tokyo. Something inexplicable and I shall find the answers I seek.

Adorned in his school uniform, he walked the crowded streets of Tokyo, callously bumping into numerous people. Their cries of discontent ignored as he reveled in his own contemplations. Mere days ago, he had seen a faint image of a human in front of his school. What piqued his interest most was the fact that it was ethereal. “I’m not insane, I know what I saw.” he muttered to himself. A group of girls was laughing cheerfully nearby, quickly silencing as the slouched figure passed. By all accounts he was an outsider. It didn’t bother him, especially not today. Today was the day he made himself known, he had to find another who could see these ethereal beings. Perhaps even another with the same strange senses.

Seth took his seat in the farthest desk back, closest to the window. His crimson grey gaze scanned through his peers intently. For the first time since he could consciously remember he had a goal. A purpose he intended on seeing to the end, regardless of how long it took. At last, someone stood out.

The seat fifth from the right, female…Natsuko Chiyoko. She has been staring outside for awhile now.

As Seth followed her gaze through the thin glass he caught a shimmer in the distance. It was abnormally large, unlike anything he had seen prior. She could see them too. He grinned beneath his mask. He had ignored the teacher thoroughly. Quickly he rose from his seat and extended his hand outward to the woman in greeting. Flustered by the abrupt approach, Natsuko recoiled a bit, her gaze affixed to the floor. Raven black tresses hung aloof over her eyes, her toes pointed inward. After a long pause she reached out to take his hand, careful to avoid looking into his eyes.

“My name is Seth, and you will soon become an asset.”


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