Squalidus Estate, Lapidus Silvarum - Upscale Plot in Terminus

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Naevius Squalidus

Alcohol is a Solution
Apr 2, 2019
Lapidus Silvarum, in Terminus
Dahlitium (⏆50 per)
Bigatium (⏆100 per)
Auritium (⏆300 per)
Vitatium (⏆1200 per)
Caelitium (⏆6000 per)
Name on Deed: Naevius Squalidus

Name of New Property: Squalidus Estate

Select from Available Properties: ⏆20,000 | Plot of Upscale Property in City of Terminus
Size of Property: Plot - 700 square meters (ex. 20x35m) / 2,300 square feet (ex. 40x60ft)

Asset 01: House
Asset 02: Crafting Laboratory (Alchemia)

Description: The Squalidus Estate: home to Naevius and Primrose Squalidus.

The Squalidus estate in Terminus was a smaller one, located far from the base of the mountains where the more elite of the Grand Metropolis gathered. Instead, it was in Lapidus Silvarum, a little taste of home: the hardiest trees from Boreas, silver-barked evergreens, reached into the sky, each one a rival for the tallest buildings of the city. Only the Specula Sorcere reached peaks the trees would never attain. Naevius' family had claimed a spot nestled among the roots of one of the earliest trees, a small home with many terraces and potted plants, round towers three stories high. A stone wall separated the building from the rest of the Silvarum, with a wrought iron gate.

In spite of the limited clout the property held, Naevius favored it: higher families might have enjoyed a traditional Borean home high in the tree boughs or the pseudo-aristocracy of a mountain-side villa, but there among the roots, Naevius could claim something more important: a cellar. It was an immense space, with squared columns at regular intervals and sanded wooden floors. The outer walls were intentionally unfinished, exposing the firmly packed soil, with occasionally visible roots peeking in. The dirt was rich in nutrients, useful for some of the potted plants he kept in the darkened room. One wall was lined in kegs, large and small, while another was lined in wine racks. The center of the room was full of alchemical equipment like his alembicants, a still, and even a centrifuge. Bottles, vials, and beakers of all shapes and sizes covered a table, and there was a deep sink tapping directly into an underwater spring of crisp, clear water. It was the perfect laboratory for his alchemy.


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