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Espada Numero Cinco

<div class="bbWrapper"><span style="color: palegreen">Turquoise orbs flickered violently as a near perfect silence erupted along the boundaries of the uninhabited streets of Rukongai. Anxious and already quite bored with their predicament, Melusina quipped loudly in contemplation to the others willing to open ears to her ranting.<br /> <br /> &quot;Amazing how an outlandish appearance can bring about such desolation. It's pathetic really,&quot; she mused with an arrogant hitch in her deep, sultry concentrated tone.</span><br /> <br /> <span style="color: darkgreen">&quot;Indeed, Melusina, yet I must admit how grand it is to travel without screams of terror from those weak fools that live in this large hamlet.&quot; The tall, slim espada's frigid voice had a hint of joy. &quot;Besides if those souls hadn't evacuated, I would have been quite tempted to consume several of them.&quot;<br /> <br /> Helada's graying black hair, which was tied in a tail, blew in the wind as he followed the female espada. The piece of his mask which remained after his arrancarization slowly moved down his face until he finally adjusted the monocle-like piece. Almost tempted to just remove for the time being and place it in his uniform's pocket, the espada finally got it to stay in place.<br /> <br /> &quot;I wonder if those shinigami expect our eventual arrival...&quot; Helada commented more to himself, but he didn't have any qualms if his comrades replied or not. And I must admit that the Sine Qua Non were lucky to set the units up for us to lead without us leading them by the hand.&quot;</span><br /> <br /> <span style="color: darkblue">An obnoxious cackle blustered about the atmosphere and interrupted the two espada that gathered together during their preparations for their assault on the Seireitei. &quot;Does it matter if they know about our arrival?&quot; Another chain of laughter followed the statement as a figure emerged from the shadowy streets of the Rukongai.<br /> <br /> The figure was revealed by the light of day baring a right hand replaced with an alabaster hook and the number &quot;10&quot; engraved in crimson on the arm above it. Like an angry teacher clawing her nails against the blackboard, the ferocious hook scraped against the fragment of pearl which remained on the espada's cheek. The weapon that could easily garrote any unsuspecting shinigami was slowly brought down revealing a waxen mask that was clear and undamaged from the habitual scratching. And then he spoke...<br /> <br /> &quot;Even if they are aware of our presence, it doesn't change anything.&quot;<br /> <br /> The most noticeable trait of Numero Diaz was revealed; a wide grin spread evenly from cheek to cheek that showed his enjoyment in his current mission. &quot;The shinigami are weak, weaker than the goons that shall be doing most of our dirty work. This will be very entertaining indeed.&quot; Another chuckle followed his statement as he directed his jaded eyes towards his companions.</span><br /> <br /> <span style="color: dimgray">&quot;Meh.&quot; The softly spoken words passed through the lips of the slender figure who stood leaning against the wall of a nearby building.The sun had not yet passed its apogee, and thus the figure was obfuscated within the shadows cast by the structure.<br /> <br /> &quot;I still say things would have moved along quicker if we had just been given full control over the operation from the start,&quot; the being shrugged as he took a step from the darkness toward his fellow espada.<br /> <br /> The blazing daylight reflected loudly off the pallid sleeveless top he wore, making it almost impossible to see the mark displayed on his bare left shoulder. His eyes remained downcast and his head likewise tilted toward the ground as he took a few cautious, calculated steps forward, almost seeming as though he was sleepwalking. Only when he was within a few paces of his companions did he lift his head, revealing a visage half-concealed by a gnarled alabaster mask.<br /> <br /> The mask appeared to wear a vicious expression of constant rage, while the half of his face that was revealed spoke of a bored calm that was just itching for something better. &quot;When are we going to get this thing moving, anyway? We're so close; what the hell are we waiting for?&quot;<br /> <br /> As he spoke, his eyes--one glowing crimson and one the palest shade of blue, combining to create quite a disconcerting gaze--finally opened to coolly challenge the others with whom he waited.</span><br /> <br /> <span style="color: palegreen">Melusina, annoyed with the lack of compliance expressed by her fellow companions, huffed a hearty sigh in the group's general direction. More intently, she set her sights on the last to speak and made her move towards him. &quot;Regardless to the reasons and intent on our waiting, consistent whining isn't useful in the least. Then again,&quot; with a wink she flicked the long piece of fabric enveloping her body against his face, &quot;men never were and never will be talented in the art of patience, will they?&quot;<br /> <br /> Steadily, like a child fascinated with a new toy, the vaguely amused woman tossed her long scarf around her wrist until the tasseled ends curled around each slender digit gracing her pale fleshed hand. &quot;As far as the shinigami are concerned, I wouldn't be careless in judging them simply based on power alone at this point, boys. Lesser beings are fond of contradicting what is expected of them so I hardly believe they'll comply as easily as we anticipate.&quot; </span><br /> <br /> <span style="color: darkblue">The joker laughed at the female espada, amused by her frustrations and comments. &quot;Underestimation is the prerequisite of defeat was it?&quot; He continued to chortle, looking at Melusina in the eyes. &quot;My dear Melusina, I have encountered the shinigami scum in the past and know of their strengths. Their mightiest captain outside of Masaru himself was unable to lay a scratch on me. Yes that was a long time ago, but I doubt it would be much different since we have grown as well.&quot;<br /> <br /> He grinned...&quot;Then again, what do I know? I'm just an impatient man.&quot;</span><br /> <br /> <span style="color: palegreen">&quot;Ah, then let's hope you are not as incompetent in your evaluating as you are in your patience,&quot; she retorted back, a smirk playing with the corners of her slightly blue tinted lips.</span><br /> <br /> <span style="color: dimgray">&quot;You guys always do this,&quot; the espada pouted like a child shunned by his peers. &quot;It's not like I'm some **** incompetent moron who's just trying to rush headlong into battle, eager for blood. I've done my homework. I just feel like there's not much more to do aside from completing our mission as per orders.&quot;<br /> <br /> With a wistful sigh and a resigned shrug of his shoulders, he turned and walked away from the others, instead choosing the solitude of the shadows which he had previously enjoyed. Only now, a single piercing light like a ruby glared back at the gathering of arrancar opposite his position.</span><br /> <br /> A sudden yet long overdue sigh escaped from Barandilla's chest whilst listening to his fellow comrades, a rather displeased curl of his lips was accented by the sliver of pallid bone which streaked down the side of his jaw. &quot;Your concerns about the capabilities of these humans is quite disheartening,&quot; his English accented voice proclaimed with a disappointed tone. <br /> <br /> The tall, bald Arrancar had remained silent up until this point; perched on his spot against a wall not too far from the rest of the group. Finding solitude to be most comforting he just couldn't help but be reeled in by the context of this conversation, and thus he removed himself from the wall with a sluggish shift of his frame.<br /> <br /> A tilt of his long neck brought his bald cranium angling towards Melusina, the number &quot;8&quot; fully exposed to the sky above him while his emerald hues fixated on her before drifting around to the rest of the Arrancar. <br /> <br /> &quot;Just as Gancho has, I myself have faced off with their strongest at the time; and I must say from that alone I can be most assured that the majority of these wretches shouldn't offer us much of a problem.&quot; Taking another step forward Barandilla then stopped and folded his arms across his chest, his faÁƒ §ade conforming to a far more calm expression.<br /> <br /> <span style="color: darkslateblue">A particular melancholy noise echoed through the evacuated street, abruptly cutting off the tension that was rising among the Arrancar who were gathered there. A tall woman approached them, stepping primly, the hem of her flared white skirt barely brushing against the ground. With each stride, chains strung between two tapered horns curving back from her mask would rattle, producing that ominous sound. <br /> <br /> Most of her face was hidden behind a high collar, leaving one with only a pair of warm amber shaded eyes to gaze on, or further down a generous amount of luminously tanned cleavage revealed by a cutaway. <br /> <br /> &quot;Oh my...&quot; Cadena Sagrada's voice was saccharine, but loaded with a tone of something darker.<br /> <br /> &quot;I'm glad to see everyone is getting along so well, I would be so truly disappointed to see dischord brewing before operations are even underway. Of course, from elites such as yourselves, I'd only expect the utmost of <i>professionalism</i>. But please, don't mind me. Relax and enjoy yourselves before the strike darlings, I certainly wouldn't reprimand you for it. No, I wouldn't dream of such a thing!&quot; Numero Cinco pronounced, tossing back the blue and white strands of her voluminous hair in a rather obvious ploy to show off her chest to its best advantage.</span><br /> <br /> <span style="color: darkblue">Numero Diez laughed at their <i>supervisor's</i> entrance. He always saw Cadena as a type of seductress, one who would try to use captivating looks to draw her enemy in and then mutilate their bodies before they ever knew what struck them. It was amusing to the espada, something he would have been envious about if he didn't have his own book of fun games to use against his prey. There was just something about gashing a hole through someone's stomach and dragging out their intestines inch by inch that topped the method he assumed she used...and it was far more entertaining to watch a helpless victim flop around as they discovered their bodies being turned inside out.<br /> <br /> It had been a long time since the arrancar was allowed true entertainment.<br /> <br /> &quot;Well, well. I didn't think ya would actually show up, Cinco.&quot; Gancho mused to himself before deciding to change the subject back to their future plans. His eyes peered over to the forces that would be invading the Seireitei along with the espada. &quot;It looks like there are five <i>Sine Qua Non</i> units that will actually be doing most of the pillaging. So, let's say we begin the fun?&quot;<br /> <br /> A grin of delight washed over the joker's face.</span><br /> <br /> <span style="color: dimgray">At first glance, one might think the half-concealed espada had fallen asleep as he sat and watched the others go about their business. His eyes were narrowed to such thin slits that it was impossible to tell whether they were in fact open or shut.<br /> <br /> But it was no fatigue that drove this expression. Rather, the target of the expression was the woman who had just arrived, late as usual. To think that Petycon had put that <i>temptress</i> in charge of such an important operation grated at him every second in which he was in her presence. Surely there was one better among the Subidoverdad to helm the strike.<br /> <br /> But it was no matter. Once the attack began and he was given a chance to finally display the full extent of his ability, there would be no choice but to recognize him. He would go into Seireitei and rip the place--and many of its inhabitants--to shreds if need be. He would live up to his namesake, and the shinigami would tremble at his profound rage.<br /> <br /> But for now, he simply rested his chin on his knees which were pulled tightly to his chest and waited.</span><br /> <br /> <span style="color: PaleGreen">Melusina was nothing short of relieved at the sight of their grand, glorious leader. &quot;Cadena,&quot; she ushered before silence beseeched her in utter fullness. It was truly a rare sight to see the lower ranked among the Espada in a light of ambiance rather than distaste. <br /> <br /> Admiring the beautiful woman who shined among the plain she sighed in relief. <i>'Finally, a voice worth listening too.'</i></span><br /> <br /> It took Barandilla a moment to acknowledge the approach of Numero Cinco, with a twist of his giraffe like neck he brought his lingering gaze upon her inappropriate silhouette. Surely she was the one set in charge of this operation, her looks would give an impression of great strength, yes, but of leadership? That was questionable to say the least, or so he would believed.<br /> <br /> Nevertheless, he wasn't about to ask questions at this point.<br /> <br /> &quot;Of course she would show up, Gancho. Do you think she'd miss out on even one second of the glory of being in charge?&quot; The English accent only added to the sarcastic statement which was already saturated. Despite his previous thoughts he simply could not contain himself, but, a quick tilt of his head along with a infinitesimal smile offered a greeting along with a half-hearted apology.<br /> <br /> <span style="color: red"><i>Sinners.</i><br /> <br /> That solitary word broadcasted through the thoughts of Arma Verdadera in regards to his &quot;comrades.&quot; <br /> <br /> <i>Nothing but despicable sinners. All of them... consumed by <b>Ira</b> (Wrath).</i><br /> <br /> The Arrancar had been watching them through his shining jade irises, gleaming in the sun light. Arma was privy to his kin bicker and waste time in idle conversation. Those things, in particular, <b>disgusted</b> him. Add to the fact that they were nothing but lowly and rotten heathens, through and through, made the righteous Hybrid want to vomit. There was one saving grace upon all of them, which stopped Verdadera from losing himself to a fanatical rage and attempting to tear all of them asunder.<br /> <br /> Each and every one of the Espada, though grotesque in their ways of lifestyle, ultimately served Petycon-sama.<br /> <br /> He didn't care anymore if he was now considered a Privaron, or &quot;Fallen&quot; , Espada. He didn't care if he was unacknowledged in their ranks anymore either. What was brimming within Numero Ciento's explosive interior was the insatiable thirst to serve his Master Petycon. Whether or not he was ordered to go along with the rest of these Espada on this mission, it did not matter. Arma would make sure his Lord's desires would be fulfilled.<br /> <br /> Seeing all of the gathered Subidoverdad, he stealthily leapt from his unseen vantage point of a nearby roof; he landed with a cat's grace before them. His feet uttered no noise upon impact, yet his white robes rippled in his arrival, billowing and flapping. That no doubt had to have garnered his colleagues' attentions. It appeared as if he had been standing amongst them this entire time, as his posture denoted a casual appearance. Nonchalantly the Arrancar tilted his neck, opening the zipper on his enormous front collar to show a pair of gleaming tusks covering his mouth.<br /> <br /> A ripple of Reiatsu mired in the thickest portion of unease, sweltering between the Espada briefly.<br /> <br /> &quot;Imperdonable,&quot; his voice hissed with a sourly cold tone. At the same time the Privaron said that, the tusks covering his mouth bent outwards, <i>moving</i> on their own, and revealing the sneer and discontent in his words. His only naked limb, his right arm, gripped the bandaged and enormous Zanpakutou strapped to his back. &quot;Petycon-sama has entrusted SeÁƒ ±ora Cadena to lead us into battle. Do you view this as Luxuria- &quot;Glory&quot; as you put it, or lust, in filling out one's desire as a position of power? This is all in the name of our Lord. And if we are to act accordingly, to fulfill his wishes flawlessly, we had best listen to la SeÁƒ ±ora without any hesitation.&quot; <br /> <br /> Whipping on his heels, he kneeled before her, the tusks covering his mouth once again. Despite the unspeakable grip of panic before Numero Cinco, a woman so powerful, there was something else bothering Arma. Yet he kept quiet in front of the Espada charged with the most Lust of them all, the reverent back of his head prominently showing a segmented and chitinous Hollow mask.</span><br /> <br /> <span style="color: darkblue">The joker cringed in an attempt to avoid the flurry of useless prattling that began with the privaron's entrance to their conversation. He thought of ways he might be able to execute the former espada and get away with it. Strength the privaron provided was not needed to succeed in their mission, and it could only make one wonder why Petycon even allowed him to travel along with his <i>true</i> subordinates. The arrancar was stripped of his rank and he still followed Petycon as if he was some divinity and his savior; the mere thought made even a sadist such as Gancho want to vomit. But...he was with them and there wasn't much they could do about it. One would only hope he would enter into a fight he wouldn't be able to handle and do the rest of the espada a favor and be purified.<br /> <br /> &quot;Did someone hear something?&quot; Numero Diez cackled a retort to Arma's entrance, deliberately attacking the pride the privaron so foolishly clenched onto. Gancho turned his head around to look at the eavesdropper, and even though he was annoyed by the former espada's presence, a grin was still painted across his alabaster face. &quot;Ooohhh~ If it isn't Arma. Have you finished cleaning the brown off the nasal part of your mask yet?&quot; </span><br /> <br /> <span style="color: palegreen"> Melusina snickered at Gancho's retort to the sinister looking Arma. &quot;That would be quite the accomplishment for someone of his caliber,&quot; she mocked hurriedly. The one revealed eye, coated in flavors of greens and blues, squinted in a feline manner as she smirked. Tumbling from atop her crown of silky sea green hair came the sallow figure of her horned mask. <br /> <br /> The clicking of heels echoed through the lingering silence as the slender woman made her way towards her admired leader. &quot;Though a strayed sheep among the flock, you had best understand that I do not welcome you. You are hardly one I'd deem trustworthy and cannot be ordered to find you so. I only <b>tolerate</b> your entrance by our grand leader's word.&quot; </span><br /> <br /> <span style="color: darkgreen">Helada remained quiet at the appearence of his superior Espada and the Privaron. He didn't care about either of them, but he did seem disappointed by his comrades' mockery of their once fellow espada. A frown forming on his face, the espada cleared his throat to give notice to himself.<br /> <br /> &quot;Such childish behavior, and you call yourselves Espada? I guess that is why Petycon-sama chose me to be Numero Seis over the rest of you,&quot; Helada spoke, then added something under his breath. &quot;Besides my power being greater than the rest of you.&quot;<br /> <br /> The greying Espada then returned to his silence and waited to see what would be said next, a diminutive smile forming from his expression. He then moved his monocle back up into place. Inside, he hoped to begin their mission so he could truly show his power.</span><br /> <br /> What with so much going on at once Barandilla opted to stay silent and only allowed a few miniscule changes on his visage to express his feelings on each matter that was brought about, first distaste upon initially spotting the Privaron; but that soon transformed into a feeling of pity after his knelt body before Cadena. It was as if he were begging the Gods to restore glory to him once again.<br /> <br /> The piece of jagged pale bone along side his jaw suddenly twitched with the stretching of his lips, the smile formed on his proud face was thanks to Gancho's smart mouthed comments towards the Privaron; <i>'always the jokester that Gancho.'</i><br /> <br /> Next came Melusina jumping at the chance to show everyone just how much she adored Cadena, by now it was painfully obvious to most of them; but this green haired firestorm was determined and persistent. Barandilla was at a loss for words at this, thus he merely spared her a blank stare before the emerald crystals in his eyes found their gaze on Helada.<br /> <br /> Azure fabric tightened along Numero Ocho's slender arm as he itched his freshly shaven head with two fingers, his eyes closed and from his lips came a small chortle.<br /> <br /> &quot;Unsolicited bragging is also childish, is it not, Helada?&quot; His thoughtful enunciations thrummed through the air in a thick British accent; it seemed he was no longer able to keep his silence as it seemed a more than perfect time to interject.<br /> <br /> &quot;These are all inconsequential matters anyways. Shouldn't we be getting a move on, Cadena?&quot; Numero Ocho proposed while averting his gaze from Helada and onto their supervisor for this mission.<br /> <br /> <span style="color: red">&quot; ¡Pelotudo!&quot; Arma shot to his feet, facing Gancho. Numero Diez's smartass comment sent the Privaron into a rage; it was more the fact that a worthless joke of an Arrancar had been chosen to replace him- which was even further an insult to Verdadera. The zealot of Petycon flared up in pure disgust at how pointless Gancho's existence was. The other's comments held no worth- because in Arma's eyes he saw that they were actually of use to Petycon. Thrown into his fury the Spanish Hybrid resorted to his native tongue.<br /> <br /> &quot; ¡Pedazo de pringao de la basura!&quot; snarled Verdadera, his tusks displaying a furious faÁƒ §ade. Without hesitation Arma shot his hand to the wrapped up zanbatou-size Zanpakutou upon his back; a flurry of winding and snaking cloth fluttered while he swung for the current Tenth Espada. Consumed entirely by hatred at the wrathful sinner who insulted all of his fellows with an air of Superbia (&quot;Pride&quot; ), Arma wished to erase this pitiful servant to Petycon-sama. The contorted ebony steel of NÁƒ ©mesis, his Zanpakutou, flashed in his solitary hand; their chaotic serrated edges seeking to rip the sinner piece by piece. &quot; ¡Chapero! ¡Vaya al Diablo!&quot; <br /> <br /> &quot;<b><i>CastigÁƒ ºelos para sus pec-</i></b>&quot; </span><br /> <br /> <span style="color: darkslateblue">There was no outward sign of a response from the imposing figure of Numero Cinco as her subordinates degenerated into a volley of petty argument and name-calling, though she directed a sideways glance to Melusina who would share a similarly scathing assessment of such pointless behavior among their male companions. <br /> <br /> It was only when Arma threatened to lose control that she acted, placing her white sleeve-encased hand over the Privaron's arm to halt the release of his massive weapon. Though she would have taken great pleasure in disemboweling the useless Numero Diez for his insolence, Petycon's directive had to take precedence over such thoughts of revenge. <br /> <br /> &quot;Not now, querido,&quot; Cadena spoke quietly to calm Arma's furious state, &quot;Ignore the barking of that mongrel who is not even one-hundredth of the Espada you were. Doubtless he would feel small in the shadow of such a legacy...&quot; <br /> <br /> The strands of chain rattled again as Cadena swept a cold look over the gathered Arrancar. &quot;As for the rest of you, it's time for the action to commence. For your own sakes, I suggest you don't disappoint me any further.&quot; </span><br /> <br /> <span style="color: red">The moment Cadena touched his sleeveless arm it halted the Privaron entirely in his tracks. Poised in pure action, the voice and sensation of his <b>love</b> immediately ceased Arma's righteous anger. The clouded haze of rage dulled to reveal the only being to stop his divine judgment.<br /> <br /> He snapped on his heels once again, facing her with the most serene look on his face. Beneath the closed tusks covering his mouth he grinned, brilliant jade irises shining to let her know that she was more important to him than impeding their mission. &quot;SÁƒ­, mi hermosa.&quot; <br /> <br /> Verdadera cast a sidelong glance at Gancho as the others heeded Numero Cinco's orders. &quot;You know that I gave up my position because of SeÁƒ ±ora Cadena...&quot; <br /> <br /> If they didn't, he'd explain to them another time. To make a long story short Arma left his position of Numero Diez because he didn't believe in &quot;inter-office relationships&quot; . Being a Privaron had its benefits after all- he could love Cadena simultaneously while serving Petycon-sama. Cooled off he slipped NÁƒ ©mesis into the sheath upon his back, all grievances ignored for the time being. Besides, he could take his frustrations out on any unfortunate sinning Gotei that crossed his path.<br /> <br /> &quot;But that is of no importance. Let's go.&quot; </span><br /> <br /> <span style="color: dimgray">Half of the reclining hybrid's face stretched vertically into a wide yawn, accompanied by the slightest of inadvertant utterances from his throat. As soon as the gesture was finished, he pushed himself to his feet and stretched his underworked muscles.<br /> <br /> His head tilted back as he worked his self about to prepare for action. It was only afterwards that he lowered his dichromatic gaze to meet the eager stares of his companions. From each one of them, he sensed they were all thinking the same thing:<br /> <br /> It was about time.</span><br /> <br /> <span style="color: darkgreen"> The greying Espada glared towards the amassing army of the Sine Qua Non then glanced towards his comrades. A half smile formed upon his expression as a cold sounding laugh quietly came from him. Helada then returned his attention to the army and took a step towards it.<br /> <br /> &quot;If none of you mind, I shall rally <i>my</i> troops. I am not sure of where I shall be once we are in the Shinigami City, but know that I am where the cold wind blows and the sparkle of ice glistens in the light of the day.&quot; Helada stopped for a moment without the courtesy of looking to his fellow espada when he spoke, then walked on to the army. &quot;Any idea how much destruction we can do to them?&quot;<br /> <br /> Helada then became silent as the army grew bigger and bigger with each step closer. His half smile dissolved from his face and was replaced by an expression of deep thinking. What part of the Shinigamis' precious home would he lead his subordinates to, and who would he engage there?</span></div>


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