Takero Idaten - Captain of the 7th

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Name: Takero Idaten [family name last] [literally means fierce warrior]

Age: 20 years old, 9 years in Soul Society [appears to be 17]

Persona: Being the extroverted that he is, he is very comfortable around people. Although this is just his front, he actually is a very shy guy. He finds it hard to open up to people because of this nature of his. Although ha has introverted tendencies, he manages to make a lot of friends. People tend to help him out because he isn't confident about himself at times. Sometimes he needs an extra push from the people around him to be able to make his point clear. He seems to be a very out-going person and very intimidating at times but inside he's a very gentle and a trustworthy person. He's the type of person that works good alone but works even better when part of a team.

Physical Stature: He has got an average height of 5'8" . He has got a medium build with short dark brown hair that is always brushed up. He's wearing a shinigami robe with the sleeves torn off and he wears his sword at his back. He has got a pair of black eyes which he inherited from both of his parents. And besides those he was seen wearing a bead bracelet on his right hand and an anklet on his right leg.

Zanpakutou: Takero's zanapakutou's appearance is like a slightly shorter katana but not as the size of a wakizashi. But it is rather light weight and very easy to use, unlike normal katanas that are heavy and takes a lot of effort to be able to wield it. Its outward appearance seems rather simple because the owner's preferences. It has a standard guard, a dark blue hilt and a black coloured scabbard.

Manifestation: Kyoujin looks like a middle-aged man who wears a torn white Gi. He also sports a Tattoo on his back that says Assassin.

Biography: Idaten's life was what every regular student has like going to school, hanging out with his friends and enjoyed doing his hobbies. He is kinda bookish but he didnt really excel in any of his academics but he did at one thing. His first love, martial arts. He was trained since he was a kid and now is very competent with his skills. Even though he studied various arts, he particularly excelled in hand-to-hand combat rather with ones with weapons. But one day, he saw a girl being raped in an alleyway. He didn't hesitate and tried to push off the offenders and helped the girl get away. But in the process the rapists lost their cool and stabbed Idaten to death. He arrived in an average place in Rukongai. After 8 years a tragedy happened in that area, which led him to apply for a shinigami status. He failed his first test into the academy because of lack of knowledge. But he trained hard for the rest of the year and was eventually accepted into the academy a year after. He wasn't really that good with zanjutsu. But since he had knowledge in martial arts, he greatly excelled Hakuda and Hohou. And also being the studious-type of person, he was quite knowledgeable in Demon arts.

A year into entering the Gotei, Takero found himself participating in the defense of Seiretei. He had fought along side the 7th and 5th Division as they repelled the schism hollows that were tearing down the walls of Seiretei.
During this event he had also fought against one of the Gotei's new adversaries, the arrancar. Although, he won the fight against the arrancar, he was hospitalized for more than a month.

When the Gotei was renovated, he was then offered a position by Kokuei Diaz, Captain of the 7th. He gladly accepted this position and now serves as the Vice Captain.


Stats and Techniques

Character Statistics:

Takero Idaten -- Captain of the 7th Division
Grade - 0
Reiatsu: 33,076
Kyoujin -- ~39,691~
Kyoujin Tenbatsu -- ~46,306~ (16 turns /// 110%)
Kyoujin no Fuujin - ~52,922~ (10 turns /// 100%)
Kyoujin: Fuujin No Gekirin- ~59,537~ (3 turns /// 55%)
Zanjutsu: 1,996
Hakuda: 10,649
Hohou: 10,300
Kidou: 10,131
Hadou #5, Demon Fist
Hadou #14, Hakke Kuushou
Hadou #30, Aisu
~Aisuhaaken (Ice Pick),
~Aisudansu (Ice Dancing)
Hadou #33, Soukatsui
Hadou #44, Raiden
Hadou #47, Fist of Destruction
Hadou #54, Haien (Waste Flame)
Hadou #63, Raikouhou
Hadou #85, Hadouken
Bakudou #9, Geki
Bakudou #17, Ice Prison
~Ice Maiden
Bakudou #39, Raifutsukamu
Bakudou #52, Hold
Bakudou #61, Rikijyoukurou
Bakudou #65, Seal of Origins
Bakudou #77, Tentei Kuura
Bakudou #86, Honegaoreru
Bougyoudo #4, Cursed Mark
Bougyoudo #31, Yaiba no Souseki
Bougyoudo #38, Meikyou
Bougyoudo #47, Sude
Bougyoudo #91, Lost Arms

Connection: 32,741
Throwing Knives(10)

Stat modifications:

During Furuchi
Stat : Normal//Shikai//Bankai//Shinno

*Varies due to increase in stats. (Can't be bothered to compute anymore.) ._.*

--*Shaowanzaru no Fuuin
--*Shikai no Shirei Nukeura
--***Touitsu Sensen
--***Touitsu Kousen


Items in Pack
--Elixir of Rejuvenation (3)
--Energy Pills (5)
--Healing Pills (5)



Takero's Releases and Abilities


Kyoujin - "Sakebidasu, Kyoujin!"

After revealing the true nature of Kyoujin to Takero, the form of it's initial release was changed.

When Takero releases his Zanpakutou, the whole sword including the hilt emits a blinding white glow the opponnent. The whole zanpaku turns into a bandage like cloth that will wrap his fists. Although Both fists are covered in the material, it is not a dual zanpakutou. The bandage will cover his hands to his forearm and then extend itself behind Takero's back and cover the other arm.

Once Takero's hands are completely covered the bandage will then solidify able to block even sword strike aimed to his fists. Also this will serve as a weapon with the same functions of gauntlets..

Stat Increases and Decreases are as follows.

Hakuda +10%

Kaze no Osaeru - Winds of Suppression

High pressure winds are released from Takero's body and extends to about 1 foot from his skin. This technique doesn't attack the enemy nor block its attacks. This move acts like a cushion and slows down the enemy attack causing it to lose most of it's destructive capabilities. This applies to physical damage that was aimed at the user.

Kidou spells would still be as destructive as they can be.


Kyoujin Tenbatsu -- [ Dagger's Divine Judgement ]
When the user activates his bankai, the user holds his hands together then he spreads is arms outwards to his sides. He then creates a barrier high pressure winds around the area with radius of 1 mile from the user. This barrier of winds is not only to hinder any possible escape during the duration of the bankai but to hinder the enemy's movements as well.

Like Kyoujin's one and only ability, Kaze no Osaeru, the barrier slows down the general movement of anyone inside the area of effect, whether it be friend or foe. It suppresses the enemy's destructive capabilities by slowing it down by a certain amount allowing the user time to counter as well as dodge the incoming attacks. And since the user is the one controlling the winds, he's able to augment his agility and the accuracy of his attacks making them more devastating than in shikai mode.

While the user gains the ability to manipulate the winds around him enabling him to raise his speed while attacking, so in turn he gains 30% Hakuda and 20% to Hohou. Also the user gains access to wind manipulation limited within the area of effect.

Being able to manipulate the wind enables him to use it as a medium of transportation, giving him access to flight. The area in which he could fly on is limited to the area of effect and also drains 2% of his reiatsu for each turn he uses it.

Attack: "Arekuruukaze" -- Raving Wind

Takero gathers his energy unto his fists and charges it up readying himself into one powerful attack. The gathered energy emits a greenish glow signifying that it is ready to be unleashed. And a part of wind manipulation he unleashes it and creates a tornado like attack that shoots towards the enemy. The tornado will quickly form up and shoot towards the opponent. The tornado is powered by the user's reiatsu and causing it to be more devastating, enabling it to cut through anything that hinders its path.

This is a long range attack but it would be much more damaging if the attack is taken directly.


Kyoujin no Fuujin -- [ Wind God's Dagger ]
Once the user activates his Shinno Bankai, the barrier of wind surrounding the area will disperse and also the high pressure winds in the surrounding will die down. This will in turn release everyone in the area and allow free and unhindered movement.

But the effects of the bankai are still present in the user. And since the barrier has been lifted, another small barrier is created around the body of Takero. This barrier is composed of reiatsu and wind pressure much like the Shikai ability, Kaze no Osaeru, this one however only activates when an attack is approaching and doesn't require to be activated by command. So the barrier slightly slows down the attack making it less lethal than it should be. Also, Takero gains a bit more control on wind manipulation giving him control of the surrounding winds with a cost of 1% to his base reiatsu stat. This includes flight, the activation of the defense, and wind manipulation.

And as Takero gains wind manipulation he's able to create gaps where he moves. It is much like a vacuum in space that allows his body to move unhindered. In turn he gets an increase in his speed and hakuda stat. The following increases are as follows.

Hakuda: +30%
Hohou: +30%

As almost all zanpakutou change their form when the reach bankai, so does Kyoujin. In addition the bandages on his arms, a crescent knuckle knife will form on both his hands. Take note that this is not a dual zanpakutou, these knuckle knives are only but one, and if one is destroyed then the other would be affected.

Kamikaze -- [ Divine Wind ]

Unlike Arekuruukaze, Kamikaze is a more compact type of attack. Instead of having the tornado like attack, this one is a wind blade. The blade is compact and dense, which gives it the ability to cut through obstacles easily. And once it reaches it target the blade explodes into a violent air current tearing the target apart.

Takero needs to gather his energy into the tip of the blade on one of his hands. And once enough energy is gathered he then launches the blade with a punching motion from his arm. The blade will fast as it cuts through the wind currents, and it hits almost instantaneously on its mark.


Kyoujin: Fuujin no Gekirin -- Imperial Wrath of the Wind God

Once Takero reaches Kyoushou Bankai, the bandages that are wrapped around Takero's arms loosen and start to swirl around it. There is a continuous motion in the swirling of the bandages which creates a strong wind pressure around the user. These winds are mixed with Takero's own reiatsu which is able to press back any offending party that is weaker than he is.

2x reiatsu or more = 0 meters
Same level reiatsu = 10 meters
Below reiatsu level = 20 meters or more

The knuckle knives that he has from Shinno Bankai will somewhat melt unto his hand and create gloves with metal plating on the backhand side. This will enable Takero to block bladed weapons directed unto him.

The bandages that swirl around his arms aren't there just for decoration, these bandages could shoot out from Takero to wrap around a person's limb to create opportunities for attacking. The edges of these bandages are as sharp as razor blades that enables them to go through most solid surfaces.

In Kyouhsou Bankai, Takero retains the basic principle of all his Bankai level skills which is wind manipulation. Due to the excessive strain Kyoushou Bankai gives to the user, Takero could only retain the ability of flight. [Flight will cost 1% from the user's base kidou stat.]

Unlike the previous Bankai levels, Kyoujin will not be able to place and increases unto Takero's stats. But instead he has given him the ability to create wind barriers around him that will deflect any projectile shot towards him, whether it maybe of a physical nature or an energy based one. The cost to make the barrier is at 1.5% of his base reiatsu. The rate of how he could deflect such blows are dependent on the reiatsu of the opposing party. Anyone who has significantly greater reiatsu than him would be able to bypass the barrier and hit the user as they normally would.

Attack: Hageshiikaze Ichijin - Strong Wind Vanguard

Hageshiikaze Ichijin is the strongest attack Kyoujin could perform in Kyoushou Bankai. By utilising all the energy Kyoujin and Takero has, the energy is then compressed into a single ball of energy. The energy from the ball is formed in between Takero's palms to keep it contained and compressed

Once ready, Takero then fires the ball towards the target where wind currents will wrap around it like a saw that would cut through anything hindering its path. Also the bandages from Takero's arms would extend and swirl on its path to prevent any outside forces to deflect the attack.

When the ball of energy hits the target, a fierce explosion will occur and the wind currents around it will tear through the targets exterior, ripping it to shreds. The bandages will then retract and return to their previous state, wrapped around Takero's arms.



Takero's Kidou

Hadou Spells

Aisu - Hadou #30, 250 Kidou/Aisuhaaken (Ice Pick), 1000 Kidou/Aisudansu (Ice Dancing), 1200 Kidou


[Aisu] -- The user gathers water spiritons in their hand, aiming then at the target. Once the energy is release, a thick powerful wave of water shoots out. The water freezes as soon as it flies out, forming a powerful Ice spear that can pierce through the enemy on contact. Aisu has a max reach of 50ft.

[Aisuhaaken] -- A variation of Aisu, Aisuhaaken works by pelting the target with numerous spears of ice and numbing their bodies. Outside of the change in chant, Aisuhaaken also works by changing the casting motion. Instead of point the hand straight, the fingers are shot out. Because of this, the particles of water shoot out in multiple directions. The drops instantly change from droplets to foot long ice spears. The number of spears is always different, but it is usually about a hundred. The number can be increase however by putting more energy into it, since Aisuhaaken was basically made to take on large groups.

[Aisudansu] -- The final and most powerful form of Aisu, Aisudansu works by barraging the target with numerous penetrating icicles. Aisudansu works by releasing a large icicle spear. The spear stops once it breaks the skin of the opponent or when it freezes onto the opponent. The icicle then explodes, numerous icicles exploding from it. The icicles shoot out from the base then all bend back in towards the target, impaling them brutally.

Incantation: (To change the variation all one has to do is change the name at the end of the chant. I.E. saying Aisudansu instead of Aisu)

The Frozen hand breaks, melting away the sun. The frosty breath blows, relentlessly assaulting the wind. The binding ice collapses, nurturing the earth's plants. Hadou #30, Aisu


Demon Fist -- Hadou #5, 28 kidou

Description: The user of this spell quickly wraps energy into their fist then releases it. As the power is released the beastly image of a demon is formed around the fist. Upon impact, the energy explodes violently against the target striking with up to five times the force of a normal punch.

Note: This does not increase Hakuda by x5 or whatever(I mean if you look at stat boost rules *further up*, a 5x stat boost is not even possible). Rather, to put it in simple terms. If someone were to hit with a regular fist, using demon fist would be like hitting with a sledgehammer.

Incantion: The wild soul of the demon flows through me. Granting me the power to strike down at the world. Hadou #5, Demon Fist


Fist of Destruction -- Hadou #47, 750 Kidou, Arcana special

Description: A special kidou formed by the Arcana, other shinigami have been known to have knowledge of this attack however that in itself has been a rare occurrence. Fist of Destruction takes and wraps Kidou energy around the user's hand. The energy then becomes a bright white. The energy can be extended from the fist for 5ft and the damaged minimized, but the true strength comes from direct contact. When FoD strikes at close range the focused energy will gather into the striking point then explode, blowing apart the stricken object and leaving a searing crater. However, the Arcana were said to have refined the ability so much that it actually tears away at the outer flesh of the user, causing the cracked skin to glow brightly.

Incantation: Judgment of Anubis, god of death, grant me your powers of demise. In my right palm allow me to break through falsehood, to tear though the fabrications of the weak and bestow upon fiends only fatality. Hadou #47, Fist of Destruction


Hadouken -- Hadou #85, 4300 Kidou

A legendary and forbidden Kidou, rumored to possess the destructive power to vaporize a city block in an instant. Upon charging up this powerful Kidou, the user uses both of their hands to form a large controlled sphere of Kidou energy at their side. After and only after the sphere is formed they start the incantation. Once it is complete, the user surges an excess amount of Kidou energy through their arms which violently opposes the sphere in their hands causing it to become unstable. Then by swinging their arms out in the targeted direction, the sphere launches forward in a wave of energy twice the size of the user. The user can break the wave of energy at any time by grasping their hands together, which will cause it to explode as if it had hit a target.

Incantation: "Great King, ruler of the worlds, a guardian asks for your assistance. Lend me the strength to destroy the evils that plague society. Let my power rival the strength of the Titans themselves. Let this soul touch the legendary powers of old. Hadou #85, Hadouken!"


Haien (Waste Flame) - Hadou #54, 1100 Kidou

Description: A powerful spell, Haien allows the user to incinerate a part of their opponent's body. To tap into this power, the user chants the spell beforehand. Then, by throwing the flame from their hand(or by grabbing their opponent) they can burn a part of the target's body inside out. However, the damage done counts differences in reiatsu and at what range the attack is done.

Incantation: Unknown


Hakke Kuushou (inspired by Naruto Manga) - Hadou #14, 60 Kidou

Description: Hits the opponent akin to the effects of the Force in Star Wars. Depending on the Kidou stat the opponent may be flung back completely or just momentarily stunned.

Incantation: Chikatsu the eminent star of earth! Lend me thy powers of push and pull! Gather thy force at the forefront of evil and expel threats to my existence! Repel thee! Hadou #14, Hakke Kuushou!


Raiden - Hadou #44, 590 Kidou

Description: Though created after such spells as Byakurai or Raigen, Raiden is considered to be the strongest of the beam lightning attacks. It works by sending after a heavy wave of energy, more condensed then the latter spells but still larger. The coursing spell is known to be about 10 inches in width and has a maximum reach of over 100 ft. Raiden is used not only to harass its lightning power, but to put heavy force behind the very attack, allowing it to break through stone on force alone. Like Raigen, the spell lasts for 5 seconds before vanishing. However, since it has so much force behind it, it is harder to control and harder to turn once activated. Also, one's fingers are not enough for this spell, the entire palm must be used to control it properly.

Incantation: The wave crashes down from the heavens, breaking apart the crags of restrain. The clouds split and rise and the skies turn as the heralding of doom begins. Hadou #44, Raiden


Raikouhou -- Hadou #63, 1500 Kidou

Description: A wide, long-range spell that beats down a target with massive electrical discharges.

Phrase:"The scattered bones of beasts! Spiral Tower-Red Crystal-Steel Wheels. If it moves the wind, if it stops the sky. The sound of lances fills the Tiger Castle! Hadou #63, Raikouhou!!!"


Soukatsui - Hadou #33, 345 Kidou

Description: Projects a flat projectile of Kidou that bears down on a target and violently explodes upon contact.

Phrase:"Dominator! Mask of flesh and blood. All living beings. Flutter of wings. That which has the name human! Truth and temperance, slightly imbed your claws into the walls of innocent dreams. Hadou #33, Soukatsui!"

Bakudou Spells
Geki - Bakudou #9, 70 Kidou

Description: The user draws with his/her hand a red light ideogram in the air that vanishes as the cast begins. The Bakudou binds painfully the enemy with a red pressure, causing pain and muscle contraction. The torture of the pain is frequently used for making the opponent give up the battle without no more blood spill. The spell can be broken easily if the target has higher spiritual pressure that the caster.

Spell casting: "Disintegrate, Black Dog of Rondanini. Look upon yourself and burn! Devour your own throat! Bakudou #9, GEKI!"


Hold -- Bakudou #52, 630 Kidou

Description: A binding spell. When the user of this kidou is attacked at close range, the user sends out a short wave or energy. The energy shoots out for a maximum range of five feet.

When the spell is shot out, the binds contract around the part of the user's body where they've concentrated the most power (usually the same part they're attacking with). The binds then freeze that weapon and/or appendage (incase of hand to hand attack) in place for a maximum of 10 seconds.

The bakudou will completely freeze the limb/blade of a person of similar of lower spiritual pressure. It will greatly slow down the limb/blade of a person of 2x the strength, only allowing them to move that limb/blade at about an inch a second. And it will half the speed of anyone at 3x-5x the spiritual energy. Anyone higher than 5x is completely unaffected.

However, while the person has the spell in play, they cannot use the palm they cast the spell with. The rest of the body is fine, however.

Incantation: Freeze the warrior's blood. Halt his evil intentions. Bakudou #52, Hold


Honegaoreru (Breaking of the Bones) -- Bakudou 86, 4500 Kidou

Description: The nature of this Bakudou was such that at one time, it was banned from use by the Gotei 13, until it was shown to be useful in combat against speedy and multi-limbed opponents. The user of the demon spell pulls their index finger back until the bone cracks, then speaks the incantation. Immediately, the finger returns to its previous state, but now a pale blue aura envelopes it. The user may either force this energy into a target directly, or siphon it to another item, such as their sword or a rock, and then hit the intended victim with the said item. The effect is instantaneous: the energy seeps into the joint and tendons that allow the body's frame to move and bind the bones, effectively cutting off all movement.

The spiritual pressure instilled into the technique is of a destructive disposition: it eats away at the bones that it has bound, deteriorating the marrow until it crumbles to a useless pile of internal rubble. The longer it takes for the victim to break free of the Bakudou, the further along the degenerative property melts away at their skeleton. After a single minute, the Honegaoreru will have begun to crumble the victim's frame. After a second minute, all bones will be broken and useless. After a third minute, the target is no more than a pulp of accumulated flesh, without any matter to support it.

Incantation: "Delve deep into the ivory that holds up that flesh, rot the marrow to a broth of mush and mud, and take shape away from this incessantly inferior infidel. Bakudou 86, Honegaoreru."


Ice Prison -- Bakudou #17, 135 Kidou

Effect: This is a tricky kidou, because unlike others this one utilizes the foot instead of the hands. When the spell is cast, the user stomps the ground, the kidou then shoots through the ground. It travels under the opponent then shoots up like a mini geyser, trapping their legs in ice. It slowly moves upward until their entire body is covered. It takes about 20 seconds for lower half to be covered, and 40 seconds altogether. The ice is about 4 inches thick and infused with kidou energy, making it very strong. People of considerably greater spiritual pressure can break out of it easily, however people of similar strength may find it difficult of people and a little time-consuming and people of considerably weaker strength, impossible. Ice prison's strength is increased in places with lots of water and is decreased in places with little water, taking half the time in former places and almost double in the latter. It also works faster if the opponent is already covered in ice. Can be extended into Ice Maiden.

Range: The stream can travel underground for about 30 feet. However, since the opponent cannot see it, the attack is hard to evade. Higher level shinigami can detect the attack though.

Phrase: The body runs cold, the sins clear in the liquids cold reflection. Judgment divine. Bakudou #17, Ice Prison!


Ice Maiden -- Bakudou #17, 600 Kidou(Extension)

Effect: Ice Maiden can only be extended from Ice Prison. When 50 percent or more of the opponent's body is covered in ice. The user clasps his fist, causing the kidou energy within the ice to retract, driving the solid material into the trapped victim. When used by stronger shinigami, this technique can even break bone.

Range: Extends from Ice Prison, so it can only be used when opponent is caught in that kidou.

Phrase: Destruction of form, destruction of will. Recede and destroy, oh frozen wrath. Bakudou #15, Ice Maiden!


Raifutsukamu - Bakudou #39, 480 Kidou

Effect: An invisible vice grip on whatever part of the opponents body the caster wishes. The higher the sp, the longer and harder it can be held. The vice grip can also be manipulated thus as a regular physical grip would be. It's most effective at 5-10 feet. And the seal can be broken with by a greater will of spiritual pressure.

Incantation: Old keepers fool, young seekers tramp, and wretched middlemans watcher, bless this curse, heaven let it sing, for chance, one last fling; for grief, tightly to cling.


Rikijyoukourou - Bakudo #61, 835 Kidou

Description: A mere extension of the middle finger and this fearsome binding spell occurs. Dense, powerful sheets of spiritual pressure plunge into the target, immobilizing them completely.



Seal of Origins - Bakudou #65, 1000 Kidou

Effect: This is a special indirect kidou. This attack sends out two homing kidou lasers that aim for the targets hakusui and saketsu. Once pierced through the kidou beams place strong binding techniques on both of these, causing the shinigami to temporary lose their powers, reducing them to about 50% of their normal power. This spell only last for about 10 seconds with two people of equal strength, 15 seconds on people of half strength or less, and less than 5 seconds on people of 1.5 times ones own strength and is ineffective against anyone stronger. The effectiveness also changes with target, varying from complete lost of power to a minuscule decrease in combat ability.

Incantation: The blade is now dull, power nullified. Returning all to a state of complete innocence. Bakudou #65, Seal of Origins


Tentei Kuura - Bakudou #77, 500 Kidou

Description: Establishes a long-range link with previously identified spiritual pressures. Useful for immediate and confidential communication.

Phrase:"The net of black and white. Kyouryou 22, kantai 66. Footprints, far lightning, sharp peak engulfing land. Dark night, cloudy seas, blue division. Form a circle and fly through the heavens! Bakudou #77, Tentei Kuura!"

Bougyoudo Spells

Cursed Mark - Bougyoudo #4, 30 kidou

Effect: This spell sends a straight kidou blade at the target, a intricate "X" type mark appearing on the target. This target can stay on the effected target for about two minutes and is not affected by spiritual energy. This mark sends out a "homing" beacon to the caster's kidou. The owner's spells homing in on the target.

Effect range: It is a straight blue beam, it shoots out for about fifty feet

Phrase: Powers of clairvoyance. Guiding hand of the gods. Lead me to the true path, Bougyoudo #4, Cursed mark.


Lost Arms - Bougyoudo # 91, 6000 kidou

Description: The user points his casting arm to the sky with his palm open then says the incantation. An invisible beam shoots skyward then a yellowish color can be seen as it forms an invisible dome over the battle area. Upon the formation of the dome all weapons with in the dome are removed including the user's. This then forces all combatants within the dome to fight solely in hand-to-hand combat. The spell remains in effect for five minutes, after which time the weapons are returned to their respective users. A combatant can leave the dome and instantly regain his weapon, but can not return to the dome with it. Also any attack made from outside the dome originating from a weapon other than a hand or foot will be stopped at the dome edge.

Incantation: A fighter reveals himself through his fists, now let us show each other who we are. Bougyoudo # 91 , Lost Arms


Meikyou (means, "Mirror") - Bougyoduo #38, 1.5-2x kidou used

* Description: Meikyou uses and reverses the energy a kidou user will use in the moments before a kidou is cast. (In other words, it jams the outflowing energy someone uses when trying to cast a spell, and "punches back," or reverses the energy into an attack.)

Once within 2 feet of the opponent, the caster either during the saying of the incantation or spell name (through Incant Bypass) will use Meikyou to manipulate the energy used in a Hadou or Bakudou to cause an internal "explosion" within the opponent, which radiates throughout the reiatsu veins of the opponent's body. This renders the opponent unable to cast kidou effectively, unable to rely heavily on reiatsu, and causes significant physical internal damage. The degree of damage of the explosion should be roughly proportional to the level of spell the opponent was attempting to be used. (If the caster is able to cast Meikyou before the incantation or name is said, the spell is more effective.)

The cost of this spell is 1.5-2x the kidou the opponent was using--the range dependent on the caster's level of reiatsu in comparison to the opponent's.

To cast this, the user manipulates the reiatsu of their opponent while within the two feet range by holding their palms toward the general center of the opponent's body. Only a faint white glow will indicate the spell is in progress.

* Incantation: "In love, through hate... in black through white... in day, through night... reverse and mirror the energy of bad intent... Bougyoudo #38, Meikyou."


Sude - Bougyoudo #47, 500 Kidou

Description: After the chant, kidou energy is rerouted into a constant stream into the body instead of casting spells one at a time, this keeps one from casting kidou while this is active but provides a very important benefit. The energy is released from the body in short bursts during points of impact. It allows unarmed fighters to block and be blocked by weapons without injuring them. It requires the user to know the strike is about to happen however, so if someone gets past the user's defense, they will still be injured.

Incantation: My body is my weapon, my soul, Iron! Bougyoudo #47, Sude!


Ran "Chaos" - 150 Kidou (Per Enhanced Strike) with 1500 Kidou as a prerequisite to learn the extension

An extension to the spell 'Sude', Ran costs an extra 150 kidou per strike to come into effect. The user summons even more kidou energy during an attack, forcing the energy to course wildly and surge to levels that it was not meant to rise to. The result is that the energy coursing through the body becomes somewhat unstable, causing the energy to not remain as a simple burst when coming in contact with something.

Upon contact, the energy normally used to simply allow the limb to survive an attack from a weapon, changes to a concussion type of focused blast that, when attacking, makes the the opponent feel as if they are getting hit with the full on force of a sledge hammer in addition to the normal damage the strike would cause.

Incantation: None, just needs to be used while Sude is active.


Yaiba no Souseiki (Blade of Genesis) - Bougyoudo #31, Variable

Description: A unique Bougyoudou spell that allows for the flexible creation of weapons. Once cast, the user will create an ethereal frame either in his/her hand, in the air, or on the ground. The frame itself takes after the outline of the desired weapon that the user wishes to create. Once the frame is fully visualized, Reishi from the surrounding environment will rapidly collect and compact to physically form the weapon itself, much like water pouring into a receptacle.

The conceived weapon behaves like an Asauchi, in that it does not possess a Zanpakutou spirit, hence it cannot be released. It lasts for as long as the user desires, or until it is broken or destroyed in battle. Also, the cost of creating the weapon varies as according to its shape and mass. A general outline is provided:

Kodachi, wakizashi, long knives, etc. -- 200 Kidou
Axes, Swords, katana, broadswords, etc. -- 300 Kidou
Large Axes, no-dachi, greatswords, spears, etc. -- 400 Kidou

Incantation: "A waterfall from heaven descends to wash away the castle of a thousand spears. Let the staining blood swirl in the clouds; dreams will never see so great a sea of swords! Bougyodou #31, Souseiki no Yaiba!"



What I've Written so far:​


Volume 24 - "Acceptance"
Volume 25 - "My First"
Volume 26 - "Learning from Yesterday"
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Volume 51 - "Relearning the Sword"
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Volume 57 - "Resonating Fists"
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~Fortaleza de Acrimonia Antigua~
Collab with Pandie, Galero and Proggy
<in progress>



Character Techniques

[Nukite] - otherwise known as "Spearhand". Technique requires that you to form the user's hand into a knifelike position and use the SP to fortify or harden it hand, enabling it to pierce through most surfaces. Although the damage made by it mainly depends on the speed and accuracy of the attack, but it rarely finishes off the enemy.

It is mainly used to subdue or weaken a part of the opponents body. Once this tech is applied to an opponent, it forces out small amounts of energy to disrupt the flow of power into particular parts of the body, it basically disrupts the function of that area for for a couple of seconds before returning it to normal.

For example, Nukite is used to pierce the opponents shoulder, it doesn't subdue the arm completely, but it just renders it weak to the point that it cannot be used properly in battle. But this is for human opponents. In a hollow's case the technique can also work as a blade. It can lop off a certain part of the body with medium to low difficulty (it depends on the SP of the hollow).

This technique is highly dependable on the skill of one's mastery in the art of hakuda and also on the speed it is executed. So, to be able to execute the technique the requirement is Reiatsu: 250 Hakuda: 450 and Hohou: 450.

Then for every additional +150 to Reiatsu, and +100 to both Hakuda and Hohou another usage of the technique is gained.

[ Hankyou ] -- "Echo" (Atk/-/-)
A hand-to-hand Technique that is executed as any direct attack. Using the Technique creates an echo of the user's strike following instantly after the initial attack with great speed, often leaving the opponent bewildered if he is not cautious. It's most useful when doing heavy attacks, as it will force the attack to strike twice. When performing this Technique, the second attack--the echo--will only do half the damage the initial strike would. Doing this Technique will seem like watching a film glitch. You see the initial strike, and then suddenly an exact replica follows.

[Attained when 3,000 Hakuda and 1,300 Hohou are reached.]

*** [ Shaowanzaru no Fuuin ] -- "Seal of the Short-Armed Monkey" (Aur/--/--)
By outstretching one's arms, the user may bestow the luck of the Monkey. A swirling network of sigils is burnt onto the target's arms and hands, marking the presence of the seal. Shaowanzaru no Fuuin locks the target's Zanjutsu and Hakuda, all boosts/decreases made to them, and all effects that modify Zanjutsu and Hakuda-related aspects very much in the same way as Aometsu no Fuuin. This seal cannot lock down boosts and/or decreases that last shorter than one turn. Releasing a weapon or relaxing the arms into a non-combative stance for five seconds will cause the seal to prematurely vanish. This seal may only be bestowed if the user outstretches his/her arms out.

[Attained with 1,000 Zanjutsu and Hakuda, or 2,200 in either one. Only one Fuuin Tech may be held at all times. At 3,200 Zanjutsu and Hakuda, or 7,000 Zanjutsu or Hakuda, Shaowanzaru no Fuuin does not occupy a Tech Allocation slot, but still counts toward the Tech List total.]

* [ Eishouhaki ] -- "Revocation of the Recited Poem" (Aur/-/-)
Allows the user to bypass of the chanting of a Kidou spell and simply state the name. However, this also results in a drop in the efficacy of the bypassed Kidou, based on its level as outlined below:

Low Level

1:1 User's Kidou:Spell Cost = 66% Power
2:1 User's Kidou:Spell Cost = 88% Power
3:1 User's Kidou:Spell Cost = 100% Power

Mid Level

1:1 User's Kidou:Spell Cost = 50% Power
2:1 User's Kidou:Spell Cost = 75% Power
3:1 User's Kidou:Spell Cost = 100% Power

High Level

1:1 User's Kidou:Spell Cost = 33% Power
2:1 User's Kidou:Spell Cost = 66% Power
3:1 User's Kidou:Spell Cost = 100% Power

Note that this only takes into account the base, listed cost of the Kidou spell. Kidou cost reductions from any other effect/skill cannot be taken into account and be used as "shortcuts."

[Attained when 2,000 Kidou is reached. Cannot learn Kichouji.]

[ Atozukeru ] -- "Trace" (Aur/-/-)
Based entirely on the reasoning behind meditation, this Technique is performed solely through the control and focusing of the mind. It is a specialized ability to "trace" Reiatsu. This includes the basic form of being able to sense where people are, but in battle, Atozukeru is used to trace and learn "patterns" in movement (by tracing smaller patterns of energy movement, like the wave of an arm, for example), both within the opponent (e.g., footwork, hand to hand combat) and also for the Zanpakutou (e.g., swordsmanship). It enables the ability to "see" these patterns so openings for attack and opportunities for defense are increased. The user's Reiatsu is drained at a rate of 3% per round for the duration of Atozukeru's effect.

[Attained when 1,500 Reiatsu is reached. Optimum efficiency for Atozukeru is reached at 2,200 Reiatsu.]

* [ Shikai no Shirei Nukeura ] -- "Shikai Command Bypass" (Aur/-/-)
After achieving Ban Kai, the release phrase for Shikai is no longer necessary. This Technique allows the user to simply release his Zanpakutou instantaneously.

[Attained when Ban Kai is acquired.]

*** [ Touitsu Sensen ] -- "United Front"
In battle, two characters who have spent much time with one another and are fighting together against an adversary receive a +20% stat boost to two stats of their liking (except Connection). Outside of PC vs PC battles (Sou Kyouko, direct duels, etc.), Touitsu Sensen does not take up a slot in either the List or Allocation. However, in order to be used in PC vs. PC fights, Touitsu Sensen must be equipped, and takes up an Allocation slot. [Attained after 30,000 words have been written together.][optinal invisible tech.]

Has been attained with the following:
- Phoenixfire
- Ururu_blue
- Miharusan
- Rebirth
- Mikeru

*** [ Touitsu Kousen ] -- "United Resistance" (Def/Aur/Syn)
Allies that have faced many hardships together often gain a higher bond. Through such a connection, comrades are able to face the brunt of duress and adversity with a heightened degree of tolerance. Touitsu Kousen, a sister Technique to Touitsu Sensen, culminates this aspect of bonds into an inherent defensive mechanism. This Tech allows characters that have reached a special bond to endure and tolerate more damage than usual. Characters under Touitsu Kousen's effect receive a -15% physical and spiritual damage reduction, and a +15% effectiveness increase to all defensive Kidou, Techs/Feats, and Zanpaku abilities. Touitsu Kousen remains wholly invisible in a "non-duel" circumstance. Otherwise, it automatically occupies a Tech Allocation slot (though still does not count towards the Tech List).

[Attained after writing 45,000 words with another character. All connected characters must have Touitsu Sensen with each other beforehand. Word count for Touitsu Kousen starts after the initial 30,000 required for Touitsu Sensen.]

Attained with the following:
- Phoenixfire
- Rebirth



Character Feats

Akuryoku - [Grip of hand]

Akuryoku is a binding technique that incorporates one's hakuda and kidou stat together. The user channels his energy to his palm and launches a ball of kidou onto the enemy. Once the ball of kidou hits the opponnent the user closes his hand to a fist and binds the enemies actions, this includes usage of kidou. Like a can being crushed by the hand of a man, this is the sensation that the opponent will go through once he is bound.

Akuryoku, works like any bakudou spell. The closer the caster is to the opponent, the stronger the effect will be. And when the caster is far from the target the effect is lessened. This feat's effect will vary on the opponents resistance capabilities.

Akuryoku can only nullify the use of all Kidou of whose costs are equal to or lower than the absolute value of Akuryoku's total cost (Spiritual Pressure + Kidou). The damage caused by offensive kidou cast upon the user who's value is equal to Akuryoku's cost is lessened by half at most.

The only way the opponent can break out of it is by using SP. Also, when the
opponent's SP is greater than the user's combined hakuda and kidou stats the technique is nullified. But when the opponent is ranging from 2.5x the user's SP and below they can be bound.

2x - 2.5x SP - 1 turn
2x - 1x SP - 2 turns
below SP level - 3-4 turns

This feat can only be done once for every fight. Using the feat would drain the user's kidou by 500 and take 10% out of his Spiritual Pressure.

Furuchi - [Impure Blood]

After dealing with numerous fights, Takero had come to realise his weaknesses as a shinigami. Focusing more on his hakuda, he was very vulnerable to sword and kidou users.

To compensate with these losses, he trained himself night and day to acquire his master's fighting style's final mark.

Using his own blood, Takero's master created various seals and sigils around Takero's body. These were all placed on top of his veins and arteries. He had cast a sealing spell on it so these seals and sigils would burrow under his skin making them mix with Takero's own blood.

The master's of old have done this succesion technique to all of its students. This was done to make the user capable of tapping into his dormant strenght enabling him to unleash his full potential.

Akuchi then boosts Takero's fighting skills excluding Spiritual Pressure, Kidou, and Connection since they have never trained in the arts of being a shinigami.

Hakuda: +20%
Hohou: +20%

These boost are made to the base Hakuda and Hohou stats including the Shikai boosts. Any other boosts applied, will only negate the effects of Furuchi.


Name: Goro
Age: 29
Division: Unknown

Spiritual Pressure: 25000
-Shikai- ???
Zanjutsu: 9000
Hakuda: 6000
Hohou: 8000
Kidou: 2000
--Hadou #14, Hakke Kuushou
Connection: 20000

Zanpakutou: Unrevealed. It looks like a standard Katana. no special features.

Physical Stature: Stands 6'3". Mainly looks like a monk because of being bald and mascular.

Persona: Quiet at times but is always there when you need advice. He doesn'y seem cheerful because of the serious look on his face. He deeply cares about the welfare of his team.


Fullname: Ankoh Itosu
Age: Appears to be 48
Division: N/A

Spiritual Pressure: 17000
Zanjutsu: 2000
Hakuda: 5000
Hohou: 5000
Kidou: 5000

Takero's Sensei from before he had entered the Gotei. He is a fully capable person when it comes weapons and hand to hand combat. Although he is incapable of casting kidou, his hands alone can do very extensive damage.



Fullname: Kazahana Ayame
Age: 19 [5 in Soul Society years]
Division: 7th Division, Unseated

Spiritual Pressure: 20000
- Fureasei +10%-
Zanjutsu: 4500
Hakuda: 500
Hohou: 5000
Kidou: 10000
--Hadou #7, Rakurai
--Bakudou #13, Earthen Maw
--Hadou #23, Reaper
--Hadou #33, Sooukatsui
--Bakudou #56, Divining Bolt
--Hadou # 65, Gouka
--Bougyoud #4, Cursed Mark
--Chiyudou #50, Seimei Bifuu
--Hadou #32, Heki
--Bakudou #52, Hold
--Hadou #30, Aisu/Aisuhaaken/Aisudansu

Connection: 20,000

Zanpakutou: Fureasei (Flare Star)

Command line - Moetatsu, Fureasei! [Blaze up, Flare Star!]

Fureasei when released retains its actual form but gains the ability to launch kidou based attacks. It creates ball of concentrated kidou and launches it towards the opponent like a big fireball.

Physical Stature: A small girl with a small frame. she stands 5'3" with short brown hair, brown eyes, and a petite body.

Persona: Very cheerful and helpful. She loves to talk and smile. Very approachable and open minded. Although she's like this, she also takes things in a serious manner.

Biography: **to come**



Fullname: Takahara Murai
Age: 48 [400 in Soul Society years]
Division and Seat: Unknown

Persona: A very uptight teacher. He hates people who break rules and regulations. He is what you call a terror-teacher. Although, he can be respectful and courteous at times, he prefers to have an unfriendly air about him. but even with this he tries to help students in his own way.

Biography: It is unknown to us what part or role he took during the Great Hollow War. which division he is in or what he is capable of, are still unknown elements.

He now teaches at the Shinigami Academy and was Takero's homeroom advisor and sword techniques teacher.

Zanpakutou: Has yet to be revealed.



Fighting Style

Zanken Souki
Cutting Fist, Speed Demon

Overview & History
Zanken Souki is a fighting style refined by the principles of Kidou and Hakuda. It was developed to aid shinigami who follow the way of the fist rather than the sword.

Shinigami of old, once learned of the disadvantages of hakuda oriented people compared to those who specialize in the sword and demon arts. Since there was no way for someone to exceed one physical limitations, they turned to the spiritual side to gain more strength.

Zanken Souki is a hand to hand fighting style which is powered by Kidou. Although there are Kidou spells that could augment fighting ability that still isn't enough. There is a lack in Kidou since it lacks continuity. The founders of Zanken Souki style, Matsumura and Chatanyara, devised a way to tap into the spiritual energy of one person to enable him to raise his fighting ability above those of other people.

In order to do this Matsumura devised a way to increase the flow of energy in one's vital points to ensure that can take the strain of fighting in such a high level for a long period of time. For every hit the user connects with a short burst of energy will also explode creating an effect where the power of the punch is almost doubled.

Lineage of Masters






Yamamoto Essei

Shirou Hayabusa

Ankoh Itosu

Takero Idaten​

For this fighting style to be used, one's Hakuda must be in harmony with his Kidou energy. There should be a balance between them and they should be kept close to each others levels. The only stats allowed to exceed these two are Reiatsu and Connection.

People are able to learn this fighting style when they are of 5000 connection and when their Hakuda and Kidou are two of their top fighting stats. The user should also learn the Bougyoudo #47, Sude before learning this fighting style.


-Every strike the user delivers will come with a short burt of kidou creating an effect that increases his strength by 50%, though costs 1% Reiatsu and Kidou for each strike, and needs to be indicated in writing that it is being used.


[ Tekkenseisai ] - "Punishment with a Blow of the Fist"

Hakuda users are deemed to be inferior to and at a disadvantage against Kidou and Zanjutsu users. To make up for this, masters of old have developed a way to counter their attacks.

The technique activates once the user calls out the name of the tech. This tech stocks up the amount of blows that the opponent connects to the user and gathers energy from it. For every blow that hits a 2% is added to the hakuda stat of the user, he then releases all that gathered energy in one strike. Only a maximum 5 blows can be stocked up, but during the duration of the gathering, the user's actions are limited to evading and or use of kidou attacks.

This tech is acquired at 1500 hakuda and 1500 kidou. But for every 1000 Hakuda and Kidou, another usage of this tech is acquired.

[ Shashinzounobure ] -- "Image Movement"

Zanken Souki users are also able to project images of themselves while they are in movement. By channelling their Kidou through out their bodies they can project an exact image of himself out of his bodies. The image then follows the previous movement of the user's body. This will then create a chance for the user to alter the course of his attack or maybe use this chance to get away.

The image just follows through with the motion whether it be a dash or a punch. And when the image collides with the opponent it just passes through them, with no damage done. The image will last for a 5 seconds before disappearing. During the time Shashinzounobure is in effect, this is the only image the opponent sees. The user would only look like a silhouette of the image.

Usage of this technique is limited to once per turn.

This technique is acquired at 2000 Kidou and 1000 Hakuda.

[ Shumonten ] -- "Gate Guardian God"

The founders of Zanken Souki also developed a technique that will enable them to defend against energy blasts sent against them. The user extends his hands forwards with his palms facing forwards. He then channels his energy through his hand and to his palm. He then creates a small barrier in front of him that is fit for at least three people. The barrier strips the blast of its energy and diffuses it into the air. This is not a physical barrier and it only defends against energy attack. In short it a nullification barrier. Anything that is composed of kidou energy or the hollow equivalent of it will be nullified by the barrier. This barrier will last for 15 seconds and then will cancel out once the duration of it expires.

Take note that this will defend against energy blasts as strong as the user's Kidou base. Also this doesn't defend against physical attacks.

This technique is acquired at 3000 hakuda and 3000 kidou. But to cast this technique the user will have to expend 1000 kidou.

[ Kaijo ] -- "Cancellation"

The user gathers his kidou energy around his arms and compresses the energy. He will then extend his arms forwards with his palms facing forward. He then puts his thumbs and index fingers together creating a triangle gap between them. He then aims that part to the center of a blast and releases his energy into a countering blast. This massive amounts of energy will then collide and cancel out each other.

The blasts strength will vary from time to time depending on the strength of the Kidou that was cast. The cost of Kaijo will be depending on the cost of the Kidou used. And since Kaiho doesn't require any incantations or of any sort, more power will be consumed at each use. Also this technique can only be used on Hadou spells.


Low level Hadou -- 1x Kidou
Mid level Hadou -- 1.5x Kidou
High level Hadou -- 2x Kidou



Name: Kyoshiro Seta
Age: Age unknown but appears to be in his mid 20's
Division and Seat: ???

Reiatsu: 25,000
Zanjutsu: 10,000
Hakuda: 5,000
Hohou: 10,000
Kidou: 0

Physical Features:

Kyoshiro Seta stands 6 feet tall with a slender build. His medium-lenght hair is as black as the night and his eyes looked like they were dyed in blood. There is a strange aura circling around him, people mentioned that it felt like bloodlust but nobody really knows.

His garments are that of a regular shinigami, his black robes flowing down smoothly to the ground. Aside from these he wears a silver bracelet on his right hand which is adourned by a cross.


His zanpakutou's name is still unknown but he carries a long slender pole on his back about 4 meters in lenght.

A man of unknown origins, he came out of nowhere and started to wander through the various districts of Rukongai. He entered the academy only a year ago but was accelerated to his 5th year due to his skills with the sword.


7th Division
Specialty: "Shu no Tekken" -- Masters of Iron Fist

Once there was time, when weapons didn't exist. Duels were fought using the raw strength one's self to overcome their opponent. It was during those times when man brought the level of fist fighting to the next level. It was then when various hand-to-hand combat styles emerged from all over the world and then incorporated to the shinigami style of close combat -- Hakuda.

The members of the Seventh Division have devoted themselves to learning the arts of hand-to-hand combat. By incorporating the values of many martial arts especially bushido, they use what they learn not only in combat but also in their daily lives.

義 -- Gi -- Rectitude
勇 -- Yū -- Courage
仁 -- Jin -- Benevolence
礼 -- Rei -- Respect
誠 -- Makoto -- Honesty
名誉 -- Meiyo -- Honor
忠義 -- Chūgi -- Loyalty

Following these principles, these practitioners grow stronger in mind, body and spirit. They will not allow themselves to fall easily to any enemy that they encounter. They will fight to any extent to overcome the odds. By following the path of righteousness, they fight for what they think is right.

Although these men specialise in hakuda, they also train themselves in various arts like Zanjutsu and Kidou. By doing this, they make themselves well rounded individuals that can adapt to what the situation calls.

*div techs and items soon to come*


Writing Week is 312

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