Tales of Berseria


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Mar 18, 2007
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Tales of Berseria, part of the Tales series of RPGs and the latest one. This is not a story about heroes. Most of the characters are self-proclaimed bad guys, and while they aren’t overtly villainous, you can easily see why people would consider them the bad guys. Things generally take a turn for the worse when you show up.

The other part of the game, the gameplay. It uses real time combat where you need to watch the combo gauge. I will get more into that in the second half of the review.

Find it at your local gamestore.

I’m not sure what Berseria means

Tales of Berseria is about Velvet, a woman on a revenge mission. She will do anything to find complete her mission, and she pretty much does throughout the story. Velvet is not a pleasant person at the start of the story, which is a good thing we get other characters to balance out her violent, tunnel-vision tendencies...
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