Terminus, the Grand Metropolis (Hiemis)

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Feb 18, 2008

Grand Metropolis of Terminus

Terminus is the northernmost city in Araevis. The current city was founded almost five hundred years ago, prior to the Cataclysm that devastated the planet. Together with the mountains that surrounded it, the city served as a safe haven in those dark times, accepting refugees from all countries and races. Even then, it was known that the original city predated the current one, but it was more than one hundred years later, when the world was beginning to recover, that archaeologists were able to discover the extent of that truth.

Terminus has existed longer than recorded history, yet was already advanced far beyond that current time. It is commonly said to have been created by the Viskar themselves. While delving into the underground ruins of the ancient city, the people of Terminus made a breathtaking discovery: sealed, forgotten rooms beneath the city held strange machinery, writing in unknown and indecipherable language, and most significantly, the Demvir.

Surrounded by mountains to the north, east, and south, the city itself experiences short days, waiting for the sun to crest over the mountain peaks. In modern times, the city has expanded far beyond its roots as a stronghold. All races and countries are still welcome as citizens of the sprawling metropolis, with sections of the city sporting architecture and cultures from all over the world.

The city extends underground, both the excavated ruins of Old Terminus and newly crafted tunnels and chambers; the main city stretches across the entire valley between the mountains, with the wealthiest and most important buildings climbing up the sides of the mountains themselves; most notably the Arcanum’s tower, Speculum Sorcere, soars high overhead, such that morning sunlight finds the headmaster’s chambers hours before the rest of the city. To the west of the city, there are expansive stretches of farmland, bringing much needed sustenance to the remote metropolis.

Hunters wander the surrounding mountains and the trackless wastes to the north for wild game, while the nearby great lake has fleets of fishing boats sailing year-round. Even with so many abundant resources nearby, however, Terminus isn’t fully self-sufficient. Shipments are imported from around the world, coming in by airship at the Elata Spiritus Dock in the southeast or brought in from the port city of Avelyn in the west.


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Feb 18, 2008
Aequor Nidus

In the southeast corner of the city, this massive pool has been built from what once was a natural lake. The water is kept salty, with numerous multi-tiered underwater dwellings filling the pool. Many of the cities canals connect to the underwater neighborhood, and it is popular among Velen residents, who often shop or work there even if they can't afford the high rent to live there.


The district surrounding the Specula Sorcere, located in northern Terminus. Home to the governing bodies of Terminus as well as the Arcanum's central administration -- including the Specula Sorcere. Government buildings are mainly of an older architectural design with domed rooftops, broad arches, and fluted columns.

Esquilinium District

This district is located in southeastern Terminus and holds the nearest landing for the Elatus Spirit Docks. It is also known as the Ruby Jewel, one of the Three Jewels of Terminus.

Its inhabitants are butchers, fishmongers, smiths, gardeners, laborers, clerks and masons. It is a multifaceted and lively micro world, its streets crowded with people working, shopkeepers hawking their wares, or customers in search of goods. In fact, there are many locations where different kinds of merchandise might be bought: the Macellum (the meat market), the Forum Piscatorium (the fish market), the Holitorium (the vegetable market) and the Emporium.

Stalls of all types of traders clog the streets: florists, perfumers, blacksmiths and so on, while in a corner of a slightly more secluded street (if you could say secluded) the tonsores (barbers) practice their craft. Wherever one goes, chaos reins, together with the most unexpected noises, especially the weirs of the excited voices of the buyers who bargain with the sellers.

Igne Ebrius

A pub just east of the center of Lupanar. The exterior of this establishment is fairly plain --grey brick and a couple of shuttered windows. A sign over the door is the only indication of what goes on inside.

Just inside the door, at least two bouncers are always guarding the entrance. Usually a pair of gruff looking velens take up this task. The interior of the pub is nice enough. Round wooden tables that have seen better days with stools and barrels to seat customers fill most of the floorspace. Near the back, there's a bar where Parker, a demvir usually bartends.

The denizens of Lupanar come to Igne Ebrius for its particularly strong spirits and the safety promised. The unspoken rule of Igne Ebrius is "don't disturb the customers or the employees --they're money." Even some of the rougher people of Lupanar respect this rule. Violating this rule can get anyone --regardless of who they might be-- temporarily banned from the establishment. Only a few people have been permanently banned.

Iudicium (Judgment, or Trial)

In Lupanar District, where the laws of Terminus don't always apply, nefarious businesses can not only exist, but flourish. Beneath Igne Ebrius, a pub near the center of of Lupanar exists an arena. It is only known as "the arena." In this underground coliseum-style battleground, warriors who are brave enough may choose to fight each other or test their strength against dangerous beasts. Some come to the arena to gain street cred and recognition for their strength, some to profit by placing bets, others to settle grudges -- the rest are spectators.

To get tickets to watch battles in the arena, denizens of Terminus can go to Igne Ebrius and ask to speak with Rory. If they provide the secret phrase of the week, then they can purchase tickets, place bets, or enter a contest at the arena.

Some crime lords utilize this nefarious business for profit: smuggling in dangerous beasts, offering thugs for security, and rigging the betting. Others enter their own trained fighters to display their strength to rivaling groups.

Jactatio District

Center of the city. Houses the main entertainment spots of the city, including the Triumphare and Rhythmos Elatio.

Lapidis Silvarum District

Located near the western reaches of the city, where the sun reaches earliest, this district has been specially tended by Enlil for generations. Towering trees reach high into the sky, with homes and shops built among the branches and even inside the trunks of the larger trees.

Lupanar District

Nicknamed the Civitatulum "Little City," this district is located near northern Terminus, not too far from the Dioecesis. It is considered to be a bed of sin, full of brothels and drug dens, yet basically exists outside the law of Terminus... though it has its own internal semblance of law, almost as if it was a city within a city. Thus, the nickname.

Rhythmos Elatio Amphitheater

Towering, pure white amphitheater able to seat up to a thousand listeners. Used for all forms of concerts, and even some speeches.

Sapientia Coetus

The most prestigious center for higher learning in Terminus (if not the world), the Sapientia Coetus sits deep within the administrative sector of the city. The building itself is a marvel of engineering, a multi-tiered tower extending far into the sky. At the base is a wide courtyard, the impeccably kept gardens and walkways an attraction in and of itself. The tower is pure white, constructed with a mix of marble and limestone. Gold trimmings spiral up and around the tower, branching outwards as if they were vines. Hexagonal windows are evenly spaced on the pillar, outlined with a similar golden trim.

Established seventy-three years after the Cataclysm, the school was originally designed to facilitate the exchange of information in a newly reforming world. As discovery began to flourish once more, so did the school. At that time, the burgeoning Arcanum often used the Sapientia Coetus for lectures and seminars. With the expansion of their power, the Sapientia Coetus was firmly placed under their authority.

While the number of universities has exponentially grown in the world, the Sapientia Coetus is renwowned as a center of discovery for all magics and the recovery of knowledge lost in The Cataclysm. The institution is separated into a numerous number of departments.

The first twenty levels are reserved for the study of magic in all its forms. The long term goal of the department is the discovery of magics lost to the Cataclysm, as well as the development of new spells and rituals.​

Alchemy and enchanting are hosted in the next ten floors. A single additional floor was reserved to store a variety of rare and obscure ingredients. Laboratories are free for use and are completely stocked with any tools and devices a scientist may need.​

Twenty-five floors are reserved for documenting the history and culture of the world. Subjects include, but are not limited to, Archeology, History, Art, as well as literature and the classics. Researchers of all races from around the world teach students who wish to learn, for a marginal fee of course. Lecture rooms are capable of seating hundreds, the Grand Hall capable of hosting above a thousand.​

The next sixteen floors are offices for researchers. They are sorted by department and rank, with each department consisting of a head Dean. The spaciousness of the office often indicates the prestige of the owner.​

Primum Mobile:
The final three floors are officially known as the administrative offices. However, there are many rooms reserved only for the highest echelon of the Arcanum. Very little is known about the work done behind those doors. Guards are continuously stationed outside.​

Specula Sorcere

A tower reaching to dizzying heights, located in northern Terminus. Supported by feats of both engineering and wizardry, the tower's apex is formed of a stunning blue crystal. The blue dome catches the first rays of the morning sun, hours before the rest of the city, and emits a bright blue glow throughout the night. It is the home of the Magister of the Arcanum and serves as the spiritual heart of the city and Araevis as a whole.

The Three Jewels
The Three Jewels are the three largest shopping areas inside of Terminus. They are: the Emerald Jewel, the largest of the three. The Ruby Jewel, the one that handles the most imported goods from the Elatus Spirit Docks. And the Diamond Jewel, the most expensive shopping area around.

All stores and land space in the Three Jewels are owned by the city. The stores are rented out to any people that want it. If that person no longer wants the store, dies or is unable to pay rent, the land returns to the city.

Emerald Jewel

The largest shopping center located near the center of Terminus. It contains the great variety of stores.

The stores are arranged into two giant structures, both semi-circle in design. Each building goes up two levels, to hold even more stores. An outdoor walkway allows people to get around the second floor. The feel of the area is simple with plain buildings and little in the way of decoration. Everything is made out of grey stone. A bit of color is provided by murals painted along the walls and isolated trees that stay green all year around.

The center of the area is an area where customers can rest. Tables, seats and umbrellas are provided. It is also a place that carriages can drop off or pick up people.

Ruby Jewel

The center of trade and shopping for travelers, merchants and sailors. It is located in southeastern Terminus and holds the nearest landing for the Elatus Spirit Docks. Goods being imported are declared and inspected there as well. Most travelers from Elata Spiritus land via a smaller aircraft directly in the Ruby Jewel.

The Ruby Jewel is a combination of brick and iron stores and street stalls. It follows a winding path in a W shape with a shortcut street going right down the center. In order to have as much stores as possible, all buildings are attached to one another. The entire area has more of an industrial feel, with metal and bronze being the dominant colors. Most of the roofs are red, and a line of red stones follows the winding path.

Due to the amount of people in the area, carriages are only allowed down the center street.

Redberry Park overlooks the Ruby Jewel.

Diamond Jewel

The height of shopping inside of Terminus. Located near the most expensive residences, all of the most luxurious and expensive goods are sold there. The area is a shining example of beauty and elegance. Things such as grime or dirt are completely foreign and quickly cleaned away if introduced. Small gardens all around provide color and sculptures bring culture from all over the world. Guards are on patrol, mainly to help customers but they are also skilled at keeping the peace.

The stores there are all pristine white with decorative carvings in the stone wall. Each business stands apart from the other with their own small lot. They employ people to open doors, greet patrons and tend to their every need.

In the middle of the shopping area is a plaza where people can rest and relax. The floor is made of decorative tile in the symbol of the vis. A multi-level fountain sits at the center.

Triumphare Stadium

Pro-league Kinchaa stadium. Houses thousands of viewers and is always lit by artificial light.


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