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Feb 18, 2008
Dahlitium (⏆50 per)
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Auritium (⏆300 per)
Vitatium (⏆1200 per)
Caelitium (⏆6000 per)

The compounds and chemicals within Cerberus Corp's Apothecary were originally intended to serve as a temporary substitute for agents who had not yet awakened their powers. As the drugs themselves became refined and more advanced, they became a common supplement for all agents to carry.

There are three overarching categories among the primary strains carried by agents.

Bio-Augmentations are the most advanced and powerful of the Apothecary's offerings. These drugs have been synthesized to enhance and mimic certain traits, granting temporary powers to the users. In some cases using nanites to enhance the efficacy and other times relying purely on biochemistry, Bio-Augmentations retain two common characteristics: they must be injected into the user's bloodstream, and they must maintain a controlled flow of reiatsu to catalyze the compounds.

Due to the unique nature of each strain, it is not possible to fuse the effects of two Bio-Augmentations into one, but experienced agents have demonstrated the ability to utilize two distinct augmentations simultaneously.

Boosters are an assortment of pills, patches, or tinctures that carry different enhancing properties which are typically short-lived. These provide a myriad of useful effects that improve the agent's own abilities. Severe side-effects have been observed in agents who use too much, however, and so the dosages are strictly controlled and should not be exceeded.

Aerosols comprise a number of chemicals that are intended to be used on the environment or on enemy targets. Where possible, these chemical compounds have been fitted with sprayer attachments or, in other cases, placed into distribution capsules. Agents may choose to spray by hand, mount on their wrist or elsewhere, or carry distributor capsules to lay or throw where needed. As these chemicals are not intended for agent use, the Apothecary can only recommend to use these compounds wisely to avoid self-injury.


Agent: 5,000₢
Initial Awakening: +5,000₢
True Awakening: +10,000₢

Senior Agent: +10,000₢
Branch Director: +10,000₢
Chairman: +10,000₢


A vial of foggy white liquid, when injected into the bloodstream it greatly amplifies the user's respiratory system. By allowing them to both intake and expel large quantities of air, this strain is often used for a large amount of air-related tasks.

Effect: Repulsion is a term coined for the ability of the agent to produce large gusts of air from their system. By paying 100 reiatsu, the user can launch a gust of air directly from their lungs to easily knock over or stagger opponents within 5m.

Properly applied, a gust of Chealon can also propel the user in the opposite direction, up to 5m.

Cost: 3,000₢

An extremely offensive-based drug, most of the effects of this strain affect the opponent rather than the user. The strain takes the form of a viscous black liquid which is injected by the user and has the effects passed by physical contact. Their skin is patched with black stains while this toxin is active.

Effect: When activated, the user's hand are covered with a black film of reiatsu. Upon contact with the target's flesh, a black mark is left and the drug seeps in below the skin. The target feels a constant agonizing burning under the skin for up to three rounds after the attack. Inflicting such damage costs 150 reiatsu per use. It can be inflicted on multiple targets at once, although the cost is paid separately for each target.

Cost: 3,500₢

A completely clear, ice-cold liquid; when held up to the light it seems to reflect a variety of colors. When injected, the drug travels directly to the brain and affects the body's ability to control temperature. While active, the user’s sub-zero body temperature causes their body to appear to be smoking, as grafts of ice on their body instantly begins to sublime on contact with the air.

Effect: This injection grants the user the ability to drain heat from objects, allowing them to instantly freeze objects they touch. This also allows the user to lower their body temperature and endure subzero temperatures. Each burst of freezing ability costs 200 reiatsu and can affect up to 2m radius on a surface.

Cost: 5,000₢

A fluorescent blue liquid, the first reaction most agents have to this drug is sheer apprehension due to the color. Upon ingestion, the drug amplifies the electrical signals throughout the agent's nervous system, elevating it to the point where they are able to create and retain electrical charges throughout the body.

Effect: This injection grants the user the ability to create and control static fields. The user is able to condense fields they create, while simultaneously amplifying the opposing charges. This allows them to fire arcs of concentrated electricity from their hands. Each arc costs 450 reiatsu, with a range up to 3m long, 2m wide.

Cost: 8,000₢

One of the most popular and commonly produced strains, the Pyrozac strain takes the form of a dark red-colored liquid. Once injected, the chemical accelerates the body's ability to produce heat granting them the limited ability to produce and control fire.

Effect: The user gains the ability to control and produce small flames from their body. Each burst of flame costs 550 reiatsu. They can only control flames created by them. Although it will burn like any flame as long as it has fuel, Pyrozac can only be created and controlled up to 5m from the body.

Cost: 12,000₢

[Bugonia N-CG]
A thick, honey-colored liquid. This contains a form of nanites which cluster near the surface of the skin, using the host's own flesh to form insect-like bodies complete with wings and mildly toxic stingers. Within a limited range, electrical signals from the user's brain can be transmitted between nanites remaining in the system and those that are airborne.

Oh no! Not the bees! NOT THE BEES! AGHGHHH!

Effect: The user is able to create bees from their flesh. Although painful, the process leaves no lasting damage to the user. The summoned bees are mentally controlled by the user, swarming towards individual targets within 10m. Alternately, the user can keep the bees surrounding themselves in a cloud which will attack the first target to come into melee range. Use of Bugonia costs 800 reiatsu per round.

Cost: 16,000₢

A shimmering variety of pastel colors, this liquid, when injected, travels directly to the user’s skin, greatly amplifying its ability to produce micro-vibrations upon contact with objects. When striking objects, the synchronized vibrations of the user’s body amplifies the sheer force of the sound they create.

Effect: Upon activation, the user is able to create and control powerful concussive waves of sound. These soundwaves are capable of reflecting off of rigid structures once. They can travel a total of a 8m radius from the user. Each use costs 1000 reiatsu per wave.

Cost: 30,000₢

A pulsing orange liquid; upon injection of this volatile concoction, the user's limbs begin to form square scale-like formations, more prevalent nearer the extremities.

Effect: Upon activation, the scales lift away from the user and expel an extremely potent combustible agent. This ignites on contact with the air, creating a powerful propulsion effect. The blast will launch the user up to 10m in the direction of the jets.

Use of Enceladyne costs 1600 reiatsu per limb per round.

Cost: 35,000₢


[Anacyr SCR-16]
A simple gray pill, when ingested, this drug is digested at an extremely fast rate. Used often as a defensive drug, users who ingest this drug often report feelings of heaviness.

Effect: Travelling through the bloodstream and directly into the limb the user selects, this drug amplifies the body's natural durability giving the limb a density equal to iron. Their skin discolors to a dark gray tone, as metal coating covers it. Activation costs 250 reiatsu, and the new iron skin can withstand that much punishment before breaking down. While active, the user's weight is doubled.

Cost: 2,000₢

[Cybercell D]
Some field work requires an agent to overcome the limitations of his own pain to accomplish the task at hand. This set of nanomachines is contained in a rapidly dissolving tablet, where the tiny robotic implements quickly travel through the bloodstream and adhere to the amygdala, where they secrete small amounts of toxins that block pain receptors of the brain, effectively halting that sensation. It has also been known to deaden other emotions at random in agents who do not possess a large amount of resistance to its side effects.

Effect: Activation costs 350 reiatsu. The user is numbed to all pain for 3 rounds, enabling them to push on when others might pass out. This doesn't come without risk, however, as such numbness makes it difficult for the user to gauge how badly or even if they are wounded. When the effect wears off, the user must deal with all the built up pain at one time.

Cost: 3,000₢

[Ettityl RE]
A black color patch, the most common place this patch is applied is on the user's wrist. Releasing the drug through the skin, this strain mainly affects the user's sense of sight, amplifying it in a variety of ways.

Effect: When activated, this gives the user a much larger field of vision, up to 300 degrees. In addition, it allows the user the ability to zoom their sight into objects, up to 300%. To modify their vision they must pay 350 reiatsu. The patch lasts for 4 rounds.

Cost: 5,000₢

[Zelusyne PA-SX]
A neon violet-colored patch, typically applied to the chest or abdomen. This drug serves as a catalyst which amplifies the efficacy of any other drugs in the user's system, whether boosters of bio-augmentations. It also serves as a double-edged sword, however, since this induces increased strain from their usage.

Effect: While activated, the power or durability of any drugs in the user's system are boosted by 200 reiatsu, along with their minimum cost. This increases the power behind bio-augmentations, adds to the durability of Anacyr, and increases the duration of Cybercell and Ettityl by one round.

This patch lasts for 5 rounds.

Cost: 7,500₢

[Sophrosyne 134]
A white pill, this discrete item is exceedingly rare, requiring ivory from the mask of a dead vizard. Created as part of a key agreement between the Vizard Imperator and the Chairman of Cerberus, if a vizard was ever to perform actions that could be considered to be a Hostile Takeover Event, they must be killed immediately. The Corporation retains a stock from previous experimentation done on Vizards, though the rarity of the race as a whole and security concerns has made them difficult to obtain. Only a few pills can be created from the same mask, further limiting its availability.

Effect: Each pill only lasts for four rounds. Activation costs 500 reiatsu and scrambles the user's spiritual presence and mental wavelengths. For the duration of the effect, the user's reiatsu becomes undetectable, even by visual reiatsu spectrums. This also temporarily rewires the user's mental processes, nullifying the effectiveness of any abilities which target the mind. It can be used while released.

Cost: 1,000 Kan/1 pill. Additional pills may be distilled free of charge by killing a vizard player-character while they are masked. A mask obtained in this way allows for the creation of three Sophrosyne pills. Limit 3.


This bubbly grey liquid is stored in a wrist-mounted bulb. When released, a dark grey cloud spreads out, rapidly obscuring the user from sight in a thick mist. This heavy fog continues spreading until it gradually thins out.

Effect: The user spends 100 reiatsu to activate this aerosol. It covers a 10m radius to begin with, centered on the user, and spreads out an additional 5m every round. When it reaches 25m (after three full rounds), the fog is no longer thick enough to conceal anyone inside.

Cost: 1,000₢

Kept in a thin pen-shaped sprayer -- one end pink, the other blue -- this chemical makes the user irresistible to the opposite sex (or same sex). The sprayer includes three chemicals: the Pothosane itself and two different catalysts. Upon activation, it mixes with the chosen catalyst, male or female. It may only be used once.

Effect: Depending on which side the chemical is released from, it will attract members of the chosen sex, heightening their attraction and desire for the user. Latent reiatsu will dilute the effectiveness, however, making this most useful against weaker targets. The effect lasts up to 6 rounds, and has an effective strength of 300 reiatsu.

Cost: 2,000₢

A circular container with a small funnel attached to it, when activated, a deep red colored gas is spewed outwards. This aerosol was initially created for commercial use in order to maintain the Corporation’s cover, but its use in battle was noted and improved on.

This gas sprays out in a thin stream up to 10m away, then spreads to fill a 3m radius. Upon contacting a non-spiritually active surface, the chemical seeps in and modifies the surface bonds, giving the surface elastic properties. The effect wears off within three rounds, but until then, the rubberized surface will cause beings or objects to bounce up to 5m away.

Cost: 2,500₢

Packaged in a square shaped container, when pressure is added to the bulb, a single burst of the chemical is expunged. Travelling linearly forward, the shimmering white smoke expands outwards in a cone formation.

Effect: On contact with non-spiritually active materials, the chemical binds with the surface of the material. Locking together into a tight, yet porous, intermolecular structure. The first object, or person, to come in contact with the adhesive is instantly bound to the surface. The rapid adhesion and setting acts as a potent binding effect. The user pays 500 reiatsu to activate.

Cost: 4,000₢

Housed in a green pyramid-shaped capsule, this chemical sprays upward where the capsule lands, filling the air with an acrid green cloud. This acid lingers in the air, corroding objects and burning targets within the area. Can also be held and concentrated for a faster effect.

Effect: Costs 500 reiatsu to activate. If thrown, the pyramid will spray upward and engulf a 10m radius in acid for four rounds. Non-spiritual objects can be corroded completely within four rounds, while beings will take continual damage from breathing in the fumes or remaining within the radius.

If held and aimed at a target within arm's reach, the acid can eat through an object in two rounds.

Cost: 6,000₢

Stored in a hexagonal disc, this yellow colored liquid instantly spews out and evaporates into an imposing wall in front of the user. The flattening plane of gas stands roughly 5m into the air directly in front of the user.

Effect: The interlocking mesh of the aerosol was created to be one capable of adapting in a moment’s notice. When projectiles, both physical and energy based, enter the cloud, the framework channels and guides the projectile forward. All projectiles that pass through this cloud are accelerated, potentially doubling their natural speed. The cloud remains active for two rounds.

Cost: 8,000₢

This chemical is kept in a red, square-shaped distributor, about the size of an open palm. When activated a thin whine indicates the device charging up for about three seconds before it releases the aerosol into the air. The Keresane floats upward and spreads out quickly, lingering in the air. This chemical is highly combustible, and any errant spark will cause it to engulf the entire area in violet flames.

Effect: The cloud will spread out to cover a 10m radius within one round and will linger in the air for two rounds, at which point it will dissipate if not ignited.

Cost: 10,000₢

Stored in a violet ring-shaped canister, this aerosol is released in a plume over a 5m radius. The canister suspends itself in the air, spinning as the Eirenine is released. This chemical compound induces a state of tranquility when inhaled, pacifying those in its area of effect. When used on weaker foes, they may potentially be put to sleep.

Effect: Useful for countering fear- or rage-inducing effects, weakening them for every round active. The longer targets remain in the cloud, the more potent the effects. This aerosol costs 500 reiatsu per round, and can remain in play for up to 5 rounds.

Cost: 12,000₢

Oh look it’s your old friend. The deadly neurotoxin. Gladosine is stored in a spherical white container with a groove around its center. Upon expulsion, the greenish haze expands in a radius around the dispenser. The air is laced with a potent mix of anti-personnel chemicals, perfect for enemy unit emancipation.

You monster.

Effect: The cloud instantly expands to the 15m radius. The toxins leach into the target’s bloodstream when inhaled, traveling quickly through the entirety of their bodies. For each turn they spend in the cloud, they suffer from the degenerative chemicals as it physically poisons them and hampers their body functions. The inhalation reduces airway function, cutting off the level and quality of oxygen transported into the body. The longer they remain in the cloud, the more potent the effects. The toxin remains in the air for a maximum of three rounds. At the least, victims are plagued by nausea and dizziness for twice as long as they spent in the cloud. In the most extreme cases, continuous exposure can cause incapacitation or death in weaker victims. The user pays 1500 reiatsu on expulsion.

Cost: 15,000₢
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