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Feb 18, 2008
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Initiative: Orpheus Armory

{Proper description coming soon}

The Armory of weapons and equipment -- at least the portion available to all operatives -- can be classed into three categories.

Firearms are the first and most important consideration for any operative. There are a number of different firearms to select, from the tried and true Grave-keepeR III to the legendary SCAR-S. Each weapon is designed to fire specially crafted ammunition capable of damaging and killing supernatural beings. This comes at a cost, however, as the impetus for firing this ammunition is drawn from the user's own spiritual power.

Ammunition comes in several different flavors. All operatives are expected to carry, at the very least, the standard-issue spirit-busting ammunition. However, operatives may also use some of their salary to upgrade ammunition and select from several specially-developed classes. Each type of ammunition has a version for all firearm types. In all cases, operatives are trained to carry enough ammunition to see them through most firefights.

Gear encompasses a variety of other tools and equipment that an operative may find useful or even essential on assignments. This includes old favorites like flashbangs and grenades. It also includes some new and at times experimental gear, like the XM-3 Takagan and the rapid-deployment resonance shield.


Operatives may carry any equipment allowed by their Paygrade, whether that means one big gun for several smaller ones, or even a bag of grenades. Players should be realistic about storing or concealing their gear, however.

Each gun has an effective range, after which the accuracy dips dramatically and the reiatsu charge on the ammunition fades. Ammunition does not run out, and if an agent upgrades their ammunition, all of their ammo is (or can be) the upgraded type. A weapon's damage rating refers to how much damage it can do in a round, whether the gun fires semi-auto, burst-fire, full auto, or shotgun spread.

Many of the firearms have special traits which make them useful in different situations. Be sure to select the best weapon for the job.

Ammunition Modifier
General Item

Corporal: 5,000₢
Initial Awakening: +5,000₢
True Awakening: +10,000₢

Lieutenant: +10,000₢
Major: +10,000₢
General: +10,000₢


[Grave-keepeR III]
The third model in this storied line of Orpheus firearms, the Grave-keepeR III maintains the brand's reputation for quality, reliability and functionality. Featuring semi-automatic, delayed blowback operation, rampless box feed, and rugged polycarbonate-over-steel construction, the Grave-keepeR III is truly the ideal sidearm for any aspiring Initiative agent.

A basic weapon capable of firing Orpheus' spiritually imbued ammunition. Can deal 50 Reiatsu worth of damage per turn. Effective range of ten to fifteen meters.

Cost: 3,000₢

[Revenant AUG]
The Revenant "Armee-Universal-Gewehr" - or "Universal Army Rifle" is a relatively new addition to Orpheus' stock. Having been designed by the Initiative's German branch in conjunction with civilian subcontractors, the Revenant AUG offers agents a degree of power normally reserved for much larger firearms, while maintaining a compact, modular construction. This locked-bolt, bullpup rifle also features dual firing modes, allowing agents to quickly adapt to a variety of combat situations.

Effect: A basic weapon capable of firing Orpheus' spiritually imbued ammunition. Can deal 100 Reiatsu worth of damage per turn. Effective range of twenty to twenty-five meters.

Cost: 3,500₢

[Spectre .50]
The spiritual successor to some of Orpheus' most prodigious firearms, the Spectre is a large-bore gas-operated semi-automatic handgun. While boasting greater range than other weapons of its class, due to the nature of its firing mechanism, it suffers from reduced clip size and an increased weight. Constructed of a specially-formulated steel alloy, the weapon is incredibly durable, though not the most overt due to the material's reflective silver sheen. A black, grooved grip and detachable box magazine complete the weapons assembly. As with all standard-issue handguns, the Spectre features slots for attaching various accessories.

Effect: A basic weapon capable of firing Orpheus' spiritually imbued ammunition. Can deal 150 Reiatsu worth of damage per turn. Effective range of twenty to twenty-five meters. Damage dealt by this weapon is doubled when attacking barriers or armored targets.

Cost: 5,000₢

[LICH M2 Tactical]
The LICH M2 Tactical is only the second shotgun to grace the Initiative's armory, following in the footsteps of the fabled "King Richard" Assault Shotgun. Featuring a patented inertial recoil system, the M2 boasts a shockingly high firing rate for a weapon of this class, as well as unrivaled stopping power. Indeed, its only drawback is the weapons relatively short range, which often puts agents far too close to danger than is comfortable.

Effect: A basic weapon capable of firing Orpheus' spiritually imbued ammunition. Can deal 400 Reiatsu worth of damage per turn. Effective range of five to ten meters. Fires in a one meter wide cone, dealing damage over a small area.

Cost: 8,000₢

[Wraith SB2K]
The Wraith Sub-2000, or SB2K as its listed, is a super-compact, semi-automatic, blowback-operated, pistol-caliber carbine that is powerful enough to take down large game, while being small enough for an agent to hold with one hand. This bizarre addition to the armory was engineered based on similar civilian models designed to bridge the gap between available sidearms and rifles without skimping on stopping power -- something that's always at a premium when fighting Hollows.

Effect: A basic weapon capable of firing Orpheus' spiritually imbued ammunition. Can deal 500 Reiatsu worth of damage per turn. Effective range of ten to twenty-five meters. If attacking between 20-25m, this weapon’s output is increased to 750.

Cost: 12,000₢

[Épitaphe SAA]
The Épitaphe Single Action Army is living proof that some things are better left unchanged. There are very little differences between this gun and the very first of its line, the famously powerful Oathbreaker SAA, simply because you needn't fix what isn't broken. The Épitaphe is deceivingly unassuming, sporting a plain, stainless steel body and a black polymer hand grip - bland characteristics that hide the gun's true strength. Behind that exterior however is one simple fact: this gun is one of the strongest the armory has to offer in terms of raw power. Of course, since this is an older and particularly no-nonsense type of firearm, the Épitaphe lacks the high customization and "gimmicks" of the newer weapons available to Orpheus agents, including of course, an auto-loading mechanism. Instead, this revolver can only make use of the most basic upgrades, but the elite agents granted access to a gun of this caliber don't seem to mind the lack of flexibility - which the Épitaphe makes up for in sheer strength.

Effect: A basic weapon capable of firing Orpheus' spiritually imbued ammunition. Can deal 750 Reiatsu worth of damage per turn. Effective range of twenty to twenty-five meters. Enemies struck by this weapon are stunned in place for at least 3 seconds.

Cost: 16,000₢

The Special Forces Combat Assault Rifle – Spiritual Variant is nothing short of a weapon of all out war. This full sized assault rifle boasts the stopping power of nothing shy of the Noblesse in the Orpheus armory. It is compact enough for close quarters combat while sacrificing very little in terms of ranged accuracy. Fully modular, it is compatible with any and all upgrades an agent could ever need.

Effect: A basic weapon capable of firing Orpheus' spiritually imbued ammunition. Can deal 1000 Reiatsu worth of damage per turn. Effective range of ten to fifteen meters. The incredibly high rate of fire allows the user to hit up to three targets clustered within 5m of each other.

Cost: 30,000₢

[Noblesse AS50]
The Noblesse is Orpheus' resident anti-matériel/personnel rifle. Generally it's used for missions that require the agent be a considerable distance from their target, for reasons such as stealth and covering-fire. The Noblesse really shines at these ranges. Resembling a cut down fifty-caliber, semi-automatic rifle, the weapon itself is constructed in two sections that can be disassembled for ease of transport. A unique recoil-dampening and suppression system is already in place on the weapon's stock variant. Finished in a matte-black, ablative coating that refracts light, the Noblesse is ideal for nighttime operations. Outfitted with a low-light scope or similar upgrade, this weapon is deadly in the hands of an expert. Its rotating-bolt design is complemented by a box-feed clip to facilitate faster firing speed.

Effect: A basic weapon capable of firing Orpheus' spiritually imbued ammunition. Can deal 1500 Reiatsu worth of damage per turn. Effective range of thirty to forty meters. This weapon comes equipped with a high-precision scope, allowing the user to view a target at maximum range as if it was one meter away. This is represented by a 2,000 point boost to Combat in terms of accuracy only.

Cost: 35,000₢


[Pyre Rounds]
Manufactured alongside Ice Rounds in a project created to try and mimic Shinigami Demon Magic, Fire rounds encase a positively explosive cocktail of combustible ingredients and reiatsu. Upon impact, a flare of reiatsu erupts from the casing to scorch, sear, and smolder anything they come in contact with.

Effect: Imbues ammunition with incendiary properties. Increases base weapon damage by 20. Ignites flammable targets.

Cost: 2,000₢

[Cryo Rounds]
One of the more volatile creations to come from Orpheus' Research and Development branch, this classification of rounds are capped with a small device that encapsulates a concentrated chemical brew, containing among other things, liquid nitrogen. On impact, these rounds cause extreme cooling and pain, freezing anything the chemical comes into contact with.

Effect: Imbues ammunition with a powerful freezing agent. Increases base weapon damage by 30.Flash-freezes struck targets.

Cost: 3,000₢

[Tesla Rounds]
Initially developed for instances when agents need to subdue spiritual threats without killing them, Lightning rounds are composed of lightweight ferric compounds and house a specially-designed piezoelectric node as opposed to a lead slug. These tiny devices are activated by the pressure created when they strike their targets, releasing a surge of electric energy intended to interrupt voluntary muscle control – functioning similarly to a taser. While intended to be non-lethal, higher voltage rounds used for larger game are fully capable of delivering a deadly shock to smaller targets and should be used with caution.

Effect: Imbues ammunition with a powerful electrical charge. Increases base weapon damage by 50.Shocks any target struck, dealing electrical damage.

Cost: 5,000₢

[Lawbringer Rounds]
Representing the apex of technological advancement achieved by the Initiative following its renewed partnership with international agencies, the Lawbringer round is an extremely powerful, purpose built armament designed to facilitate one, and only one function; utter annihilation. The result of a project undertaken by APACHE, codenamed “Yamikiru” or more literally, “god slayer”, the purpose of these advanced munitions is to counteract the extreme resilience and speed of most other spiritual beings. They might be fast, but nothing’s faster than light. Consisting of lens, capacitor and heatsink as opposed to a bullet, casing and primer, these compact ordinance work by converting the users reiatsu into a tangible energy source -- and then focusing that energy to produce photon emission -- or in laymen’s terms, create a freakin’ laser. The beam produced by each firing is capable of traveling the full length of the weapon’s range almost instantly, making the evasive maneuvers employed by spiritual game largely useless. Additionally, the sheer penetrating power of the laser can cut through even the most hardy of defenses with ease. The incredible heat produced by each firing is absorbed by the cartridge heatsink, which is then ejected from the weapon like a normal bullet.

Effect: Replaces ammunition with a high-powered laser diode. Increases base weapon damage by 250. Shot can penetrate multiple targets along its line of fire.

Cost: 12,500₢

[Zanpakutou-core Rounds]
As their name would suggest, these highly-coveted slugs are produced using alloys from Shinigami Zanpakutou. This gives the rounds unique properties and incredible damage potential. The source material, however, is quite scarce since generally speaking Shinigami do not part with their weapons willingly. The Initiative maintains a stock of these bizarre armaments from ‘first contact’ -- as they are not openly engaged in hostilities with the Shinigami, these munitions are prohibitively expensive.

Effect: Increases base weapon damage by 500. This effect is doubled when attacking Hollows, Vizards or Arrancar. Purifies target if killed.

Cost: 1,000 Kan/1 round. Additional rounds may be forged free of cost by obtaining a Zanpakutou from another player-character. A single Zanpakutou yields enough alloy for three rounds.


[Multi-purpose Flare]
A simple type of pyrotechnic that illuminates greatly without an explosion or intense heat. These are made of a particularly powerful compound, and are able to illuminate large areas.

Effect: 15 meter radius of illumination from point of detonation.

Cost: 1000₢ each

[Flash Bang]
Resembling Orpheus standard-issue high-explosive grenades, these small charges instead let out a blinding flash upon detonation, designed to greatly reduce visibility for all who witness it.

Effect: Blinds everyone in a 10 meter radius of the contact point for one turn, and has lingering effects for one turn.

Cost: 2000₢ each

[H-E Grenade]
Sometimes bullets just don't get a point across... and that's when a highly explosive grenade comes in handy. It works just like you’d expect; pull the pin and throw! Just make sure it's not near you.

Effect: Fires a high-explosive grenade at a target, dealing 1000 Reiatsu worth damage over a fifteen meter radius.

Cost: 2,500₢ each

[Battlefield Illuminator]
An accessory that allows for better vision in low light areas, total darkness and in situations where the user’s vision is impaired due to extreme brightness (eg; fallout from a flash grenade). Usable for both in and outdoor operations, this tool is available as both a monocular as well as a gun-top attachment. Features three vision modes; night vision, infrared and polarized view. Specially designed reiatsu capacitors mean that this accessory doesn’t require batteries, as it works via the user’s spiritual energy!

Effect: Night vision allows the user to see in low-light. Infrared allows the user to see heat signatures. Polarized vision allows the user to see in extremely bright environments. Only one viewing mode may be active at any given time. Costs 50 Reiatsu per turn for each turn active.

Cost: 4,000₢

[Concussion Lance]
An accessory heavily rooted in the principles of thermodynamics -- enhanced with a spiritual twist -- this odd, tubular device uses small, reiatsu-infused charges to generate a dense, high-pressure blast of air laden with spirit particles. While rather unassuming in description, the pressure wave is powerful enough to knock back and disorient large Hollows and other spiritual game -- speaking volumes to the amount of force produced by this accessory. While initially designed as a tool for suppression, agents have gotten creative with the device, using it to cushion falls and other such off-label applications.

Effect: Generates a spiritually-imbued pressure wave designed to knockback foes. Costs the user 250 Reiatsu per use with a range of up to 10 meters, once per turn.

Cost: 6,000₢ each (5 charges)

[Net Snare]
A simple and effective addition to Orpheus’ Armory, this accessory consists of spiritually-imbued, five-sided steel net composed of the same alloy used to make the Initiative’s firearms, along with a sharp metal stake at each corner. The net is fired from a pressurized canister at high velocity -- designed to trap targets by both ensnaring them in the net and pinning them to a surface using the steel piles. Though fairly sizable, this accessory is unsuited for larger prey items.

Effect: Fires a two-meter wide, five-sided net designed to ensnare enemies as well as pin them down using the attached spikes. Each use costs 1,000 Reiatsu.

Cost: 8,000₢ each

[Resonance Shield]
The first in a line of highly experimental upgrades released for field use by APACHE, the Resonance Shield is a "compact, rapid-deployment, high-energy buffer," or in layman's terms a quick-use reiatsu shield. Consisting of an oblong canister placed where the user would like the shield to appear, the device uses high-frequency pulse generators to condense ambient reishi into a dense film of energy that can repel attacks. Unfortunately, there are still some kinks in the design that need to be worked out, as the reiatsu capacitors burn out after two uses and must be replaced.

Effect: User pays 1,000 reiatsu to create a rectangular barrier roughly three meters tall by two meters wide directly in front of them. The durability of this barrier is equal to the reiatsu paid for its use. Two round cooldown.

Cost: 10,000₢ each

[Riot Canister]
A small smoke grenade used for distraction or suppression, this device releases a thick cloud of Reishi-laden fog designed to disorient enemies caught in its plume. The errant spirit particles contained within the fog leave those caught in its radius unable to properly detect reiatsu, as the particulated reishi seems to reflect spiritual energy, thus creating false signatures. Each activation generates a cloud roughly twenty meters in diameter around the device. This plume lingers for three turns after activation.

Effect: Releases a noxious gas that reduces visibility inside its area of effect, as well as hampering Reiatsu detection. Effect lasts for three turns.

Cost: 12,000₢ each

[XM-3 Takagan]
A novel use for several pieces of reconnaissance technology salvaged and reverse-engineered from Order machinery recovered from the battles in Tokyo -- the XM-3 Takagan is an advanced tool used for long range, covert scouting operations. The Takagan consists of two parts -- a scope-like attachment containing a small screen instead of lenses, and a miniature, disk-shaped aerial drone housing a high-resolution camera. After being launched from the main body of the accessory, the drone rapidly ascends to heights of up to one mile -- its smart-linked camera allowing the agent on the ground a bird’s-eye-view of the battlefield.

Effect: Fires a small camera high into the air, allowing the user to view the battlefield from above via the included screen. Video taken by this tool can be recorded for later viewing.

Cost: 15,000₢
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