The Fifth Wall: A Writing Podcast

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The Angry One
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The Fifth Wall
Hosted by: Colin Thomas & Arun Srinivasan

Welcome to the Fifth Wall everybody! We're a bi-weekly podcast that discusses and explains numerous topics within the ideals of writing. We'll be releasing an episode every other Wednesday, starting on April 24th, 2013!

We (Arun and I) want this podcast to be not only about the technical points of writing, but also the deeper reasons on why we write, or what it takes to write. However, we can't do this without all of you: every episode, we'll be bringing in a guest to join us in our discussion and, occasionally, we'll be handling Q&A sessions.

Please stay tuned for details about how we'll be streaming, as well as how you'll be able to jump into our discussions to ask a question, or add a point to it!


The Angry One
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We're set!

I'm proud to announce that our first livestream begins Friday, April 19th. You can find us at:

The podcast will be published on either SoundCloud or Youtube the following Wednesday - I'm still experimenting with video capture and so I'll hopefully have that decided by then.

Hope y'all tune in, we'll announce our first guest tomorrow! (I hope...)

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