The Idols of Senes (Tenebrae Ocean)

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Feb 18, 2008
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The Idols of Senes
Tenebrae Ocean, Northwest of Paludis

Northwest of Paludis, in a inhospitable sector of the Tenebrae Ocean known for frequent and violent storms, there exists three creatures collectively known as The Idols of Senes. Massive in scale, these immobile golems appear at first to be gargantuan statues rising from the seabed, spaced equidistant from one another in a triangular formation. Upon closer inspection however, the nature of these strange constructs becomes apparent.

Standing atop massive stone platforms scrawled with arcane writ, the idols appear to generate some kind of aura or field around themselves that forces the sea back and prevents them from sinking into the abyss. The pedestals are littered with the remains of ships who navigated too close to the idols, unaware of the void created by them. Traveling in the area is fraught with danger even by airship, as the field they generate appears to interfere with the instrumentation and function of the vehicles, often causing them to crash into the sea.

There are, however, a handful of individuals who have encountered the Idols of Senes and returned to tell their tale. The massive constructs, they say, are sentient; unable to move, but capable of communication (hence their inclusion in the Bestiary). Speaking in booming, authoritative tones, these antediluvian guardians offer wisdom to those who have found themselves before them. They talk of ancient era, and a great empire that once stood where they now practice their endless vigil; destroyed and sunk into the sea, scoured from history and forgotten.

The Idols say they had been created with a singular purpose; to stand watch, to endure, to wait. What it is that these ancient guardians are waiting for however, nobody knows.


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