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Quincy - Monk of Destruction

The Quincy bloodlines come from a long and troubled past. It began with the bloodline itself, gifted with heightened potential for spiritual power. Considered mediums and clairvoyants, many of the bloodlines were able to see spirits and hollows, far more than average. This ability came at a price, however, as it brought more attention from the other worlds and invited a great deal of suffering upon them. The mediums began to hone their abilities, learning how to use them to protect themselves... and later to exact revenge on the monsters that hunted their people.

In this way, the Quincy were created: unlike the shinigami, who purify souls, or other empowered humans, who kill them, the Quincy destroy souls utterly, removing them from the cycle of life and reincarnation permanently.

When the Quincy were a small clan, they largely escaped notice. Soul Society deemed their actions self-destructive, and indeed, the harder the Quincy sought to destroy hollows, the more hollows they brought down on themselves. Against all odds, however, the Quincy families persevered. They honed their techniques, strengthened their bonds with one another, and over time, they grew. The hollows could not quell their wrath.

The differences between Quincy and Shinigami have always been a point of contention, but their allied goal -- to protect the world of life -- also created a unique bond between them. Alliances were forged, and broken, numerous times throughout the ages. In most cases, the Quincy were content to serve as first-responders, holding hollows at bay until shinigami could arrive to purify them. Such arrangements were inherently short-lived, as it conflicted with the Quincy doctrine to slay evil immediately.

It was in recent times when Quincy and Shinigami relations took a steady downward spiral. In their hierarchy, familial bonds transcend all others. Teachings are passed from generation to generation, secrets guarded so closely that many teachings come and go with the passing of decades. In spite of this, their techniques have perpetuated for centuries and their bloodline grew to spread across much of the world, with the bulk of their bloodlines concentrated in Germany. As their numbers grew, the threat they represented to the balance of souls became more pronounced... but so too did their hubris.

When negotiations and treaties were ignored multiple times, the ruling body of Soul Society gave the order: genocide of the entire race.

The Shinigami of the Gotei Thirteen, for reasons which remain cloudy, did not complete the task. Still, the single night of the attacks, known to the Quincy as Schwarz Nacht, led to the extermination of nearly ninety-five percent of the Quincy race. Those who remained, many of them untrained or ungifted, were left to pick up the pieces of a shattered legacy, clinging to the remnants of their bloodline.

In the vacuum, and from necessity, several Quincy grew to power immensely quickly, seeking to fill the hole that was left behind. One such Quincy was Sebastian Erdeschalk, the now-Patriarch of the Erdeschalk family. He sought to gather all of the remaining Quincy under the Erdeschalk banner, to preserve the traditions and pride of the Quincy families. After setting things in motion for the estate in Japan, Sebastian left for Europe to track down others.

Other Quincy, however, were unable to forego vengeance in favor of rebuilding. Dubbing themselves the Quincy Resistance Front, these rogue Quincy abandoned the Quincy traditions and pride in favor of a more militant stance, seeking to wage war against the Shinigami and exact revenge. Although the resistance front itself was quickly scattered, it did not quell the vengeful desires of its former members.

Mechanics - The Stat Sheet

While all other known races use Reiryoku, the power within, a Quincy does not possess the necessary physical constitution to do so. Instead, Quincy are able to concentrate ambient spirit particles, Reishi, from their surroundings. Shuuhaku (Accumulation Pool) refers to the maximum amount of reishi a Quincy may gather at one time.

With the limited amount of reishi available at a given time, Quincy cannot easily go head-to-head with other spiritual beings. Thus, the Quincy took a different route: their weapon is the bow. This dedication to a single weapon, honing techniques sharpened over centuries, has led to the Quincy being at the pinnacle of ranged mastery.

Shuuhaku (Accumulation Pool) is valued at 10% of a Quincy’s base reiatsu while they are in the Living World. This number is boosted by an additional 10% while in Soul Society or Hueco Mundo. It is further impacted by the bow currently in use. Shuuhaku determines the amount of energy the Quincy can gather at one time, and thus also represents the maximum strength of a Quincy arrow.

Shuuhaku can be considered to be 'free' reiatsu a Quincy can use every round. While a Quincy can exceed their Shuuhaku by using their own reiatsu, this causes physical pain and cuts into the Shuuhaku for the following rounds.

Ex. A Quincy has 1000 Shuuhaku, and spends 2500 reiatsu. This uses up this round's Shuuhaku, the next round's Shuuhaku, and 500 of the third round's -- as well as hurting the Quincy.

A Quincy who excels in balancing their Shuuhaku can maintain almost limitless stamina, but overstepping the limits can end in a rapid spiral downward.

Kyuuzu (Bow Hand) represents the overall accuracy and skill behind any fired arrow. Defining not only the accuracy, but range and their capability of handling a bow, Kyuuzu is the very definition of a Quincy’s ‘skill with a bow’. Any arrow has a maximum range of 25 meters.

Namazan (Survival Tactics) encompasses a variety of short-range abilities and techniques. Quincy excel at a range, but with sufficient training in Namazan, they will be able to survive and potentially escape when enemies draw close.

Douryuu (Movement Flow) is a Quincy’s proficiency with footwork and movement techniques. This represents the Quincy's movement speed and agility, with high enough Douryuu allowing the Quincy to even fire arrows without stopping or turn to fire immediately. The trademark movement technique of the Quincy, Hirenkyaku, is enabled and strengthened with this stat.

Quincy Bows

Quincy bows are called by a variety of names, with each family or splinter group often having its own personal preference. Those Quincy who have taken up residence in Japan have taken to calling their bows Hamayumi for their ability to slay evil spirits. There are three primary forms of hamayumi, each one representing a new tier of Quincy prowess.

Each tier is also accompanied by an artifact, the appearance of which varies between families.

Arrows fired by any Quincy bow are called Heilig Pfeil -- "Holy Arrows" or "Sacred Destruction Arrows" -- which are created from ambient reishi or, in more dangerous circumstances, from the archer's own reiatsu.

Souls dispatched by any hamayumi are destroyed utterly, without reentering the cycles of reincarnation.

Rei Hamayumi (Evil Slaying Spirit Bow)

Once a Quincy begins learning how to gather and manipulate reishi, they are given their Quincy Cross. One of their first practice forms is to create the shape of a bow, using the cross as a focus. This ability hones the Quincy's discipline and ability, and often represents something about the Quincy. The Rei Hamayumi, often simply called a Spirit Bow or Energy Bow, manifests in a color matching the archer's reiatsu. While most take the familiar shape of a longbow, depending on the Quincy it can manifest as a shortbow, a full-sized yumi, or even variations of crossbows.

The Rei Hamayumi is formed purely of reishi and is useless for blocking, but can be summoned or dispelled at will.

Quincy Cross - When a Quincy begins their training, they are given a cross made of silver. The shape and design of the cross varies between families, and can take any shape, often related to faith: a Christian cross, a pentacle, a Star of David, or even an infinity symbol.

The cross is traditionally worn as a bracelet. It serves as the focus for the Rei Hamayumi and is thus carried on the arm which holds the body of the bow, while the other arm is used to draw the arrows.

Sanrei Hamayumi (Evil Slaying Scattered Soul Bow)

The Sanrei Hamayumi is attained after completing training with the Sanrei Glove. The training enhances the archer's reishi-manipulation to such a degree that this new bow takes on a more physical form. It is sturdy enough to block with in emergencies. This bow uses both the Quincy cross and the Sanrei Glove as foci and is capable of firing solid Heilig Pfeil.

The Sanrei bow also manifests a new ability, unique to every Quincy.

A Quincy must attain 2,000 Reiatsu before they are able to wear a Sanrei Glove or wield the Sanrei Hamayumi.

Sanrei Shutou (Scattered Soul Glove) - Each Quincy family also possesses a kind of Sanrei Glove; the design varies, but it is always at its core a white glove worn on the same arm as the Quincy Cross. This is a dangerous and powerful artifact -- Quincy members are warned away from ever taking one up. The training with the glove is extremely taxing, physically and spiritually, and leaves the archer in a vulnerable state until it is mastered. Once worn, however, the archer may never remove the glove without suffering dire consequences.

The glove works by scattering reishi, making it far more difficult for the archer to locate or gather reishi for attack or defense. To even form a bow takes intense concentration and practice. Despite all the risks, it is said that a Quincy who is able to endure the training, keeping their bow manifested for a full week while continuously firing arrows, has the potential to reach the peak of Quincy power.

When a Quincy has completed the training, they receive a 5% boost to Shuuhaku and are able to evolve their normal bow into the Sanrei Hamayumi.

Zenkai Hamayumi (Evil Slaying Absolute Destruction Bow)

The Zenkai Hamayumi is the ultimate expression of a Quincy's prowess. The path to attain one is fraught with danger, requiring the archer to put their very existence as a Quincy warrior on the line.

The form of a Zenkai Bow is unique to each wielder. In some cases, they are made of pure energy and others more solid, or a combination of the two, but regardless of appearance they are solid enough to protect the archer. This ultimate bow retains the Quincy's Sanrei ability, while also introducing a new, more powerful technique.

A Quincy must attain 10,000 Reiatsu before they are able to remove the Sanrei Glove or wield the Zenkai Hamayumi.

Letzt Stil

Zenkai Hamayumi is first attained when the user removes their Sanrei Glove. The glove will disintegrate, removing the limitations on the Quincy's ability to gather reishi. With the limiter gone, the Quincy's Shuuhaku skyrockets by 20% of their reiatsu, and their bow changes form.

This empowered battle form can be maintained for only ten rounds before the Quincy's body begins to shut down. In an effort to save itself, the body will forcibly seal itself off from all spiritual power. It is the pinnacle of Quincy power, but at the cost of losing Quincy abilities completely.


Rare individuals, even more rare than ones able to enact Letzt Stil in the first place, are able to retrain themselves. Beginning with the basics of creating the shape of a bow, these Quincy must forcibly retrain their body to accept and control spiritual power. It is an arduous task, but those who have accomplished it are unparalleled in the history of the Quincy people. They are considered to be Ascendant Quincy.

The Quincy player regains 20% of their total stats before burnout each week they write during this arc.

Ascendant Quincy Cross - These are rare emblems of the Quincy families, often difficult to obtain. They are made of soul-synthesized silver or glass, and thus nearly indestructible to reiatsu-based attacks. Only a Quincy who has removed the Sanrei Glove and managed to regain their powers is able to use an Ascendant cross as intended. For those skilled and experienced enough to channel reishi into the artifact, they are capable of recreating the ultimate bow only previously experienced in Letzt Stil.

The Ascendant Quincy Cross provides a 10% boost to Shuuhaku. Its user is able to evolve their weapon into the Zenkai Hamayumi.

General Techniques

[ Reiatsu Noukan ] - "Spiritual Pressure Perception"
The heightened ability of a Quincy to sense Reiatsu. Its potency and maximum range grows as the user's reiatsu level rises, and will be able to single out the signature of a single entity within range. A target may choose to mask their signature, making their exact location difficult to ascertain. However, the presence of a strong fighter in combat is unmistakable. As traditional hunters, all Quincy possess exceptionally high sensing abilities, able to precisely pinpoint targets up to their full range.

Class E : 1 km / 500 reiatsu
Class D : 3 km / 1,000 reiatsu
Class C : 6 km / 2,000 reiatsu
Class B : 9 km / 3,000 reiatsu
Class A : 12 km / 4,000 reiatsu
Class S : 15 km / 5,000 reiatsu

[ Reiraku Takan ] - "Spiritual Thread, Deep Perception"
A special sensory skill reserved only for Quincy whose capabilities have matured markedly. Reiraku Takan allows the Quincy to deeply focus upon the spiritual signatures of all surrounding entities within a certain area and manually compress them all into different-colored "threads." The maximum range of this ability is the same as the Quincy's highest Reiatsu Noukan range. Colors are as follows:

White : Normal soul, Plus soul, Quincy
Red : Shinigami
Black : Hollow
Dark Red : Arrancar, Vizard

Requirements: 3,000 Reiatsu

[ Fuubi ]- "Overpower"
When a Quincy is restrained or bound and has been left with no other alternative, they can try to force their way out through sheer strength and raw reiatsu. Especially dangerous to the Quincy's body and soul, they must pay the same cost as what bound or restrained them, using Shuuhaku and Reiatsu as necessary. The more reiatsu used, the more painful it is for the Quincy.

Requirements: 1,000 Reiatsu

[ Ransou Tengai ] - "Chaotic Dress, Heaven's Enormity"
Unlike Shinigami, Quincy are subject to aging and all the drawbacks therein. To counter this, the Quincy developed a technique with which to still remain effective. By using thin threads of reiatsu, a Quincy can pull his limbs using only his reiatsu control rather than his body. This has proven to be an effective technique for younger Quincy as well in situations of grave injury, broken bones, paralysis, or when bound. Ransou Tengai also allows a Quincy to resist any binding ability.

To activate this technique, a Quincy must expend 1% of his reiatsu per round. To resist being bound, a Quincy must expend the ability's cost in reiatsu. Continuous use can be dangerous for the Quincy body, therefore they can only activate this technique for 3 turns before needing to rest for a following 2 turns.

Requirements: 10,000 Reiatsu

Kyuuzu Techniques

Kyuuzu is the Quincy discipline of marksmanship. It embodies long-distance combat and accuracy, enabling the archer to excel at ranges that their enemies cannot touch.

Greater Kyuuzu carries with it greater accuracy and firing speed.

[Weitshuss] - "Longshot"
As masters of ranged combat, Quincy dominate long-range encounters, able to fight from a distance with enhanced efficacy over the average. As their skill in Kyuuzu grows, a Quincy is able to focus their shots over greater and greater distances.

A Quincy's range of 25m for their standard shots increases by 5m per 1000 Kyuuzu. This caps out at 100m max range at 15,000 Kyuuzu.

Requirements: 1,000 Kyuuzu

[Schärfe]- “Focus”
As their mastery over spirit particles increases, Quincy of sufficient skill are capable of exerting a degree of control on the reishi composing arrows they’ve already fired, allowing them to alter its trajectory and ensure a hit. By paying 200 Reiatsu, the user may bend the path of a fired arrow by up to 45 degrees. This technique can only be used one time on any individual arrow within 30 meters of the user, and cannot be applied to arrows augmented by other techniques.

Requirement: 3,000 Kyuuzu

[Halbmond] - “Crescent Moon”
Quincy who have begun to understand the nature of their own power and how it affects the world around them will often times realize that reishi in and of itself is incredibly malleable -- capable of taking on many shapes and forms beyond that of a simple arrow. Though the finesse required to craft spiritual particles into more elaborate forms requires an incredible degree of skill, most Quincy are capable of molding their energies in very basic ways.

Halbmond allows the user to reshape an individual arrow after firing, forcing it to take on an elongated, crescent shape roughly one meter in length that deals slicing damage along its leading edge as opposed to piercing a target like a normal arrow. Though slower-moving than a standard arrow, these waves are capable of hitting multiple targets at once. Each use of this technique costs the user 800 Reiatsu and augments a single arrow, increasing its damage by the amount paid.

Requirement: 5,000 Kyuuzu

[Adlerauge] - "Eagle’s Eye"
Adlerauge is a two-stage attack that maximizes an archer's impact. The Quincy begins by imbuing an arrow with a special positive charge. This charge is left behind at the point of impact, whether it hits its intended target or not.

The following round or after, the user may fire a second, negatively charged arrow. This one will home in on the original mark, striking without error if unimpeded.

Adlerauge costs 1,250 reiatsu for each individual shot. A mark will remain until struck, or for three rounds. The user may release it at will if needed.

Requirements: 7,500 Kyuuzu

[Vergessen] - Oblivion
Pure unbridled devastation and the epitome of a Quincy’s destructive nature given form, Vergessen requires the quincy pay 6,000 reiatsu from either their own reiatsu or their Shuuhaku pool to craft a single, massive arrow of super-compressed reishi. The spirit particles composing this arrow, much like Seele Schneider, resonate at an incredibly high frequency, allowing it to tear through almost anything it its path.

Vergessen is capable of slicing through barriers it encounters. Half of the barrier's durability is deducted from the arrow's overall strength. Upon striking a solid target or barrier with higher durability than remains in the arrow, it explodes, dealing the remainder of its damage in a 5m radius around the point of impact. This technique has a maximum firing range of 40 meters.

Requirements: 10,000 Kyuuzu

Namazan Techniques

Namazan encompasses survival and evasion techniques, the skills a Quincy needs to excel at medium or close ranges.

Those who are skilled at Namazan boast increased evasion and reflexes.

[Ausweichen] - "Elusiveness"
An easy to use but difficult to master technique, Ausweichen is a short-lived visual displacement. The Quincy uses ambient reishi in the air to bend light, causing them to appear 1m to the side of their actual position. This visual distortion helps improve the odds of evading attacks significantly, since even when anticipated, it's impossible to tell on sight which direction the displacement is occurring.

Any attack against the Quincy will break the illusion.

This ability costs 200 reiatsu to activate, and lasts for 3 seconds. This duration increases by 1 second per 2000 additional Namazan, capping at 10 seconds at 15,000 Namazan.

Requirements: 1,000 Namazan

[Streuschuss] - "Scattershot”
As specialists in ranged combat, Quincy have developed a wealth of techniques and strategies at range. One of the most important categories of said techniques involves keeping enemies at range. Streuschuss developed as a desperation move, but has been refined over the ensuing centuries. What once was just a blind-fire to try and hit anything has become a broad-hitting mid-range attack, aimed deliberately and with purpose. Dozens of arrows are launched at once in a spread formation, each charged with specially prepared reishi. Upon impact, the arrows will blast their targets backward, giving the Quincy extra time to escape to a more comfortable range.

This technique costs 500 reiatsu and spreads out to a 10m long, 5m wide cone. Targets are thrown back 10m from the point of impact.

Requirements: 2,500 Namazan

[Bewusstsein] - "Awareness"
In order to defend against surprise attacks, one technique a Quincy can use is Bewusstsein, which creates an intricate web of reishi threads surrounding the user in all directions. This latticework of reishi serves as an alarm, alerting the user whenever anything disturbs it, whether beings, objects, or even reiatsu-based attacks.

While the web itself is nearly imperceptible, it prevents the Quincy from using any cloaking techniques for as long as the technique is active.

Bewusstsein costs 500 reiatsu per round and covers a 10m radius surrounding the user in every direction.

Requirements: 5,000 Namazan

[Vergeltung] - “Retaliate”
Lacking the durability of most other spiritual races, a Quincy must rely on their range, agility and spatial awareness to maintain an advantage in combat. Still, even the most prepared warrior can be caught off guard, and Quincy are at their most vulnerable when in close quarters. Vergeltung was created with these instances in mind.

Upon being attacked, a Quincy may pay 1,000 Reiatsu to rapidly displace the spirit particles surrounding them in a fashion similar to Hirenyaku, with explosive force, pushing the user away while dealing damage to any assailants in melee range. This technique can only be used once every three rounds, and can only affect one enemy attack per activation.

Requirements: 7,500 Namazan

[Nichtig Erde] - “Negation Territory”
Quincy thrive on controlling the flow of battle and being able to adapt to any situation in order to maintain their advantage. Nothing epitomizes this philosophy more than Nichtig Erde. The technique is initiated by firing an arrow molded from negatively charged reishi at a target location. Upon impact, the arrow begins drawing spirit particles towards itself at an incredibly rapid pace, generating a sphere of strong, negative reishi currents that throws enemies, as well as any other matter caught in the area of effect towards its center with bone-shattering force.

Each use of Nichtig Erde costs the user 6,000 Reiatsu and covers a radius of roughly 5 meters from the point of impact. This technique can only be used once per round and has a maximum firing range of 20 meters.

Requirement: 10,000 Namazan

Douryuu Techniques

Douryuu, is a skillset that epitomizes the flow and rhythm of movement. Not only does it deal with the Quincy's running motions, maintaining a smooth gait, but also involves the manipulation of reishi in motion and the combination of speed and attack.

Douryuu increases the Quincy's overall speed and enhances their ability to react and change course without breaking flow.

[Hirenkyaku] - "Soaring Screen Slide”
This basic skill allows Quincy to direct and ride currents of reishi to achieve high-speed movement. Though it may be learned at an early level, mastering the technique for near-instantaneous movement is another matter entirely. As one's skill in Douryuu grows, the Quincy's Hirenkyaku movements become faster and more fluid. As this relies partially on the flow of energy in an area, the distance a Quincy can move in Soul Society and Hueco Mundo is greater.

By paying 200 reiatsu, a Quincy can normally travel 20 meters. In Hueco Mundo and Soul Society, this distance is increased to 30 meters. Hirenkyaku may be used once per round, plus an additional use per round per 5,000 Douryuu.

Requirements: 1,000 Douryuu

[Verbecher] - "Law Breaker”
Quincy skilled with the art of manipulating reishi to improve their movement have developed a technique that allows them to create a platform of reishi and lift themselves into the air. This technique costs 500 reiatsu to use and rises 20m per round; it requires the Quincy to be standing on a solid surface.

The platform is 5m in diameter, allowing a small number of people to join the Quincy. Although it cannot be halted in place, the Quincy may continue rising as long as they continue paying 500 reiatsu per round.

Requirements: 2,500 Douryuu

[Lampeshritt] - "Light Step”
An extension of the skills used to master Verbecher, this technique allows the user to compress the reishi currents beneath their feet into a tangible pathway. This pathway of reishi can be formed even on air itself, but crumbles after a few seconds, necessitating constant motion to avoid falling. Staying in place for more than a few seconds will end the technique prematurely.

Lampeshritt can be used to travel up to 20m per round, although this distance can easily double in areas rich in reishi, such as Soul Society or Hueco Mundo.

Requirements: 5,000 Douryuu

[ Hirenkyaku Kuzen ]- “Soaring Screen Slide Perfection”
By moving at an extremely high rate of speed, a Quincy is able to create up to three illusions of themselves by jumping back and forth between places faster than the eye can see. Each illusion costs 1,000 reiatsu from either their reiatsu or their shuuhaku pools to create and costs the same again to maintain. This technique is dispelled the second a Quincy switches to attack.

Requirements: 7,500 Douryuu

[Einzig Reisenden]- "Lone Traveller”

Einzig Reisenden is the truest embodiment of the art of movement flow, allowing a Quincy who has mastered the study to simultaneously, near instantaneously, attack in the midst of a Hirenkyaku. This union of positioning and offense is strenuous and requires a commanding control over reishi but is the perfect combination of offense and defense.

This ability costs 6,000 reiatsu and exhausts all of their Hirenkyaku uses for that round. The user is able to travel up to 20m, firing one arrow for every Hirenkyaku use expended.

Requirements: 10,000 Douryuu

Team Techniques

[ Touitsu Sensen ]– "United Front"
In battle, two characters who have spent much time with one another can complement one another's fighting style. They are able to fight better in tandem than alone, receiving a boost to all techniques when attacking.

Skilled allies often exhibit surprising synergy in battle. A Quincy can use a trusted ally as a Firing Screen. Built on trust, the Firing Screen allows the Quincy to time a shot with their ally's dodge, sneaking an attack into their evasion. Uses are limited by the pairs, not individuals.

Requirements: At least 20,000 words with written with another player.

Level 1 (20,000 words) : +5% Combat Techs (Offensive)
Level 2 (24,000 words) : Firing Screen, 1x per day
Level 3 (28,000 words) : +6% Combat Techs (Offensive)
Level 4 (32,000 words) : Firing Screen, 2x per day
Level 5 (36,000 words) : +7% Combat Techs (Offensive)
Level 6 (40,000 words) : Firing Screen, 3x per day
Level 7 (44,000 words) : +8% Combat Techs (Offensive)
Level 8 (48,000 words) : Firing Screen, 4x per day
Level 9 (52,000 words) : +9% Combat Techs (Offensive)
Max Level (56,000 words) : +10% Combat Techs (Offensive) / Firing Screen, 5x per day

[Touitsu Kousen] - "United Resistance"
Allies that have faced many hardships together often gain a higher bond. Through such a connection, comrades are able to face the brunt of duress and adversity with a heightened degree of tolerance. United Resistance, a sister technique to United Front, culminates this aspect of bonds into an inherent defensive mechanism. This tech allows characters that have reached a special bond to more effectively defend themselves and one another.

Those with a strong enough bond will gain the ability to perform an Empathic Shot once per round. When one member is attacked, the Quincy can instantly and instinctively fire a shot to deflect the attack. Uses are limited by the pairs, not individuals.

Requirements: At least 60,000 words written with another player

Level 1 (60,000 words) : +5% Combat Techs (Defensive)
Level 2 (64,000 words) : Empathic Shot 1x per battle
Level 3 (68,000 words) : +6% Combat Techs (Defensive)
Level 4 (72,000 words) : Empathic Shot 2x per day
Level 5 (76,000 words) : +7% Combat Techs (Defensive)
Level 6 (80,000 words) : Empathic Shot 3x per day
Level 7 (84,000 words) : +8% Combat Techs (Defensive)
Level 8 (88,000 words) : Empathic Shot 4x per day
Level 9 (92,000 words) : +9% Combat Techs (Defensive)
Max Level (96,000 words) : +10% Combat Techs (Defensive) / Empathic Shot 5x per day

[ Gunji Doumei Inga ]- "Fated Alliance"
Real, unconditional comradeship is a rarity that comes only to those true of heart. Allies that have attained such a legendary bond are said to be inseparable and unbreakable in battle. Gunji Doumei Inga emphasizes the power of invincible bonds, allowing indivisible comrades to combine their efforts into a singular, unique, and synergistic skill.

A Fated group may consist of 2 or 3 players. Players who are both bonded with the same player may be part of the same group, even if they are not bonded as well with each other.

Players may be part of multiple Fated groups but cannot use multiple Fated techs in one round.

Requirements: At least 100,000 words written with a partner. Submit Fated tech to tech staff for approval.

Level 1 (100,000 words) : Usable 1x per day
Level 2 (105,000 words) : 110% Power
Level 3 (110,000 words) : Usable 2x per day
Level 4 (115,000 words) : 120% power
Level 5 (120,000 words) : Usable 3x per day
Level 6 (125,000 words) : 130% power
Level 7 (130,000 words) : Usable 4x per day
Level 8 (135,000 words) : 140% power
Level 9 (140,000 words) : Usable 5x per day
Max Level (150,000 words) : 150% power


Ginkaihou is an ancient Quincy magical art which utilizes condensed reishi within silver tubes called Gintou. Since the Schwarz Nacht, true masters of Ginkaihou no longer live, leaving only the most practical and potent Gintou known to Quincy as a whole. Those that still live are not tested on their knowledge of the Flowing Silver, but its secrets are ripe for rediscovery.

Types of Gintou:

There are five Schools of Flowing Silver:

Gerade (School of Direct Fire): The study of spells that use precision and concentrated force.
Sprengen (School of Blast Areas): Spells that affect a wider area.
Hemmen (School of Inhibition): Spells which bind or incapacitate a target.
Verbessem (School of Enhancement): Spells which support or empower their targets.
Schranke (School of Barricades): Spells which impede or protect from enemy attacks.

Ginkaihou is much more limited in versatility, but has certain other advantages to make up for it. The Gintou list is small, but unranked.

Generally speaking, Quincy magic is all oriented toward one specific purpose: hunting. Gintou do not require incantations or ranks. They are cast by calling the school and name of the spell and using energy from the Gintou tubes the user is carrying.

Using Gintou:

Rather than costing reiatsu, Ginkaihou spells cost a number of Gintou tubes to use. Gintou tubes are small silver tubes which contain a clear liquid: condensed reishi. After activation, tubes begin to glow the color of the user’s reiatsu. While dormant, the tubes collect ambient reishi from their carrier and the world around them. A user may access any spell they meet the requirements for at any time, so long as they have enough filled tubes.

Gintou do not require incantation. Any incantation used is at the discretion of the casting Quincy, and is considered ill-advised. For most practical purposes, Gintou functions as does Kidou, and may be submitted in the same way.

A Quincy begins with one Gintou. They gain one more Gintou for every 2,000 Reiatsu, up to five total at 8,000 Reiatsu. Even if obtained in other ways, a Quincy cannot carry more than 8 Gintou at any time.

Gerade (School of Direct Fire)

Abwehr | Repel
Cost: 2 Tubes
Description: Those around an Abwehr spell will find themselves thrown back 5m opposite of the area of breaking.

Requirements: 2,000 Reiatsu

Sprengen (School of Blast Areas)

Lichtdermatose | Eruption of Light
Cost: 1 Tube
Description: A reishi version of a flashbang grenade, which uses spiritual particles to provide a light for a 2 meters radius that not only blinds sight, but ability to sense spiritual pressure as well. The blinding of traditional senses lasts for five seconds, and the area is flooded with high levels of charged reishi, blinding abilities like Reiatsu Noukan for ten seconds.

Requirements: 500 Reiatsu

Hemmen (School of Inhibition)

Pappen | Glue
Cost: 2 Tubes
Description: Commonly used as a trap, the two tubes are poured on the ground. Creatures, even those of spiritual ability, who step on the charged gintou become stuck on it, like reishi flypaper. For the purposes of overcoming this inhibitor, it has the effectiveness of a binding kidou of 1200 reiatsu. The tubes required for this can cover an area up to one square meter for ten minutes or until it is overcome by a victim.

Requirements: 3,000 Reiatsu

Verbessem (School of Enhancement)

Umspulen | Recall

Cost: 5 Tubes
Description: Pouring the contents of 4 charged Gintou tubes onto the ground creating a mark location for the remainder of a collab. If within 50m the Quincy can use the fifth tube to warp to the marked location. No other actions may be used that turn and after a warp the mark ends. Only one Umspulen mark may be present at a time.

Requirements: 8,000 Reiatsu

Schranke (School of Barricades)

Wolke | Cloud
Cost: 1 Tube
Description: The most basic and widely used Gintou: after breaking, Wolke causes the immediate area, within a 10m radius, to become filled with a thick fog of reishi which lasts for three turns.

Requirements: None

Seele Schneider

Seele Schneider is a unique and rare arrow, often referred to as the only edged Quincy weapon. It takes the shape of a silver rectangle, approximately 30cm long. One end has a squared hook, while the other has a thin opening. Formed of the same soul-synthesized silver as Gintou tubes, Seele Schneider functions similarly: while dormant, it absorbs latent reishi from the user and surrounding area, ensuring that it is fully charged when needed.

When activated, a thin blue blade of reiatsu projects from the front of the weapon, extending to 70cm (making the entire weapon 1m from end to end). This reishi is constantly in motion, cutting at three million revolutions per second, pulverizing spirit particles and loosening their bonds significantly.

While Seele Schneider is an arrow, it has practical applications as a melee weapon -- proficiency is determined by skill in Namazan. It destabilizes reishi on impact and absorbs the freed particles. It also cuts through unprotected flesh with ease. When striking barriers, constructs, or reiatsu-based attacks, the blade absorbs 10% of the cost. Seele Schneider can only remain active for up to three rounds. At the end of the third round, the Seele Schneider will seal itself.

Firing Seele Schneider carries the same cost as a normal shot, and is valued at the cost of the shot + 1,000 Reiatsu + any absorbed reishi.

Each Seele Schneider takes the place of five Gintou tubes.

Requirements: 6,000 Reiatsu

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