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Feb 18, 2008
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Forum Rules

Welcome to Post Terminus! This site and forum is mostly centered about our original-setting writing roleplaying game, Post Terminus (thus the name), but on a broader scale, it's a community of writers, geeks, nerds, and a handful of artists that have bonded over our interests in writing, games, movies, anime, and so forth. If you've been here a while, you know the unspoken rules well enough, but someone brought up the fact that they weren't written down anywhere. So for any newer people, and older members who might need a reminder, these are the rules:

  1. First and foremost, treat others with respect. You don't have to like everyone and, in fact, I don't expect you to. I do expect you (new or old) to act at least as mature about it as if you were in a public setting.

  2. Building off of the first rule, no insulting, flaming, or shout-fests. If you have a complaint about someone, bring it to me. If you have a problem with me, also bring it to me. We'll either get it resolved in some way or part on amicable terms. If you do not raise the complaint to an admin, and it turns into a fight on the forum or in Discord, it may be your ticket out the door.

  3. Language: the primary language here is English so it's preferred that you speak in it. If you're self-conscious about your fluency, don't be. If you post in another language, most likely Google Translate will be used to find out what you're saying. If you don't trust Google Translate, you might not want to do that.

  4. Religion, Politics, and Social Agendas: keep it courteous, or it stops.
    1. Like rule #1, you do not have to like or agree with a person's opinion on any subject matter, but they are still allowed to voice that opinion.
    2. That said, the caveat is that even though you are allowed to voice your opinion, that doesn't mean everybody, or anybody, has to agree. The key is that discussions are perfectly fine, encouraged, and we've had many a good discussion on certain topics.
    3. If you start to take things personally, though, or feel like others are taking it personally, stop. Right or wrong doesn't matter. If you don't stop, see rule #2.

  5. Age: The minimum age to sign up on this forum is 13. That means that public content should be kept at a roughly PG-13 level. What does that mean? Using profanity or referencing sex is okay, but lurid descriptions of sexual acts, disturbing imagery like real people dying, and any 18+ video or imagery is not allowed. For the RP folks, there is a Mature Content access you can opt into if you're 18 or older, but even there, keep it classy.

  6. Generally speaking, I do consider everyone here to be adults. If you're younger, maybe you consider that a compliment. Because of that, I expect people to act like adults. The administrators, like myself, will step in to help out where necessary, but on a certain level, we do expect you to stick up for yourself or respond to criticism and teasing in a mature way. We would love for everyone to feel welcome here, but do not want to reach a point where everyone feels the need to censor themselves at all times.
    1. If you do feel that you're being harassed in an unacceptable way (ie, sexual harassment, racial attacks, religious condemnation) or to an unreasonable degree (you can't post or speak in chat without being belittled and beleaguered), notify myself or another administrator immediately. I trust you to tell the difference.

  7. Illegal Content: Don't post it. If you aren't sure if something's legal, it probably isn't. This includes piracy.

  8. Plagiarism: This is a writing RP. Progression is based on how much you write. Therefore we've had incidents where someone dumps half a book of Terry Pratchett or Jim Butcher or whoever because they want to level up fast. I don't have to explain why that's wrong. If you do it even once, you're banned.

  9. Spam and Spamming:
    1. Spam, as in the advertising, is forbidden. If your earliest posts here are advertising for another site or Nigerian royalty or penis pills, you'll be banned and nobody will notice.
      1. For those that want to advertise legitimately, we have an affiliates board for advertising other creative sites. You'll get a better response if you get to know people first, though.
    2. Spamming, as in repeatedly posting to be a nuisance, is also forbidden. Do that and you probably won't be kicked out the door right away, but the boot is getting prepared.

  10. Have fun. I'm serious. If coming to the forum or jumping in Discord makes you unreasonably angry or sets your anxiety buzzing, take a break. We've all been there, believe it or not, and you're not helping yourself by forcing it or by sticking to routine. We're here to have fun, you're here to have fun, so let's have fun. Leave the drama on Facebook.
What happens if I break a rule ?

It all depends on the rule that's broken. Certain ones, like plagiarism or illegal content, may result in an immediate ban, no further questions asked. Other ones, like harassment, are more nuanced. For those cases, we have to figure out how much was intentional, whether the offender will learn from the incident, whether the complaint is true to begin with (please keep logs), but severe cases will likely result in temporary or permanent bans. Lesser offenses will end up with temp bans, muting, or restriction of little privileges like avatars, signatures, and so forth.​
I'd honestly rather that you don't break the rules and then we won't have to worry about that.​
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