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Apr 5, 2008


Vizards, as a ‘race’ are a diverse and heterogeneous group of individuals. Each is born of unique circumstances, as no living or dead person is aware of what exactly causes a shinigami to undergo hollowfication. As such, one in billions that is hollowfied rarely escapes from Seireitei. But for those that do, be it on luck or skill, life remains difficult. As fighters, they are extremely dangerous, having access to techniques or abilities beyond the reach of a shinigami or hollow alone.

Becoming a Vizard
In order to become a vizard in game, the character must be a shinigami and have at least acquired 5,000 reiatsu. Because Vizards are both rare and have the ability to occasionally use great strength, we expect their writers to be mature and conscious of the impact they can create. Becoming a Vizard happens in character, and the situation and impact may vary from character to character. If you desire to have your character turned into a vizard, get into contact with a GM.

Rage runs parallel to a Vizard's reiatsu, acting as the innate power their Inner Hollow has. Tapping into this strength greatly empowers a Vizard's capabilities and attacks, but at the cost of their mental stability.

Tracked week-to-week, Rage starts at 0% for a Vizard. Prior to taming their hollow, Rage then generates at a rate of 5% per week. Upon successfully taming their hollow, a Vizard may reduce their Rage by 25% per week.

To tap into Rage, a Vizard must don their mask - granting them an additional 10% boost to their reiatsu. While in a Masked state, a Vizard's energy becomes distinct to spiritual detection methods, and allows them to empower any given attacks by 5% Rage, equivalent to 5% reiatsu.

As Rage increases, the grip on sanity wavers. In excess of 50% Rage, a Vizard regularly undergoes troubles controlling themselves. In excess of 80%, this becomes debilitating, and upon reaching 100% Rage, a Vizard is completely catatonic, embroiled a battle for their very soul for the remainder of the battle.

Upon reaching 100% Rage, a Vizard is reduced to a state of complete catatonia. They become physically incapable of acting, their minds immediately brought into an all-out battle for control over their Inner Hollow. The battle may be swung either way according to external events, but regardless a Vizard is all but removed from a fight as a result.

If victorious, the Vizard's mind resurfaces - exhausted, but intact - and may continue battle (however poor a decision it may be). If unsuccessful, the Vizard's Inner Hollow seizes full control of the host body. If the Vizard is not subdued long enough for them to attempt to regain control, the control becomes permanent, and the Vizard's body is warped into a horrendous reflection of their Inner Hollow. They are considered, for all intents and purposes, a hollow from that point onward.

The Mask
Each Vizard has a unique looking mask that represents their inner hollow. A mask is considered a Unique Item, but does not occupy an Item Slot. Additionally, each mask may have one modest effect, rated at two Item Tiers below the owner's highest available tier, with a minimum of a D rating. These effects must be submitted for review by Item Staff.

When a Vizard attempts to remove their mask, they may be forced to overcome their hollow's desires. If the Vizard has 80% or higher rage, the mask cannot be simply removed, forcing the hybrid to struggle for control and leaving them exposed to their enemies. It takes at least a full round to remove one's mask in such a state.

Pit Training
It is utterly imperative that a newly made vizard tames his hollow. If one fails to do so, they will assuredly revert into a bestial hollow state and remain as such forever until their demise and reincarnation. In order to confront one's hollow, the vizard must either attempt to achieve a meditative state and commune with their zanpakutou, or be artificially induced into the state by reaching a very low (have less then 20% after 3 weeks of being turned) amount of rage. There may be other means of this to be explored.

Regardless, this struggle is dangerous for the hybrid and the world around them. When struggling, the user's hollowfication begins immediately, turning them into mindless killing machines. The consequences of a mishandled taming are left to the imagination of the reader, as they are varied and sweeping. Once a Vizard has tamed their hollow, they must make the decision between Hybridization, and Hollowfied.

By taking the path of the Hybrid, a Vizard's zanpakuto undergoes Hybridization, tainting the blade with hollow-like qualities. As a result, when submitting their Shikai or Bankai - a Vizard may submit an additional attack per release to be used while Masked. Due to the hollow-like nature of the abilities, Vizard Attacks are often offensive, or otherwise resemble abilities displayed by the beasts. Submitted Vizard Attacks are fuelled by Rage, which functions under a percentile ratio at all times, with 1% Rage being equal to 1% of the user's total Reiatsu by default.

Taking the path of the Hollowfied makes a Vizard more attuned to their Inner Hollow, culminating in a terrifying release known as Resurrección. This release takes the place of a Hybrid Bankai - though they retain the use of a Hybrid Shikai - and is treated as a self-induced summoning. The user immediately switches to the Hollow Stat Sheet, with their Zanjutsu and Hakuda stats combining into the hollow Rage stat, their Hohou becoming the hollow Sonido stat, and their Kidou becoming the hollow Ability stat. Releasing a Resurrección reduces a Vizard's Rage by 50%, for up to an excess of -50%.

In Resurrección, a Vizard receives a 30% boost to reiatsu. They are submitted with up to three abilities or attacks, which should be hollow-like in nature to reflect the properties of the release. Hollowfied Releases must use Rage as either a partial or full cost for all abilities, with any abilities or attacks capable of being reinforced once per round with 5% Rage independent of the ability.

If a Vizard takes the path of a Hollowfied, they do not receive a bonus to their Shikai Reiatsu - it remains at a 10% boost.


Base Techniques
[ Garganta Liar ] - "Linked Throat"
Tapping into the ability of a garganta to bridge the gap between dimensions, this technique allows the vizard to remotely view a target. Because of the stress and concentration required, it is impossible to perform in combat.

Requirements: 12,000 Reiatsu

[ Hollow Resilience ]
Vizards possess the ability to ignore smaller wounds, due to their inherited hollow nature. Minor wounds are utterly ignored, and moderate wounds are reduced in severity to minor damage.

Requirements: 10,000 Reiatsu

[ Subconscious Defense ]
When the vizard is not masked, the will of their inner hollow may potentially save them from deadly harm. Once per collaboration, the mask may deter a potentially fatal attack. This does not prevent all bodily harm, but merely keeps the vizard from being cut down. When used in such a manner, the Vizard's connection to their hollow side is pressured, increasing the vizard's rage by 20%.

Requirements: Tamed Inner Hollow

[ Garganta ] - "Throat"
Vizards are capable of mimicing the inter dimensional travel of their hollow cousins. By touching the space of the realm they currently occupy, they may initiate a reaction that rips open a portal between Hueco Mundo and the living world. The user may then enter the opening and go into the turbulent space between realms, along with any who have sufficient speed. Garganta may not place the user within protected realms, such as Las Noches.

Further, this technique is ponderous to enact. Requiring a great deal of concentration, a user would need to be undisturbed in combat situations for a length of two turns to open the portal.

Requirements: 8,000 Reiatsu

[ Cero ] - "Zero"
The hallmark ability of hollowkin, vizards are capable of replicating this dread technique. Activating a cero increases the Vizard’s rage by 20%. In return, a lance of energy is emitted, 50 meters in length and 5 meters in width, with a value equal to 20% of the user’s maximum reiatsu. This grows in size and potential collateral damage as the vizard's reiatsu grows. Accuracy and precision are governed by Kidou or Ability.

Requirements: Tamed Inner Hollow

[ Bala ] - "Bullet"
By gaining 5% rage a vizard may generate a surprisingly fast, but less powerful version of a cero. Its value is rated at 5% of the user's total reiatsu.

Requirements: Tamed Inner Hollow

Innate Division Techniques
Vizards come from years of training as shinigami, and often bring techniques they once learnt during their tenure in the Gotei Thirteen. To this end, a Vizard has not four, but six division technique slots. These two bonus slots are Innate in nature, and can be either occupied with either division techniques from prior divisions, or with the techniques listed below:

[ Hybrid Control ]
Shinigami who follow the path of discipline and control over their hollow natures may elect to subvert the growing darkness in their souls once per week, if in combat. This immediately grants them a 20% rage decrease(this rage may not go below the natural 0% limitation).

[ Monstrous Fury ]
Those plunging into the madness of deep hollowfication are able to tap into reserves of power unattainable by their more disciplined cousins. Every two weeks, the vizard may choose to release with a monstrous fury. If they do, each round they are released they lose an additional 5% rage.

[ Plunge Into Darkness ]
This technique allows vizard who are masked to augment one of their abilities by channeling the rage of their hollow into it. By gaining 15% rage, they are able to empower any ability with a reiatsu cost by an amount of 10% of their maximum reiatsu. For utility and other abilities that do not gain increased potency with additional reiatsu, there is no additional effect.

Vizard Feat Slot
Shinigami who are converted into Vizards and subsequently tame their hollow acquire a unique feat slot.
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