Reviewed Week 223: The Talk - Feedback


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Feb 18, 2008
Sorry these reviews are so far apart. I keep thinking some of these others guys will jump in with feedback.

Be careful of sayings like 'thank god' that don't fully fit into the setting. Be creative with replacements, though, don't feel a need to make word-for-word conversions. This whole chapter, though, gives us a good humanizing view of Micali, letting the reader see her at one of her weakest moments. The momentary glimpse of her past combined with her own words about what happened start filling in some of the blanks without giving everything away. I know you were worried about pulling that off, so I wanted to make a point of saying 'good job.'

There were elements of Tarantino before, but unfortunately, I have to say that the parallels with Kill Bill keep growing. Inspiration, homage, those things are okay, but make sure that you're telling your own story, not retelling someone else's. I like where the story is going, but I'm really hoping not to see fight in a kitchen coming up next!

Great chapter, keep 'em coming.


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