Reviewed Week 225: Wet Sand - Feedback


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Feb 18, 2008
I'll let it slide, given their history, as alluded to in the past few chapters, but have to say it is very poor planning to bring a bow into a knife fight. At least, it's poor planning if the knife-fighter has a chance in hell of closing the distance to use his knife.

The tensions between the two characters are great, but I can't get a handle on Pallorus. He didn't come off as guilty through their conversation, but surrendering at the end tells us for certain he does feel that way. The surrender feels unexpected and unearned, which I'm sure Micali will struggle with. Then there's the fact that however much he participated in the attack from years ago, he was not, seemingly, the one who hired the hitman to kill her.

There's a lot for Micali to think over. Also a lot of downtime for healing from the sound of things. Curious to see where you'll take this.


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