Week 248: Hospitium is Born

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Nov 21, 2006
The day had just broken when Reilly rose out of bed. Despite getting a proper night sleep he still arose groggy and weary. The long nights working on his great hall had taken a great toll on his body. He sat on the edge of his bed just working up the muster to proper rise to his feet and set about his day as this was the day he had been waiting for for nearly two years. His rough and calloused hands rubbed the sleep from his eyes before placing them on his knees and forcing himself to rise.

Slowly he slipped on his clothes and stood before the window and looked upon the busy streets of the port city. Today everything would change. He stepped out his little shack that he was renting and walked through the streets. Through the two years he had been staying in the town of Concha Litus he had grown to be accepted by the people around his hall. He told no one what it was he was exactly building. Most just knew he as the new owner of an old Inn up on the hill.

What exactly was he to tell people? That he had planned to build a brother for the shady underground factions of the world where they could meet on neutral ground and settle business deals and other matters without fear of a double-cross? He was sure that would not go over so well with the populace. To them his hall would just be known as a casual brothel and inn to satisfy the sailors coming into port.

As he approached the hall he gazed upon its glory. The outside walls were made of polished stone with wooden pillars rising up to the three floors. The windows were twice as thick as normal with the frames hand carved elaborate patterns. The front door itself was a double style made partially of glass for a more sophisticated look. Rather than a board with the name on it, Reilly chose to go for just a large symbol of his guild in the center above the main doors.

He was proud of the work he had done and while he did hire help when building portions of the hall. He would be a mad man to try and do this work himself. There were sections he refused to let anyone work on or would do work after he had sent them home. He needed to make sure the secrets of his hall remained just that.

Pushing open the main doors he stepped inside the main passage. Here he would have the main desk to greet the guests. Potted plants would line the walls to create a more welcoming atmosphere, perhaps a picture or two he thought to himself. From this main entryway two hallways, one on the left and one on the right, would lead away to the main rooms. Each hallway would host four rooms on either side and a staircase leading to the next floor. Directly between the hallways would be another set of double door which would lead to the entertainment room.

A massive room with twenty tables and chairs filled the room. The tables were hand carved with a woven design starting at one edge and wrapping around the the edge and working its way towards the center of the table. The chair legs were carved in the look of a large wolf’s paw. The seat and back were embroidered with violet silk and a gold stitching of the guild’s symbol. Along the walls would sit six fairly large stages for his dancers and in the middle of the room would sit the bar with solid, polished stone countertops with stools lined all around. Banners with the guild’s symbol hang from the high vaulted ceilings. The ceiling also hosts several large skylights to allow the natural light to flood the room. Reilly walked through the the entertainment room admiring the ambiance, running his hand over the bar counter. He headed for the matching back doors which would lead to another sixteen rooms, eight on either side, mirroring the front the rooms.

However, instead a main entrance way there was a solid stone door. This doorway would lead down to the basement where no one unauthorized would be allowed to go. Pulling on the door handles he checked to make sure they were locked. Slipping the key from his pocket, he opened the doors and proceeded down the stair well. It was down here where he had the conference rooms for meetings. The walls were two feet thick of stone to conceal any sounds within. He had only constructed two of these rooms. Down in this cellar was also where he decided to keep his storage rooms and other assorted rooms needed to keep the hall running.

Reilly headed back to the front of the hall as his employees should be arriving any moment. While the hall was officially done being constructed there was still work to be done. Furniture needed to be placed in the rooms, alcohol placed in the cellar, and the entire place needed to be cleaned properly and thoroughly. As he opened the front doors he could see his workers coming down the path.

“Welcome to the finished hall of the Hospitium!” he exclaimed with arms outstretched. “Quickly get yourselves situated and start getting the rooms set up. I want us fully operational within two days. I know it is asking a lot, but we will have an elegant staff party when it if all over. Trust me, I look after my employees.” he paused for a moment as once he had mentioned the party everyone erupted in a cheer and clapping. With a hand motion he urged everyone to head inside and get to work. As they all hurried past him he reached out and stopped his manager, Meirian.

“I trust the girls and boys have completed their training?” he asked her under a hushed voice.

“Yes sir, they all received a passing grade in both courses. The guards have also passed, but I must ask why did you have them take the course twice?” she asked with a quizzical look.

“Well, you know the type of clientele we will be serving. We offer a conflict free place to settle business deals and exchanges. We need a thoroughly trained staff to ensure they follow the rules. Would you risk breaking the rules if you were guarded by Laniger, or a Scye? A good show of force is a good deterrent to cause mischief. It is our reputation on the line if we fail to uphold our rules. So yes, it was necessary. Now, I have some things to take care of for that side of the business so I am leaving the rest of this work to get done under your command. Do not make me regret putting you in charge.” with those final words his normally calm and cheery demeanor turned malicious and cold as to make sure his words sunk in and were made perfectly clear. Meirian’s look turned to a shade of startled and scared as she recalled the kind of man her boss could become if pressed. She quickly nodded and excused herself as she hurried into the hall. Turning back to look once more as his hall. He watched as his workers hurried in and out the hall moving furniture, linens and barrels of wine.

“Time to find my brother and rub this place in his smug face.” he uttered out and then turned to walk away.

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