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They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Using the picture above, everyone who's interested can write a story based in some way on that picture -- it can be any genre, fanfic, or original. The story must be at least 3,000 words, with no max length.

  • It must be your own writing.
  • It must be based in some way on the picture.
  • Keep mature content at a reasonable level.

Submit your story via PM to me, with "WWC: " and the title of your story. All entries will be posted anonymously on the forum.

There will be about two weeks for submissions. On April 8th, I will open a poll for all users to vote on their favorite submission. The winner will be decided when the polls close on April 14th.

The winner will receive +1500 Kan, +150 reputation, as well as a free commission from an artist of your choosing!

The first runner-up will receive +750 Kan and +75 reputation. The second runner up will also receive +500 Kan and +50 reputation.

Good luck everyone!



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Due to lack of responses, and in response to feedback, the contest is being extended with the following changes:

  • The due date to finish your story is Monday, April 15th.
  • There is no minimum length.
  • The stories will no longer be anonymous. Reverse demand requests this stays.

Post your entries in the Writing Contest board, beginning with "WWC01: "

Come on, everyone! Let's see your creativity at work!


So, due to lack of interest and generally bad timing, this contest is being put on hold indefinitely.
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