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<div class="bbWrapper"><span style="color: DarkSlateBlue"><span style="font-size: 10px"><span style="font-family: 'Times New Roman'"><br /> <div class="bbCodeSpoiler"> <button type="button" class="bbCodeSpoiler-button button--longText button" data-xf-click="toggle" data-xf-init="tooltip" title="Click to reveal or hide spoiler"><span class="button-text"> <span>Spoiler: <span class="bbCodeSpoiler-button-title">*NOTE*!</span></span> </span></button> <div class="bbCodeSpoiler-content"> <div class="bbCodeBlock bbCodeBlock--spoiler"> <div class="bbCodeBlock-content"><span style="font-size: 9px"><b>*<span style="text-decoration: underline">NOTE</span>*: This thread is so we can exchange letters and communications iC about the Kidoushuu formation. After we've all confirmed, I imagine we can group collab (if you guys want) the talking to Aya and Masaru, then set up the rules and such. &lt;3</b></span></div> </div> </div> </div><br /> <span style="color: DimGray"><div style="text-align: right"><span style="font-family: 'Georgia'"><span style="font-size: 12px"><b>Chapterless:</b><br /> The Rise of the Kidoushuu</span></span>&#8203;</div></span><br /> Thoughts soared and tumbled, lost in their translations, as Kanie sat at her desk with an ink bottle that desperately required refilling.<br /> <br /> Spread evenly in front of her were five sheets of paper that would soon, in their tarnished natures, unite several members of the Gotei under a purpose that she hoped... she prayed... would bring just a moment's more shelter to those of the Seireitei from the impending storm.<br /> <br /> <span style="color: Black"><br /> <span style="font-size: 9px"><span style="font-family: 'Trebuchet MS'"><b><div style="text-align: center">~*~*~*~*~*~*~&#8203;</div></b></span></span><br /> <br /> <i><div style="text-align: right"><span style="font-size: 9px">*note that this has been written in crayon*</span>&#8203;</div></i><br /> To my dearest Ichi,<br /> <br /> It occurs to me that I may regret in asking you this, but just as I couldn't be in 3rd without you, I fear my lack of strength calls for you in this project as well.<br /> <br /> In light of all of the upcoming dangers and difficulties that now face the Gotei, there are whispers circulating among those who'd know of it, in reviving what is known as the <i>Kidoushuu.</i> There's more that I'll tell you about in detail when I've heard back from you, but the short-story is that it is a group of qualified Shinigami devoted to preserving, studying and developing Kidou for use within the Seireitei ranks. For a division like ours-- a division backboned by one of the four major branches of kidou-- the creation of such a body is critical.<br /> <br /> These whispers are quiet, love, and I'm not entirely sure what the future holds if we do manage to bring this back to life... but if I'm to do this, I'd like to ask you, once again, to stand by me.<br /> <br /> <div class="lbContainer lbContainer--inline" data-xf-init="lightbox" data-lb-single-image="1" data-lb-container-zoom="1" data-lb-trigger=".js-lbImage-_xfUid-1-1547862724" data-lb-id="_xfUid-1-1547862724" style=""> <div class="lbContainer-zoomer js-lbImage-_xfUid-1-1547862724" data-src="https://www.postterminus.com/xf/proxy.php?image=http%3A%2F%2Fimg466.imageshack.us%2Fimg466%2F9091%2Fbandaid9ba.png&amp;hash=74b8681218334224371ac2fad5d37fb7" aria-label="Zoom"></div> <img src="https://www.postterminus.com/xf/proxy.php?image=http%3A%2F%2Fimg466.imageshack.us%2Fimg466%2F9091%2Fbandaid9ba.png&amp;hash=74b8681218334224371ac2fad5d37fb7" data-url="http://img466.imageshack.us/img466/9091/bandaid9ba.png" class="bbImage" data-zoom-target="1" alt="" style="" /> </div> ,<br /> ~ k<br /> <br /> <br /> <span style="font-size: 9px"><span style="font-family: 'Trebuchet MS'"><b><div style="text-align: center">~*~*~*~*~*~*~&#8203;</div></b></span></span><br /> <br /> To ReiRei-chan,<br /> <br /> Amazingly, this will be my first letter to you that isn't asking for something! Well, I suppose it is. But Rei, darling, this time, it is not <i>I</i> that require you, but several. <br /> <br /> In the past, you've shown me great strength and command with your use of kidou, and it is based on this memory that I write to you. Among those in secret, there is talk of reviving what I'm sure you've once heard of... the Kidoushuu. As a captain much more in keeping with Gotei news, I won't bother you with the details of its history, but said simply, it's a group devoted to preserving, studying and developing Kidou for use within the Seireitei ranks. In the dawn of a war that I'm sure will change the very fabric of the society that allowed me to meet you, my dearest ReiRei-chan, I hope you'll see how desperately such an organization would benefit from your presence.<br /> <br /> I wait on pins and needles to hear from you.<br /> <br /> (And. tackle. you.)<br /> <br /> yours with kisses,<br /> kandie<br /> <br /> <br /> <span style="font-size: 9px"><span style="font-family: 'Trebuchet MS'"><b><div style="text-align: center">~*~*~*~*~*~*~&#8203;</div></b></span></span><br /> <br /> To my beloved Yukiko,<br /> <br /> How cold my bed has been without your glory to bequeath it with the warmth only you, my sensual goddess, are capable of. I long for you. <img src="" class="smilie smilie--sprite smilie--sprite7" alt=":p" title="Stick Out Tongue :p" /><br /> <br /> But in truth, my dearest friend, I write to call for your aid, both as someone who has continually guided me in things I don't understand as well as one of the strongest captains of the Gotei. I'm sure you're well aware of the term, and probably have said and heard it many times yourself, but there is talk in shadows of reviving the Kidoushuu... the body devoted to preserving, studying and developing Kidou for use within the Seireitei ranks. It's regretful that we must meet on such grounds that await the horrors of war, for which even now, I personally am unsure of how to approach... but it is my sincere hope that with the right people in this group... we may avail ourselves of resources that I pray will end this war in the swiftest way possible.<br /> <br /> It is in the interest of the 5th division that I'm sure you'll join; however, it is my greatest happiness just to be beside you once more.<br /> <br /> your love,<br /> kanie<br /> <br /> <br /> <span style="font-size: 9px"><span style="font-family: 'Trebuchet MS'"><b><div style="text-align: center">~*~*~*~*~*~*~&#8203;</div></b></span></span><br /> <br /> To Kayla Arujo of the 2nd Division,<br /> <br /> My sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this letter may cause, but to quickly introduce myself, my name is Kanshoku Meisekimu, Captain of the 3rd division.<br /> <br /> As we stand on the verge of what I fear will be a war that will change tides, a few of us behind the scenes are moving to create pockets of strength among those who may hold them in order to both save the Gotei and the people it protects. And it is for this reason that I write to you.<br /> <br /> Your command and knowledge of kidou has come to my attention, and therefore sincerely hope that you will consider what I ask of you. Right now, there is talk of recreating a group of Shinigami called the Kidoushuu-- an organization devoted to preserving, studying and developing Kidou for use within the Seireitei ranks, and it is my hope that you will choose to join us.<br /> <br /> We are working as quickly as possible to organize and strengthen the group, and it is my belief that your abilities will prove highly beneficial, both to the Kidoushuu and to the Gotei.<br /> <br /> I eagerly await your response and thank you for your consideration,<br /> Kanshoku Meisekimu<br /> <br /> <br /> <span style="font-size: 9px"><span style="font-family: 'Trebuchet MS'"><b><div style="text-align: center">~*~*~*~*~*~*~&#8203;</div></b></span></span><br /> <br /> To Junko,<br /> <br /> It is my greatest regret that I've taken so long to contact you once again, Junko, but I do hope you'll forgive me. We face urgent times and pressing matters, and I'm positive you're in great need as well.<br /> <br /> From my experience with you through Chiyudo Training, a memory that still resides pleasantly with me, I've learned that your abilities at kidou are noteworthy and unique in an organization such as the Gotei. And indeed, it is because of my memory that I must beg for you to consider my request. <br /> <br /> At present, several qualified Shinigami in the Gotei are working to recreate an organization known only as the &quot;Kidoushuu,&quot; a body devoted to preserving, studying and developing Kidou for use within the Seireitei ranks. News of this is being kept quiet for the time being, but your presence in it is vital.<br /> <br /> Time works against us now, Junko... as do many circumstances... but I do truly hope that you'll choose to come to our aid and join this event.<br /> <br /> Sincerely,<br /> Kanie, Captain of the 3rd</span><br /> <br /> <span style="font-size: 9px"><span style="font-family: 'Trebuchet MS'"><b><div style="text-align: center">~*~*~*~*~*~*~&#8203;</div></b></span></span><br /> <br /> Reverently, Kanie placed her pen down and stared at each letter.<br /> <br /> Rain dotted the flowers of the 3rd...<br /> <br /> <div style="text-align: right">... but thunder shook the ground of the Gotei.&#8203;</div><br /> <br /> <br /> </span></span></span></div>
Mar 22, 2005
Rei had read and reread the note for what seemed to be the twentieth time, - it had actually been his twenty fifth - pondering the message within and who he'd recieved it from. Only Kanie could possibly make Rei sweatdrop with a written letter. If anyone else had sent such a letter, he'd probably have laughed it off as a joke. But Kanie? He knew she was dead serious. And this made him wary...

... kidoushuu huh... these allancar will be creating problems if we only rely on the sword. They'd simply counter that with their own sword skills. But do we have enough people with the proficiency in kidou to recreate the kidoushuu?

He knew he had one in his division who was a shoe-in for the kidoushuu, Kayla surprised even him with her mastery of the demon way. Her skill easily surpassing his own when he'd been at that level. Thinking his response through, Rei tried to find a pen and paper on his desk to write a response.


To the ever-so-eloquent Kandie-chan

As usual, your letters bring a foreboding sense of anticipation to my heart, never letting me know what you'd possibly have in store for me. And it seems this time it was a well founded hunch. Since what you've just told me is hopeful.

Of course the revival of the kidoushuu is important, and I would consider it to be an honor to help in its rebuilding. I do of course expect a title that is at least five words long for my part in this. Supreme Commander and Kidoushuu Overlord sounds fair don't you think? =p

But in all seriousness. Aside from permission with the captain commander, do any of the current gotei shinigami know much about the inner workings of the kidoushuu? Not many documents regarding them survived the hollow wars. Are there any surviving Kidoushuu members known?

So in short, yes. I would be honored to share my knowledge of kidou, slight as it is.. and become a part of the new kidoushuu. If you need any further assistance, I will be happy to assist you in any way you ask.

Your Friend, and happy glomptackle victim
Captain of the 2nd Division, Rei Jiiro​


Putting down the pen, Rei looked over the letter once more before calling for a messenger. Leaning his neck back as he relaxed on his chair, he spoke aloud, as if someone else was in the room with him.

"... guess things are really getting serious now huh?"

Dr. Impz

<div class="bbWrapper">Kidoushuu. Junko had just received a letter from Kanie, his trainer in the Chiyudo training. The tone had been sober, even a little worrying from the message that was written in the small note. There was just a certain feeling that the letter was authentic. It had Kanie's personalized signature and she was the last person to play such a prank, especially such a big prank. Junko did not like what he was seeing, for it meant that a decision had to be made.<br /> <br /> Junko contemplated for a while, before jotting down the words he wanted to say.<br /> <br /> <br /> <span style="color: Navy"><b>To Kanie:</b></span><br /> <br /> <span style="color: DarkSlateGray"><i>I am surprised that you have invited me for such a group, the Kidoushuu. I must admit that I do not think I have the ability to meet up to your expectations for this elite group, yet I want to help no matter in what way I could. Even though you have given me such high accolades on my abilities, I know that I am still not strong enough.<br /> <br /> Yet, the threat that was impending on us is real and as a shinigami, I am bound by the Shinigami Code of Honor to protect the place that we live in. I realize the need of kidou during such pressing times, for my kidou research in the 8th division has taught me well. I must say that the need to revive such an organization is important if the Seireitei was to be safe from any threats in the future.<br /> <br /> I will be glad to help in whatever way I can for this new organization and will be willing to share the knowledge and research that I have done until this time. I will be glad to work with you, Kanie and whoever is going to join this important mission.</i></span><br /> <br /> <span style="color: Navy"><b><div style="text-align: right">Yours truly,<br /> Junko Shigenhiroi, 8th division&#8203;</div></b></span><br /> Junko finished the letter and he felt a deep worry in his heart.<br /> <br /> &quot;If the situation requires Kanie to actually submit such heavy letters to all, the situation must be very dangerous. The only way I can hope is to we can gather enough people to support this movement.&quot; Junko muttered as he sent his message to a hell moth, waiting for it to go to Kanie.<br /> <br /> The hell moth flew slowly, before disappearing from sight.</div>
May 6, 2005
Urahara Shoten
A smile graced Yukiko's lips as she read through Kanie's letter. After considering the missive, she sat back in her chair and considered the contents. "Kidoushuu? That sounds familiar..." she muttered before walking over to a trunk in her closet. She'd located some old, barely legible texts while poking around in her Taisho and in the 9th division basement. Not too surprisingly, many old scrolls and books were silently mouldering away in the dark, the words of their authors slowly becoming diminished by time and decay.

Her nose twitched in irritation as she opened the lid and pulled a small book from inside. Carefully, she checked its binding before opening it and reading. Hours passed, and she still sat there, reading intently through the forgotten tome. When she had finished, Yukiko replaced the book within the trunk and closed the lid.

She returned to her desk and picked up her pen, thinking of how she would word her reply.

Dear Kanie,

Yes, it has been too long since we were together, and I wish we weren't kept away by duties and functions as much as we have. But such is our life, and we willingly chose our paths as we deemed fit.

As per your mention of the Kidoushuu, I would be greatly interested in seeing it revived. Too much of our history as kidou users has gone by the wayside, and now it is our time to create a new history for this endeavor. I shall be there to help in any way I can. Even wtih bells on, as I remember you liked so much that one time.

Take care, my dearest Kanie-chan

After setting the pen down, she folded the letter and sealed it. Mothra was snoozing on his perch in her office, and when she gently nudged him, she whispered, "Take this to Kanie-chan, please?"

Without a word, Mothra took the paper from her hand and launched himself out the window into the frigid night. Silently she watched the hellmoth disappear over the treetops toward the 3rd division. After a few moments of watching her breath become visible in front of her face, she turned away from the night sky and returned to her studies.


New Member
Jan 8, 2005
Dear Captains Rei Jiiro, Kanie Meisekimu, and Yukiko Murray,

It's come to my attention that in regards with Central's wishes, the Kidoushuu Brigade is to be reinstated, and that you along with Vice Captain Kazuya Ichigawa and 2nd Division 4th Seat Kayla Arujo have also applied. It has also come to my attention that there seems to be a small questioning of whom is to be the leader of the Kidoushuu. I'm writing to ask all three of you to relinquish the position to another. I've based this request around, coincidently, three reasons.

The first reason is that all three of you are Captains of the Gotei. The responsibility, especially under the current war time conditions and the Hollow threats, isn't something I need you three to be worrying about right now. I much rather you all were focused on the tasks I hand down to you as Commander General...you attained Captainship ranking first, so I expect it to be your priority.

Reason number two is that in the future, there have been talk that the Keigun or the Onmitsu Kidou will be merged accordingly with a corresponding Captain of the Gotei. I have no desire whatsoever to merge all the Court of Pure Soul units like that...I want as little as possible to be synergized. That's why if the Onmitsu Kidou is potentially going to end up merged with the Gotei in terms of leadership, the Kidoushuu should not.

Lastly, with all three of you taking part in it, there isn't any real reason to give to either one of you. All of you have your own ties to Kidou in the Gotei...Yukiko and Kanie lead Kidou based divisions. As such, I'm asking all three of you to let control of the Kidoushuu Brigade go to someone else.

On a final note, I recommend Kayla Arujo for the position in question as commander of the Kidoushuu. Not only does Vice Captain Ichigawa have similar reasoning with his position as you all to not be given the rank, but Kayla Arujo has been a well marked Kidou user for the entirety of her career in Soul Society. To add icing to the cake, so to speak, I met with her recently following an incident with Arrancar, and there's not a single doubt in my mind she's best for the job.

If you wish to converse with me on these matters, come speak to me directly in 1st Division.

Commander General and Captain of the 1st, Shinkou Masaru


<div class="bbWrapper">He heard the footsteps of the season.<br /> <br /> And like her gestures and her smile, it was almost as if it was all he had.<br /> <br /> With a casual smile and closed eyes, Ichigawa stared out into the cool winter night from his spot on the windowsill. A letter was in hands; the contents still fresh in his mind. He still wanted to settle into sleep, and the dry leaves that were about to melt into snow awaited him in the garden quietly as he tilted his head down with the starlight shining on him.<br /> <br /> <i>Did you even have to ask, Kanie?</i><br /> <br /> Unfolding another sheet of paper over the letter he had, he carefully held a color pencil in his other hand and opened his eyes. Staring out into the night, his sword blessedly nowhere near him, he wrote only a few words.<br /> <br /> <span style="color: Magenta"><div style="text-align: center">&quot;My dearest Kanie,<br /> <br /> I will always stand by you.<br /> <br /> <a href="http://imageshack.us" target="_blank" class="link link--external" data-proxy-href="https://www.postterminus.com/xf/proxy.php?link=http%3A%2F%2Fimageshack.us&amp;hash=c3728e4582ccb823f739a73cf68ebc4d" rel="nofollow noopener"> <div class="lbContainer lbContainer--inline" data-xf-init="lightbox" data-lb-single-image="1" data-lb-container-zoom="1" data-lb-trigger=".js-lbImage-_xfUid-6-1547862724" data-lb-id="_xfUid-6-1547862724" style=""> <div class="lbContainer-zoomer js-lbImage-_xfUid-6-1547862724" data-src="https://www.postterminus.com/xf/proxy.php?image=http%3A%2F%2Fimg379.imageshack.us%2Fimg379%2F7969%2Fbandaid9xc.jpg&amp;hash=abd1c6b2e9baf0a347785d899b254773" aria-label="Zoom"></div> <img src="https://www.postterminus.com/xf/proxy.php?image=http%3A%2F%2Fimg379.imageshack.us%2Fimg379%2F7969%2Fbandaid9xc.jpg&amp;hash=abd1c6b2e9baf0a347785d899b254773" data-url="http://img379.imageshack.us/img379/7969/bandaid9xc.jpg" class="bbImage" data-zoom-target="1" alt="" style="" /> </div> </a><br /> ~Ichi&quot;&#8203;</div></span><br /> Folding the paper once, he brought his head upwards towards the night again as he tucked the color pencil away. Staring at the night sky, so distant above him, he stretched his fingertips out. The swirl of the stars was beautiful, so beautiful. And that smile remained plastered on his face as his fingertips closed daintily, not sure what his eyes were reflecting now in the depths of the night. There was nothing to worry about; he just had to open that window, take a look at the overflowing miracles in the sky that stood the same everyday, whispering to him of quiet secrets and wizened experience, and realize that life was still okay.<br /> <br /> And he knew that she sometimes looked at that same sky with him.<br /> <br /> He closed his eyes again, and his arm slowly retracted back to his lap. <br /> <br /> The footsteps were silent now, and maybe, he thought, the white season had arrived.</div>


<div class="bbWrapper"><i>To Kanshoku Meisekimu-san,<br /> <br /> Thank you so much for considering me for the kidoushuu. I'm greatly honored and appreciative of the invitation. Given recent events, I agree that we need to take action and as kidou users, we indeed have a duty to do what we can to aid our fellow Shinigami in this fight.<br /> I had been looking into the kidoushuu for a small while, though not extensively due to personal issues. So I'm greatly interested. I hope we can all get together soon and work out the kinks. This group has great potential! Looking forward to it.<br /> <br /> Sincerely,<br /> Kayla Arujo.</i></div>

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