Yasuke Pugnus


Sep 27, 2018
User name: Kyojin

Esteem Tier: Unknown

Character Name: Yasuke Pugnus, sometimes nicknamed "Kyojin"

Age: 25

Race: Laicar (Terran)

Racial Trait:
Laicar - Adrenaline Rush (Enhanced Run Speed)​

Yasuke normally is a calm and focused man. Discipline and order, as well as an understanding of right and wrong, were taught to him from a very young age on and thus influence his thinking and acting in a great way. Although he is not an iceberg without visible emotions he also is not known to normally exaggerate his expression of those. However he has been observed showing much warmth and surprising gentleness towards those close to him.​

Physical Appearance:


Tall in growth, broad shoulders, muscles and a jawline as hard as the mountains surrounding his home. In short: Yasuke is a walking mountain himself. But while his height (2,12 m) is a blessing of nature, the muscular build and a healthy physique is a trait shared by almost everyone in his village. Especially his broad chest and tree-trunk-like arms (he is among strongest of Northheim) are acquired through hard work, as well as the straight and upright posture (see below).​
He holds his head high and his gaze is always vigilant.​
His blonde, long hair and short-trimmed beard are a gift of his father, who stems from the northern most mountain ranges of Araevis, while the sharply cut facial features, a slightly darker skin tone and a hint of almond shape in his grey eyes come from his Songen mother.​
His clothes consist of undyed or only slightly dyed leather, wool, linnen and fur. Sturdy and protective against the cold winds is the first rule. So he wears leather boots and trousers, a linnen tunic and a coat made of thick wool, with a nice piece of warm white fox-fur around the shoulders.​

Yasuke was born in a small village called only by the common name of Northheim deep in the mountain ranges of Hiemis (located roughly two weeks on foot east from Terminus). His father was a blacksmith and trader and his mother a refugee from the isolist state of Songen. He never knew why his mother had come so far up into the north and she never was willing to talk about her past. But she taught him discipline and focus and gave him a basic knowledge in some martial arts, while his father taught him blacksmithing and the worth of some good and hard work you can do with your own two hands. As he grew up most things in life were taught to him by his parents, although there existet something similar to a village school, held by one of the elders. There basic skills were taught like hunting small game, cooking or building quick shelter, but also more complex skills like alchemical healing potions.​
All in all it was a harsh and demanding but also true and honest environment to grow up in. Nothheim lies in a valley quite similar to Terminus (although many times smaller) and is protected from the worst weather phenomenons. But ressources are scarce and crops are difficult to grow. This allowed for less free time between school and home teaching as Yasuke had to help his father more and more as he grew taller and stronger. Good and strong weapons and tools were essential to surviving in Northheim, as much for own use as it was for trading to buy much needed supplies they couldn't produce themselves.​
Thus Yasuke grew slowly up to become the strong young man he is now.​
As he had become a fully grown adult and even taller than his father (who was still tall with 1,93m), it showed that Yasuke wasn't destined to stay in Northheim and become successor to his father and continue as the village's blacksmith. A tradition, only rarely observed in the past decades, said that exceptionally young women and men should go out into the world and learn new skills to bring back to Northheim. And as Yasuke's father was still in his best years and strong as an old oak he proudly send his son to fulfill an old tradition, become something special and strengthen his village in the process.​

Skill 1: Discipline of Barbaris (Barbarian - Heavy Melee Combat) - * (Novice)
Skill 2: Discipline of Pugilis (Brawler - Unarmed Melee Combat) - * (Novice)
Skill 3: Art of Aedificare (Blacksmith - Weapons and Armor) - * (Novice)
Skill 4: Art of Alchemia (Alchemist - Potions and Divination) - * (Novice)



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