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Booty face. I feel like it would be so much easier to email you, or text you than to log onto this with my phone xD.
(you watched Death Note, didn't you?)

Nope. xD Not really!
Thanks for wishing me a happy birthday Bunz :D
I'm up for a collab if you still wanna, send me the link when your're ready.
Kat: In response to your confusion from the Char Planning thread::

If you join 2 weeks (?) upon PT's opening, you get 1500 latens to spend on skills. Those who joins thereafter gets 1000. :) So 1500 latens = six abilities. Some exhausted only 1000 cuz the basics guide says that the 1000 latens that a char originally gets (y'know, for slowpokes) had to be exhausted, but we don't know whether the bonus 500 also have to be spent. :)
Sure thing Nell :3 What's your character?
My Chara
Hey Dys! Are you up for a PT collab? :)
Suuuuure. o: Make it and send it to me and I'll post. :3

Current Writing Week is 193