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Mini Metro

Mini Metro is a nice, calming puzzle game about running a railway system. You have stations, you choose how to connect them with different lines, then you watch as the simulation runs, and passengers go from station to station.

Nice and relaxing. Find it on Steam.

Thanks to swaswj for making this article possible.

A relaxing (?) puzzle game

Oh, how do you win each stage? You don’t. You don’t win. You survive until you get crushed by the amount of people trying to get to places.

A nice simple railway line.

Things start out simple. You drag lines between large shapes, which represent stations. Stations will generate passengers, which are small shapes. When your train takes a passenger to a matching station, they get off.

That’s it. At regular intervals, you’ll get upgrades, such as more trains, more train carriages, new lines, tunnels and more. Tunnels are needed to cross rivers, so you should design your routes with that in mind.

Getting busy now.

Oh, you’ll also get more and more stations popping up. And then you get strange and special shapes. Sometimes, old stations will change to those special shapes.

The goal is to connect everything in an efficient manner. The game is smart and passengers will do transfers between lines, but still, you can’t leave them on the platform for too long. If you do, you lose. You get fired. You are not good at organizing train lines.

So, in Mini Metro, you’re goal is to get as many passengers to their destination as possible. Eventually, you’ll get overwhelmed by the amount of stations, but then it’s time to compare scores! See how many passengers you can get in each map.

The central junction is overflowing!

Find Mini Metro on Steam. Have yourself a fun little train simulation.