Moot's Super Guide to Being a Better RPer

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Moot's Super Guide for Being a Better Rper
by Mootiman

This community has been going since April 12th, 2004. Over time, many different head GMs have led the RP, and one of the biggest ones was Mootiman (no relation to a certain other Moot). He and I butted heads on many things, but one thing I'll say is that he was a fantastic RPer (when he RP'd) and he helped turn this community into something enduring and memorable, and even helped many writers, including myself, figure out how to tell a compelling story -- sometimes just to prove to him that we could!

During his tenure, Moot put together this guide, based on what he's witnessed over the years and on his own writing experience. It was written specifically for our Bleach RP, but out of respect, I'll be keeping it unedited and in its original context. Most of the lessons here are fully applicable to Post Terminus and to any other writing you might want to do.

I apologize if anything said in here is offensive. Even in his own words, Moot was an asshole... but he's an asshole who had some good lessons to share.

-Kyle "swaswj"

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  1. Don't make your character with the sole ambition of becoming a Captain/Overseer/etc.

    We have so, so many people coming in here with "Ash Ketchem" syndrome. They come in wanting to have the greatest fighter who is a Captain and can bankai your brains out. Most of the time these people fizzle out when they realize doing so is going to take a lot more effort than they anticipated.

    Sometimes these people stick it out and make it to that lofty rank. This is when the doldrums come. By accomplishing the goal of becoming a Captain, you have effectively lost your character's prime motivation.

    Don't come in to be the very best, like no one ever was, but instead think of goals you have for after you reach a high rank. That's a lot more interesting to rp and to rp with.
  2. Multiple personalities do not make your character interesting.

    I can't tell you how many apps we've had that have multiple personalities. They figure, having some super murderous personality, or some girl trapped in a boy's body or whatever is the flavor of the day makes for fun rp. It doesn't.

    Consider this; as a shinigami you will have a zanpakutou spirit, and as a vizard, you have a hollow on top of that. It gets crowded in that head. Why add to it?

    Rping with someone with multiple personalities is dumb. All it tends to be is the multiple personalities person playing the attention whore while forcing the other guy to play the straight man. "Oh person x, isn't he so wacky!"

    Instead of throwing a bunch of ill-realized cardboard cutout characters into one head, try actually making an interesting character.
  3. You are not an interesting character.

    Don't rp yourself. The RP in RPG is "role playing" as in, you are playing a role. As in, you are not playing you.

    I realize it is easy to play yourself, since you just do what you would do in a situation, but people who use too many elements of their own personalities in their characters tend to take everything personally. Oh, a guy just insulted my character, he just insulted me! Oh, I lost a fight, I'm going to go slit my wrists!

    It's okay to use elements from yourself. After all, you can't stop being you and you might as well use yourself and the people you know as inspiration. Just know the line between using your experiences as inspiration and rping yourself.
  4. Your character is not the top in his class in the academy.

    Every app ever is the top in his class and is super awesome and smart and strong and no one knows. That gets pretty tiring over the course of like 20 apps, who are all the smartest, the strongest and "unusually gifted."

    Instead of just saying they are gifted or smart or strong, why not write out how they are? Why not prove how cool your character is through their actions? Walking around like you are a super unique snowflake about to take over Tokyo/the Gotei/a Bloodline without ever proving yourself is just asking for a smack down.
  5. Beating the crap out of hollows or other shinigami or thugs in your sample chapter isn't impressive at all, and actually makes you look bad.

    You may think your 100 stat guy is a total badass, but no one starts as one. I see a disturbing amount of apps where the new character somehow flawlessly beats a whole gang or a whole gaggle of hollows. That's dumb. You are 100 rei, meaning you should be struggling in every battle for awhile.

    Seeing a sample guy godmod against a bunch of NPCs merely says to the rest of the rp that you are going to godmod against them.

    Think about this. Odds are you are going to end up going against another character in this rp at some time in your life. How are you going to justify in game beating up a whole army of hollows and not able to handle some chump who can barely shoot a byakurai? You aren't, it doesn't make sense and you are probably a bad rper if you can't rp being a noob for awhile.
  6. It's going to be hard at first.

    A lot of the old farts in the RP have written together for years here and sometimes it's going to feel hard to find your niche. Chats will go by and you will have no idea what anyone is talking about. Plots will mention things that don't make much sense without reading tons of old collabs.

    We try to be friendly around here, but it takes time for us to get used to you and you to get used to us. That is why we have castes/divisions/bloodlines and such; to give you a smaller more manageable place to rp with folks before getting into the nitty gritty of the broad rp. Try and take advantage of the people in your group and collab together. It's hard to fit in to a new group but keep at it.
  7. Collab Collab Collab

    Collabing is frustrating. It's hard to be on at the same time and get a coherent plot going together. It is difficult to mesh your style with someone else's. Even so, the rewards far outweigh the hurdles.

    This is a community and we write together. If you want to write in your corner you should probably go to a fanfiction site or something. By collabing, you can develop relationships both in and out of game and plots that will motivate you to keep writing.
  8. Rp Bleach

    You are here at a Bleach RPG on Bleach Forums RPing about Bleach in a Bleach inspired universe. Why don't you rp within those constraints?

    Mechs, gods, Final Fantasy characters, etc do not belong in Bleach. If you want to play such characters, why don't you go to an RP more suited for them? Why are you here?

    Adding random things like that diludes the universe and the story therin. You make things worse for everyone just because you want to use your "awesome idea." No.
  9. By the same token, don't use Bleach characters.

    Ichigo and the gang don't exist here. Don't use the characters from there. They never existed in our timeline. They never will.
  10. Design a unique-looking character.

    As of right now, there are about 16 billion white-haired characters in the rp right now. Half of them probably want to be Sephiroth or something.

    Try to think of something unique that defines your character's look. I've seen things from pigtails to mechanical arms to abnormally large boobs to sunglasses even.

    It seems like a pretty superficial thing, but it helps tremendously to have a clear picture of the person you are collabing with or grading. If they are just generic guy x, it's really hard to do that.

    Bleach makes that especially difficult. If you are a shinigami, you have one of the drabbest uniforms around. There is a reason so many shinigami characters in the manga look so flamboyant: it's the only way you can tell them apart. If you are an advent human at school, then you are in a uniform and have the same problem.

    You don't have to be an artist to come up with a distinctive character design. A mental exercise I've heard about is to imagine the outline of your character. If you could tell who he or she is just from their outline, then odds are you have a pretty decent design.

    Note that this is not a license to throw every random thing together and make a trainwreck. Try to stick with a defining trait and accentuate that rather than throwing every concept you have in your head and hoping something will stick.
  11. When making your character's personality, write how he is, not how you want people to think of him.

    A lot of applicants come in hoping to impress everyone with how cool their character is, not knowing that it is pretty much impossible. Let me use an example:

    Character X is a ladies man but he also is very chivalrous. He's laid-back and carefree, but when he's fighting, he's a serious tactician with an eye for finding weaknesses. Character X tastes great and is less filling. Character X goes down smooth and never leaves you feeling down. Character X is cool. Please like him. Please like me? Oh god, I'm so alone.

    When I read a description like that, I tend to learn a lot more about the person making the persona than the character. In some desperate bid to achieve in game popularity, they have stuck every character trait a person could possibly have (while trying to negate the negativity of any traits often by making them act in wholly contradictory manners), so that no one can possibly criticize him.

    Are you a stuck up nerd? Character X has a secret nerdy side too. Is your character against the authority of The Man? Character X is a free spirit too! Let's be friends! Oh, is your character a by the books intellectual? Well Character X believes in duty.

    Do you see how dumb this can get? You start to sound like a politician. You are applying for an rp, not a public office.

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  1. (Guys) Every girl in this place is not a potential love interest. Both in AND out of game.

    Girls have boobs. Guys like boobs. Girls are in this rp. This rp has boobs. These boobs are attached to real people who are just like you and me. Please treat them as such.
    I cannot tell you how many times we have had guys get all creepy toward girls, doing stuff in game that would get them sent to jail and then doing stuff in chat that would get them a restraining order.

    I can't even believe I have to type this. Don't attempt to cyber. Especially don't attempt to cyber underage people. Don't call underage people on the phone looking for booty. Don't e-stalk. Don't send naked pictures. Don't IM excessively and creepily. Don't get clingy. Don't eye rape underage people in game.

    Yes, every single one of these has occurred in our RPs history. It should go without saying, but the internet does something to people.
  2. (Girls) Yes you have boobs. Wow.

    As a girl on the internet, you get the privilege of being the apple of the collective eyes of a whole army of female-deprived nerds. This, however, does not excuse abusing that power.

    Every so often, someone gets drunk on the power and extends their tentacles into everyone's lives on here, harvesting drama and pitting people against each other. Sometimes pressuring people to do what you want and using your hormone-afflicted army as a weapon.

    We will not play drama-queen pokemon here. I don't want to see two internet queens sending their male Pikachus and having them do Thundershock all over my rp. Drama-queens and the white knights who defend them need to get out of my backyard.
  3. Write your kai/items/abilities/feats in simple terms.

    When you make a cool ability, I'm sure you have exactly how it functions worked out perfectly in your brain. I'm sure you completely understand everything about the kai and writing it up seems to be an exercise in dumb.

    However, you have to realize that the write ups are not for your benefit. They are so someone else can read your kai, know what it does, and be able to write a collab or fight with that kai doing stuff in it without any awkwardness.

    What does this mean? A bunch of crazy math or incomprehensible gibberish that means something only to you does not help on a kai, feat or tech. If your kai has math and you need to get a calculator out to do it, your kai has failed. If your kai has math, it should do so with numbers you have already calculated so someone else doesn't have to do it.

    When you submit a draft for an ability or a feat or an item, ask yourself whether that 100 rei new guy who just came into the rp could understand the basic idea. If he can't, you may want to think about rewording it.
  4. Things that would work in a visual medium won't necessarily work here.

    We all know Ichigo and love him, but his kai ability is basically "shoots beams at people." That wind kai from the Memories of Nobody film looks lovely, but writing "she spun around and a tornado shot out" really isn't that inspiring.

    The point is this, it probably looks cool in your head, but unless you can describe how it works in text, it's going to be lame. Choose abilities and stuff that you feel you can write out in an interesting way, not what looks coolest in your head.
  5. Try not to rip stuff off from other sources.

    A lot of you guys are big into comics or anime and stuff, and thus, many characters tend to reflect whatever someone is watching at the time. While its great to draw inspiration from other sources, there are two concerns to watch out for.

    A: Is my ability relying on someone having seen/read this anime/comic? If so, then you need to change what you are doing. I once had someone submit a punch "just like G Gundam." The only problem is, I've never seen G Gundam, so I had no idea what he meant, and neither would anyone else who hadn't seen the show. There are a lot of people who rip off Naruto. If I have to have watched Naruto to understand what you are doing, you are doing it wrong.

    B: If you are just going to barf out a story you just watched, what's the point? You already have seen it and know its going to end, why do it all over again?
  6. On that note, if I catch you plagiarizing anything, you are gone. No debate at all.
  7. Do not do earth shaking stuff in your chapters.

    Your character is not Keanu Reeves. He is not the chosen one. He is not the only thing stopping villain X from blowing up Soul Society. It is really stupid if you have some global threatening guy showing up in all your chapters and having only you deal with them.

    Does it even make sense for all the other PCs in the game to just sit around with their thumbs up their butt while some doom guy is blowing up Seireitei buildings? No? Then you probably shouldn't be writing it should you?

    If you are always being the chosen one, what is going to happen in collabs, where you are on an even standing with some non-chosen one guy? If your chapters present one thing and your collabs present another, odds are you are doing something terribly terribly wrong.
  8. Know when and where to use NPCs.

    NPCs are essential storytelling tools. At most, we have like 30 people in this rp. Obviously other folks are going to have to fill in the gaps.

    Good NPCs are there to make the main characters (i.e. the PCs) shine. Bad NPCs are there to make the life for PCs that another PC doesn't like hell. My character is a jerk, and so are many other characters. Unfortunately, he is also the most powerful PC at the moment. This does not give you an excuse to drop an NPC out of nowhere that is "10x stronger than Shiroi" just to shut him up. Similarly, don't do this to other people.

    Be especially sensitive if your NPC is fighting a PC. As NPCs don't have to have approved or feasible kai, they can be as game breaking as you want them to be. Of course you can build an NPC to blow up anyone, because there are almost no rules in regards to that. Just because we don't have an NPC staff, doesn't give you an excuse to be a retard.

    Do not flood this RP with godmod NPCs. And while this seems to be directed at newer folks, the worst of these are actually upper level people who get bored and decide to make giga npcs.

    Alternatives to flooding the RP with living gods: fight groups, fight clever opponents, etc. I'm sure if Superman can fight Lex Luthor, a guy who he can probably fart into his component particles, for decades without going stale, you probably can come up with decent stories as well.
  9. What happens in other people's turns, stays in other people's turns.

    Often characters don't get along. This is fun. Conflict is interesting! But for some reason, we just can't let other people get the last word.

    Many characters are polite but are thinking how much this or that character sucks. Your character cannot read the other guy's mind, so please act unaware of it. Inability to ignore such things probably means your character is just your personal avatar so you take any slight on them personally. I'll give you an example.

    Guy A's Turn: Benjamin P. Snerd sniffed the air in disgust at the sight of Slothgar the Shinigami. What a churl this man turned out to be! He thought. Snerd extended his hand, "Nice to meet you."

    Guy B's Turn: Slothgar the Shinigami did not smell. In fact, he had just taken a shower and was completely Zestfully Clean. He took Snerd's hand and shook.

    P.S. Snerd sux, u sux.

    See how dumb that is? Guy A is just trying to roleplay his character, whereas Guy B is trying to write to defend his e-honor. Way to come out looking like a champ Guy B!
  10. You can deal with mature topics, but don't go overboard.

    People in real life have sex and stuff. People also bleed when you cut them. Writing about either of these things doesn't make you mature. Writing about either of these things doesn't make you edgy. Dwelling on such things doesn't make you an adult.

    Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. Mature topics don't make the story any better, just by being graphic. If you are going to do mature stuff, by all means, but it better have a narrative point. If you are collabing with someone who is made uncomfortable by it, then stop.
  11. Don't be a collab whore.

    Its good to collab, it's bad to take on 3 billion collabs that there is no way you can do. If you are giving all of your partners blue balls, if you can barely sign on without getting hounded by 5 people trying to collab, then maybe you have taken on too much. It's okay to cancel.
  12. Leave your psychological problems to the psychologists and out of chat and the forums.

    It's the internet and it's anonymous. Sometimes people feel like that is a license to spew out all their personal problems.

    We're nice people (except for me) but really what do you say to some of this stuff. We try to be understanding, but seriously you guys, sometimes you are too much. Let's show you an okay example:

    Gallant: Hey guys, im a lil bummed right now because my kitty died.
    Everyone else: Aww there there.

    Now for a bad one:

    Goofus: Hey guys, my dad just beat me with a tire iron and now im going to the bathroom to cut myself. Please pay attention to me and tell me to stop while I hold myself hostage in order to get the praises of random ppl on the internet.
    Everyone else: …..
    Me: Get thee to a psychologist and out of this rp. Bannd
  13. Breaking the game is stupid for everyone.

    If you submit something that has a loophole for you to insta-win against everyone, you are a retard. So you snuck it by the staff somehow. Way to go. You are never going to use it on anyone because if you do, they will complain and you will lose that broken thing.

    Hence, you'll spend your rp days hiding how broken your thing is hoping no one discovers it. And that isn't fun.
  14. Leave real life out of the game.

    Just as you shouldn't mix Bleach characters here, you also shouldn't mix you or your real-life friends or celebrities. Self-insert stuff is a no. Erotic self-insert stuff is a double no. Erotic self-insert collabs are a triple no.

    The reason is many-fold. One, it is creepy as hell. Two, you aren't an interesting character (see above in the noob section for more on that). Three, people rping themselves or their avatars take everything dead seriously.

    Tell tale signs: You start going to familiar locations in the real-world. Bleach action tends to occur in Japan or Soul Society. When you start going to French Lick, Indiana, things start getting weird.

    You start naming characters after your friends. I'm sure your buddy Josh would be so proud at having a character in an anime-based text rpg named after him. Instead of being creepy, why not invite your friend to rp? It's more fun for both of you that way.

    Characters start becoming analogues for people you know. I've read a lot of stuff on here and oftentimes I see people's weird lives splayed across the page. Every authority figure in game becomes a parent for some Linkin Park listener to rage against. Buy a diary and write in there if you want to work through your personal problems in poorly coded allegories, but don't bring it here. See rule 12.
  15. Chaotic Neutral is a gay alignment.

    What is Chaotic Neutral? It is an alignment in D&D that people basically take to mean as "I do whatever I feel like is fun at the time." The character has no rhyme or reason, bending to the whims of the person playing him. Sure my PC might believe in truth and justice, but hey, blowing up the orphanage would be fun! Sure my PC believes in freedom at any cost, but hey enslaving the Ogron people offers a cool sword as a reward, let's do that instead. I'm chaotic neutral, who cares? I do what I want, and logic and character development come later.

    How do you know if you are making this mistake? Did you resolve to do something because you were bored and then retroactively make the motivation for your character? Odds are you decided something sounded fun and decided to shoehorn your character into doing that regardless of how out of tune it is with everything else you've done. Or maybe it isn't out of tune because you are doing random things and have a sucky character. Either way, you are dumb and you make me dumb by forcing me to read your dumb nonsensical dumb chaotic neutral antics. Dumb.

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  1. Don't call shots.

    Using your turn to land a hit without the other player's input is what is known as "calling a shot" and it is dumb. Here's an example:

    Lil' Danny Pockets swung his blade at the vile 4th seated shinigami, Bob Nublington. The blade raked across nublington's chest and blood spewed everywhere, thus proving how awesome and superior Lil' Danny Pockets and the guy controlling him is.

    By doing this, you don't give your opponent a chance to react to what you are doing and you are basically saying you don't value their input in the collab. Don't do it.
  2. Do work out turns with your partner beforehand.

    Obviously, with the called shot rule, it gets difficult to write fights since you can't ever conclude an action in your turn. This makes for awkward story telling, so what you can do is talk to your partner and ask him if it would hit.

    Mootiman: Hay, I'm using kidou x, with feat y, do you think your guy would react to that?

    Deus: I hate you Mootiman, but yes that would probably get me in the knee or something so write it out.

    Mootiman: Okay thanks.
  3. Do feign ignorance.

    As an RPer, you have access to descriptions of every kidou, feat, tech and kai in the game. Your character, however, does not. Often the best moments in fights are those where your character has no idea what is going on and has to wing it in an attempt to respond to his opponent's strategy.

    Have you committed the entire kidou list to memory? Can you recite each kidou, its incantation and its number? Then you probably don't know what on earth is going down when he casts a spell. Please RP accordingly.

    If you have encountered a technique or spell in previous battles, then by all means use that knowledge, but you better reference where you knew it and it had better have been from a PC v. PC conflict rather than a chapter where you write "my character read every kidou in the book and memorized all of them, so you can't surprise me." That is dumb, and you are dumb if you try and pull something that cheesy.
  4. Do talk about what your stats mean in your turns.

    The most important thing about getting through a fight satisfactorily is talking to your partner. I realized the stats are defined concretely, but that is because they measure skill and experience; things which by their very definition cannot be defined concretely.

    Let's use the classic stupid argument.

    "My character has 1000 zan and your character only has 100 zan, so I obliterate you in one slice."

    "Nuh-uh, my character has 1000 hak, so therefore he pancakes you since you only have 100 hak."

    The two guys have specialties in opposing stats, making them ill-prepared to handle each other's strikes. Right? Not necessarily.

    As a 1000 zan user, I am obviously pretty good with my sword. The advantages of such a style are better range than a melee fighter, good footwork for keeping distance between me and them, and a pretty decent ability to parry. The weaknesses of such a style are a single threatening area (I'm only going to hit you with the sword, whereas a hak person can hit you with any part of his body pretty much), and inability to fight in close quarters.

    Weighting those factors is also one of experience. How many hak users has your zan specialist fought and vice-versa? Once again, we're talking fights against hak using PCs rather than blowing up a few hak users in your personal chapters.

    Add to this how you wrote the attack. Did you write that your character is trying to keep his distance from the hak user? Did the hak user write that he is trying to close the gap and get into a grapple? Writing taking these factors into your turns greatly bolsters your case.

    Long story short, there aren't any easy answers, but the ones you and your opponent agree on. Be reasonable.
  5. Don't forget your strengths and weakness in your fighting style.

    This rule is simple. You aren't good at everything. If you have 10,000 in zan and 1,000 in hak, you probably shouldn't be trying to punch folks. If you can barely cast a spell, don't expect to be flinging kidou left and right. If you have a balanced set of stats, then you are going to have to attack in a variety of ways rather than rely on the strength of one method of attack.

    I've seen plenty of fights where zan/kidou builds fight like they are zan tanks, using sword stuff almost exclusively, or where slowpokes are flash-stepping all over the battlefield. Ironically enough, this happens most in higher level people who think that just because they are Captains, they are good at everything. They aren't.

    If you are fighting with a style that doesn't suit your stats, expect to get blown up. If you do this at Captain (or equivalent) better, expect to get laughed at and blown up.
  6. Do keep time in mind.

    Fights happen fast. Your average round is said to last 15 seconds, but that's really just a rule of thumb. In reality, things are probably a lot faster than that, considering you can leap through distances in the time it takes to blink. This means you probably aren't going to get a bunch of full kidou incantations off every turn, nor are you going to have time to make gigantic long winded speeches if your enemy is constantly fighting you in melee.

    However, with ranged battles, you might have a little leeway in between attacks so use that time accordingly. Just keep in mind how much time you have to do this or that.

    Another time concern to keep in mind is how long you have to come up with a counter-strategy. You might have thought up some super awesome plan to respond to another person's clever attack, but would you have time to think about what is happening rationally and how to handle it? Could you do calculus in the middle of a boxing match? Probably not.

    Writing a bunch of actions in one turn is the same as writing another character doing nothing, which is godmodding. Don't do it.
  7. Don't text dump every turn.

    If you are writing giga 1000 word turns about random philosophical turns or deep inner journeys on a consistent basis, you are probably aggravating your fight partner. You have passed the point where you are writing a collab and are instead indulging in "assisted chapter writing."

    Why is the other guy there if you are going to text dump every turn? Is your character really thinking all of this stuff every couple of seconds? In the show, those random inner trips happen only once a battle and not even every battle. Doing it every time basically says to the other guy that you don't care about their story enough to share the spotlight.

    A long turn every once in awhile where you develop your character is fine: it's flattering even that you would be considered a turning point in someone else's plot. Doing it every time crosses the line.
  8. It's okay to lose.

    You can't win 'em all, and I've overall been more impressed with people's losses than their wins. Here in this rp, everyone has a tendency to always stalemate so that no ones toes are stepped on. Ties like that are like kissing your sister. Losing isn't the end of the world and it can really help you take your character new places. How does he respond to defeat? How does he try and recover? Does the defeat break him or motivate him? Etc.

    This being a text-based RPG and not a console based one, the story trumps winning or losing. The story is more important than stats, win loss ratios, ranks or what have you. It comes first.

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  1. Teach your stuff to your subordinates.

    Every group has techs. The most often heard complaint I hear is that the group leader is not teaching these to the noobs. How about doing that? Why did you make them and submit them if you aren't going to teach them? Let me guess, because you only give a crap about yourself and what techs you want to do rather than anyone else. In which case, I'm going to pick someone better to run the group.
  2. Leech plot from your subordinates.

    Noobs have plot. Odds are you are running on empty. Noobs want to collab with the bigs. Why not indulge them. It's good for you as you get your nose in plot and its good for the new folks too.
  3. Don't meta-godmod.

    This occurs mostly in PMs. Once people hit bankai or equivalent, they think they are just so super awesome special and can nuke an entire division and you are 1000 years too early and what not. You aren't, you can't; don't pretend you can. By stating that you can, you are practically calling a shot on the entire meta-plot. Bigger toys mean bigger ways to godmod and it isn't any less gay even if you have a fancy title.
  4. Be willing to be vulnerable.

    You aren't Kenpachi and when people stab you, odds are you are going to bleed, even if it is less than the average dude. It's okay to get hurt a little even when fighting guys you outclass. It's okay to be surprised or impressed by stuff. It's okay to take some hits when you are fighting a group of weaks.
  5. Make something for other people to do.

    Plum out of plot since you didn't listen to me and made an Ash Ketchem character? That's okay I guess. Make it your duty to facilitate the plots of others. Be their NPC of sorts. You'll find that as you become an important character in other plots a plot of your own just might bloom!

    In PMs, leaders are going to be given objectives. It is up to you, the old to make sub objectives. For instance let's say I need you to blow up a building. That's a simple task that you can break down into a more interesting thing for your whole group.

    You as the heavy, could fight their big bad guy. Meanwhile, some of your nub patrol can sneak through and set the charges. Some of your other nubs can frantically make a distraction for the nub patrol. Right there is enough plot for four or five folks and that was something I just came up with in 2 seconds. Imagine what you can do. The best plots are ones where the heavy can lose but the nub patrol can still win the plot scenario.

    Olds, make PMs memorable and epic for the nubs I've entrusted you with or I will eat you. I live in Japan and I have to eat seaweed and fish every day. Do not think for a second that I won't eat you.
  6. Know the rules.

    If you are an old, you don't have an excuse for knowing who the staffers are, or what is going on in the plot. Why did I put you in charge? To make my job easier. If you aren't making my job easier by fielding easy questions like "how do i do this noob bonus?" or "who is tech staff?" then why am I keeping you around?

    Okay that's all for now.