Deniisis "Deni" Perfide


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Jan 5, 2010
Deniisis "Deni" Perfide

"Now, where to get started..."

Known Aliases: Deni, Valin, Senix, Phinis, Bruman, Amaverat, Delixes,
Levis, Risus, Gilbert, Waterboy, Icefish, the Arctoan, Pistol Perfide, White Bart (or simply Bart), Kelpie, Webster, Two-guns, Silver-Tongue, Skipper, That-Slippery-Fish-Bastard, Abominable Snowfish.

Age: 24

Race: Velen (Aquatic)

Persona: By nature Deni is a charmer and has always been a quicker speaker than he has been a thinker, a trait that has landed him in trouble numerous times. Despite being quick-witted and passing sly comments to invoke a reaction from time to time, he is not a fighter at heart and will try to settle any who begin to get aggressive, passing off his comments as a joke and switching to a more passive mood. Towards women, he can come across as rather forward, usually flirting regardless of whether he finds them attractive or not, feeding them what he believes they would want to hear.

Physical Stature: Just like most of his kind, Deni has a sleek physique and stands reasonably tall at 6’4”. His skin is mostly a snow-like white colour with flecks of deep blue, reminiscent of his ancestors who primarily occupied glacial regions. Atop his head, narrow ridges are set in rows leading from the front to the back of his scalp where hair would normally be located for a Laicar. His eyes are a deep blue to match the darker coloured areas of his skin.

Deniisis has a tendency to wear little at all, usually opting towards a sleeveless leather jacket and brown leather skirt of sorts to match. If he has any intention of entering water, he may prepare himself beforehand by changing his attire, but he does not mind swimming in his usual limited clothing. He is never seen without the silver bands on his right wrist and ankle that make a light jingling sound, the sign of a user of Serpens spells.

Biography: Hailing from a settlement in the Empire of Pelagium, Deniisis was born into a family who owned a reasonable amount of wealth. His upbringing was not rough; his rigorous studies and maintaining the reputation of his name were the only struggles worth noting. His family were all experts in magic, particularly the School of Serpens and all of them wore the jingling bracelets and anklets of a beginner Serpens-wielder out of tradition. The seemingly endless knowledge of magic did not particularly grasp Deni, however, and his attitude was generally considered vulgar by others in his settlement. Bringing embarrassment to his family and boredom to himself, the life at home was not one he enjoyed and so he left his settlement unexpectedly, and without being pursued.

On his travels throughout the other Velen settlements beneath the sea, he made acquaintances through drinking and gambling, learning more about the people outside of the hometown that he had known all of his life. They taught him other skills that brought interest to him, like building weapons and he learned how to wield a sword and a pistol with enough skill to defend himself. Of course, he always had the Serpens skills that his family had taught him, though he held them with more resentment than a blade or gun.

Turned-Down Count: 4
Aisha / Furi / Ignis
Aeria / Sigrid

"What, you thought I was just a pretty face?"

Vigor: 25,693
Esteem: Prominent
Latens: 4,788

Character Skills
Serpens (The Serpent) - Novice
Battuentis (The Fencer) - Novice
Pistolii (The Duelist) - Skilled
Terriculum (The Gunsmith) - Skilled

[Dahlitium Volantis x36]
[Dahlitium Pulveris x6]
[Dahlitium Lateris x37]
[Bigatium Volantis x30]
[Bigatium Lateris x23]
[Bigatium Pulveris x10]
[Auritium Volantis x16]
[Auritium Lateris x7]
[Auritium Pulveris x6]
[Vitatium Pulveris x3]
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Jan 5, 2010
Happenings of a Fish out of Water

"Did I tell you about the time I ate a piece of string? I shit you knot."

Road to Terminus
1) House of Cards
2) The Fish Has Fangs
3) Leverage [C]
4) All Drugged Up With No Place to Go
5) All Drugged Up With No Place to Go II
6) All Drugged Up With No Place to Go III
7) All Drugged Up With No Place to Go IV
8) Li'l Red [C]
9) Li'l Red II
10) Terminus, Tandem

Little Fish, Big Pond
1) Great Minds Thief Alike - w/ Aisha
2) Lost and Found - w/ Furi
3) Ozone and Gunpowder - w/ Aisha
4) Persons Accountable [M]
5) Commitment Issues - w/ Aisha
6) A Spurii the Moment - w/ Aeria
7) Merchant Blues [M]
8) Friends and Foes - /w Aeria

Sound of Trumpets
1) Gavelock's Hunt: Lake Cerulean
2) Five Hundred Years
3) That Greatest Vice
4) The Holding Block
5) Out of the Frying Pan
6) Prophet of Inlustrovis

In Captivity
1) Freedom For a Favour - w/ Kincaid
2) Fish and Beans
3) Four Walls
4) Price of Freedom - w/ Leidan
5) H.I.L - I.H.L
6) Holding off the Hunt
7) Guards For Cards
8) Guards For Cards II
9) The Serpent's Kiss
10) Work Release - w/ Furi
11) Aiding the Rebels - w/ Aeria

Cascade of Change
1) A Job of Secretive and Disreputable Nature
2) A Very Important Date - w/ Ignis
3) Three Times A Pistol
4) An Illicit and Clandestine Operation
5) Rally and Redouble
6) A Perilous and Felonious Infiltration
7) Votum est Mandatum Meum - w/ Ignis
8) Cassum

Cascade of Antics
1) A Celebratory Date - w/ Ignis
2) Money Speaks
3) Prae Excidiis
4) A Welcome Distraction - w/ Ignis & Aeria

1) Welcome to the Library

Not a Great Week

1) Belladies
2) Belladies (Evening)
3) Mercadies

"Really? Fine, but not all secrets are worth knowing."

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Personal Feat

Judge of Character

Description: Deni has been around various groups of people throughout his years in Pelagia and the time he spent on the road, from the pompous upper classes to denizens of the crime world. Even at a young age, he was exposed to families that lied, manipulated and put on a front to further their own gain. As a youngster he was taught that most people have an ulterior motive, but over the years, he learned that people would hide more than just their own agendas. The rogue learned how to analyse a person’s mental state by observing their behaviour.

Effect: Deni can subtly analyse an individual’s mental state, observing markers in their body language and speech patterns. This allows him to gauge what sort of emotions they are feeling, regardless of whether they are trying to hide them or not, though he cannot pinpoint the reason for their emotions. This ability can only be used every other turn and can only be used on the same individual once per collab.

Notable Esteem Trained Feat Slot - Empty

"This strange sensation...
is this emptiness I feel?
Perhaps I should drink."

Prominent Esteem Trained Feat Slot - Empty

"My life has more holes
than the plot of that novel
I finished last week."

PM's Unique Feat Slot - Empty

"Serpens, this is grim.
What have I achieved lately?
I should get out more."

"None of your business."
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Jan 5, 2010

"Oh, Deni didn't tell you about this, did he? Well, you're in for a delectable treat."


Lachtara takes the form of a rose-tinted orb, approximately four inches in diameter. The orb seems to be made of a glass-like material, making it possible to see the unusual smoke-like energies swirling inside the artifact, reflective of its otherworldly power. A dark metal frame covers a narrow part of the orbs circumference from top to bottom, but the artifact is still able to pivot and spin despite the frame. The dark metal seems to have been crafted in a purposefully crude manner, with small, jagged thorn-like shards jutting out of the frame.


“Give yourself unto me, bathe in my power. By my side, you will accomplish more than you ever could alone.”

Lachtara’s manipulative energies work to reward those that ally themselves with its augur. Deni can place his hand upon an individual of his choice and imbue them with the Mark of Lachtara, which appears on their skin at the point of contact in the form of a fuchsia mark. As long as the individual remains within a 50m radius of Deni (75m with the artifact in hand), the pair share a mental connection and are able to react to situations spontaneously together. Each individual shares the other’s awareness and they are able to act accordingly, allowing them to combine their efforts more effectively. This ability costs 1% of Deni’s maximum vigor to activate and is cancelled if a marked individual leaves the maximum range. Up to two individuals can be marked at a time. The Mark of Lachtera is considered to be a mental effect of magnitude 4.

[Relic Ability]

“Would you risk yourself to save them? After all, they’re just another pawn in your game. Expendable.”

Because of the shared consciousness that Evláveia provides, all linked individuals are at risk from attacks on the mind. To counter this, if Deni is targeted by a mental attack, he can pay 3% of his maximum vigor to to have a connected individual’s Evláveia mark flare up and they will suffer the effects instead. Likewise, if the individual marked by Evláveia is targeted by a mental attack, Deni can pay 3% of his maximum vigor to transfer the effects into Lachtara. The orb brightens for a moment and Deni suffers the mental attack instead.

Deni finds the artifact when exploring the ruins of Ísvaskur.
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