[Oc] Week 254: Investigation Pt. I

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Sep 22, 2009
Deep in the innards of the ancient marble edifice that housed the detectives of demvir’s police force, Detective Laermont and his deputy Calvinia sat across a plain wooden table from the muscle-bound velen prisoner. His purple and blue scales looked dull and a nasty swelling rose over one eye. Calvinia, her delicate enlil hands folded in her lap, gave the velen a nasty smile. “Ouch! That looks sore. One on one might be your thing, but you’ve clearly never learned how to fight five guys at once. At least you’re big enough that you didn’t get beat worse.”

The velen grumbled. “Thought you lot were s’posed to keep us lot from beatin’ on each other in here?”

Laermont shook his massive head. “We can’t always be looking. Questioning the parentage, sexual proclivities and mentality of all five of your assailants was your own doing. The fact that you know how to fight’s the only reason the beating wasn’t worse.”

He continued to speak in his deep voice. “You won’t have to put up with that much longer if you’ll tell us what you know.”

The burly velen groaned. “I already told you, guv. I’m a dead fish if they find out it was me what grassed up TorBru.”

Laermont sighed. “Well, they won’t find it out from us. We might be able to figure out a way to protect you, but only if you cooperate.”

Simonus grunted. “You lot? Protect me from them? Don’t make me laugh! Look at what just happened.”

Calvinia leaned in towards the pugilist. “It’s a better offer than you deserve. You might have some chance with our protection, you’ll have none without it.”

The demvir detective folded his huge hands into a steeple in front of him. “You know its worth a try.”

It was a few more seconds before a mumbled response came forth. “Awright….”

Calvinia smiled. “Knew you’d see sense, ya big brawler. We’re still your one chance!”

The more experienced Laermont spoke up before his younger compatriot could continue. “Lay it out for us then, Simonus, let’s hear what you’ve got.”

The muscled velen glanced between the two quaestors. “Look, I ain’t got a lot but I s’pose I’ll give you what I know. Far as I can tell, the Nefastus is makin’ life difficult for TorBru and so they figured that they needed people on the inside. At the same time, the Principium was puttin’ the squeeze on TorBru. I guess the Chairman figured playin’ both ends against the middle was the best way to go.”

Laermont stood, pacing again, eyeplate fixed on Simonus. “We already know that. I need names, Simonus.”

The two interrogators were faced with the disconcerting sight of a heavily muscled, scarred velen fighter pushing his head into his hands and holding it there before looking up at them with worried eyes. “You really don’t unnerstand, do you? That lot ain’t forgiving and they ain’t going to thank me for saying more.”

Calvinia shook her green and red feathered head. “Fine. Like I said, we’ll throw you out on the street and you can take your chances.”

Simonus grunted and grumbled. “All I know is there’s some guy called Guadriar who’s connected to all this. I dunno exactly what his connection is but the name keeps coming up. That’s all I’m tellin’ you. Hell, it’s all I know.”

Laermont inclined his head a few inches and raised it again. “How does this Guardriar person go about meeting with TorBru?”

The bruiser sighed. “Look, as far as I c’n tell, he just meets ‘im at his office. You know TorBru’s got tunnels under their section of the city right?”

Calvina raised her feathered eyebrows but Laermont just nodded. Simonus continued, “Guadriar goes through that way so no one sees him. There’s also a hidey-hole in Mercuti’s office or so I’m told.”

The two detectives exchanged glances with each other, but neither spoke. Laermont continued the interrogation. “How often do they meet?”

The velen rested his head in his hands for a moment. “I really don’t know, guv. I hear tell it’s every few weeks, but I ain’t never seen it happen. Not privy to that kinda thing, y’know?”

After a momentary pause, the massive metallic detective pushed on. “What does this Guadriar look like? Where can we find him?”

This time Simonus snorted out a laugh. “I don’t go lookin’ for ‘im. If you’re smart, you won’t either. Man’s Vis-damned dangerous. I ‘ave, ‘owever, seen ‘im. Far as I know, he wears a red mask on the lower part of his face, he’s an ugly bastard, even uglier than I am. Also he’s red….ain’t that shockin’? He’s pretty muscled, got big ear flap things that come to a point, can’t miss ‘im.”

Calvina had been madly writing and stopped, sharp gaze turned on Simonus. “Final question -- where do we find him?”

Once again, the velen fighter made a snorting noise through his flattened nose. “You lot are idiots. You don’t go lookin’ for ‘im. All I know is he’s got a pent’ouse somewhere in the city. He hangs around with nine different thugs, all people I ain’t goin’ to look for.”

Laermont nodded again. “Anything else you wanna share, Simonus?’

The scarred, muscle-corded velen shook his head. “That’s all I got for you, chief.”

The detective sighed and lifted his gigantic metallic frame to a standing position. “We’ll take you out of here in a covered wagon and drop you off as far away from Lupanar as possible. I’ll assign an officer to keep an eye on you for the next while. Your assistance will be noted when it comes to our future dealings with you.”

Simonus laughed. “That’s a good ‘un, guv!”

Rapping on the door of the room, Laermont summoned the guard outside and gave him his orders. The pugilist was lead away in his shackles and the two Quaestors stood silently for a moment before Calvina spoke up. “So what do you think, sir?”

Her gigantic companion shrugged. “I think that we are going to have to find this penthouse of Guadriar’s and learn more about what might be happening with him and TorBru. Once we find him, I say we go rattle his cage. What do you say?”

His slight, elfin-featured enlil companion grinned. “I love rattling cages, sir!”

Word Count: 1050


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