Aug 6, 2018
Username: Arashin Sovereign

Character Name: Vox

Age: 20

Race: Laicar (Terran)
If Spurii, Select Bloodlines:
Racial Trait:
Laicar - Adrenaline Rush (Enhanced Run Speed)

Vxo was a youthful soul, one who loved to laugh and socialize. Until The Long Night where he lost his entire village to an unknown assailant. Since then Vox has become quiet and reserved, but glimpses of his old soul still shine on. Never afraid to ask questions or speak out against adversity he stands true to his mission to find out the truth of what happened to his people above all else.

Mild-tempered and naturally intelligent Vox is a force to be reckoned with when he sets his sights on a worthy goal. The northern tribes however still shroud themselves in the ways of old, with unusual beliefs and superstitions. Even though Vox has left his homeland behind he still finds himself bound to his peoples' beliefs.

Physical Appearance:
Vox is the epitome of a strong traditional Masak man, standing tall at 6'2 with a strong jaw and dark brown skin. His long, thick black hair is styled in the way of a Pruinas mane, a Euxine claw necklace made from his fathers first kill adorns his neck. The years of hunting and living in harsh conditions have left him with a strong durable physique.

The light blue and white parka and heavy pants of his people are always close at hand, lined with Euxine feathers and Praeca fur it shelters from even the harshest weather. His grandmothers travel pack and his fathers' spear and shield are strapped to his back and forearm respectively.

His cold blue eyes and shaven, stoic face show unyielding power lurking in his core. The single armband he wears shows the skills of the finest weavers of his village, intersecting lines of black meeting at a hollow circle which shows the face of a Pruina, the fox-thief; the chosen mounts of his people.

Voxs' people are the Masak, a migratory tribe of hunters who move with the seasons all over the Arctoa Wastes. He was raised by his father after his mother had died due to complications with her pregnancy. When Vox was five his father was killed out in the Wastes hunting the Nanuk or "Great white bear". After that, he was left in the hands of his maternal grandmother, the villages Bolas a title that encompassed more than merely chief in his tribe.

Vox learned at the feet of his grandmother, learning his peoples' entire oral history and survivalist ways. She taught him the ways of Masuetis who made the beasts yield to his might will, and the way of Alchemia. He was trained like all young Mask people in the way of the spear and shield, and when his intelligence was deemed sufficient he was taught the ways of Cantatus so that he may have any advantages over his prey.

Skill 1: Calling of Mansuetis (Novice)
Skill 2: Art of Alchemia (Novice)
Skill 3: Discipline of Contigeri (Novice)
Skill 4: Art of Cantatus (Novice)

Writing Week is 231

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