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Opus Magnum

A most alchemical puzzle game with programming. Think of it like creating a machine to do things. You place the parts and you tell it what to do. Then let it run and watch the grand result. Or not, depending on how you program it.

Your greatest work

What is different about Opus Magnum? There are no preplaced parts. It’s all you. You are given a target molecule of sorts to make, and you need to control arms to put things together. You can tell the arms to grab, rotate, release and more. There are lots of different parts, all of which are available for you to use.

A simple contraption

There is a good few tutorial levels to teach you how to do things. They’re explain what’s going on well and what to do. In the end, you are an alchemist creating a machine to make stuff. This game actually has a plot, and it has some nice presentation. The plot is decent from what I’ve seen of it.

Where you start off

The game is can be as easy or hard as you want to make it, meaning that it keeps track of certain things. That is cost, size and time. You can brute force a solution, but that will give you bad results. Or you can create a machine for the least cost since each part you use requires cash.

The puzzle game has plot!

Perhaps size is what you want to optimize for. You can try and make the smallest machine possible to do the task. Maybe speed if what you want. Use more parts for faster results! There are lots of solutions for each puzzle, and it’s up to you what you prioritize. As for me, I try for a happy medium of the three.

Speed is the most difficult of the three to lower.

Final results, with everyone elses results

You get to see what everyone else got too. And you get to see your best results for each. So to get the best possible answer, you need to do the puzzle three times, once for speed, once for size, once for time.  A good thing that the game lets you create multiple saves for each puzzle, so you can work on them separately without loosing progress on the others.

A reference sheet

You can let the machine run step by step or automatic mode. Step by step is good for tweaking things later, though I do want an undo step function so I can watch a certain step repeatedly without going through the entire thing. The games does have a fast forward function that it doesn’t mention. Hold alt and click on a step to speed to it.

The game is great for letting you control everything. The solution is what you want it to be. Aim for the best results, or just try to get it done.

Adding to the game is a puzzle editor. You can make and share puzzles with the community and play their puzzles as well.

Also, it has a export to gif function so you can show off!

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