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Welcome to the future, a place full of mutants and strangeness. It is sometime in the 2020’s and a alien invasion has happened. A lot of radiation is covering the land. Gene editing is all the rage. Dupa Genetics have created a line of Prodigy Children, because your real children are slacking off too much to deserve an inheritance.

You are Paradigm, a failed Prodigy Child, so you’ve been shunted off to a tiny area to run the local nuclear power plant.

Find it on Steam. Also, all screenshots come from the Steam store page.

That’s you, Paradigm

Aren’t you a handsome guy?

Paradigm is a point and click adventure game that slants heavily towards humor. There’s parodies, satire and just plain strange situations. Do you want a beatboxing eggplant? A rapping fridge? Some other strange stuff? Paradigm has it.

Enjoy the company of the cabbage astronaut

To fully get the humor of the game, you have to have knowledge of lots of genre types, but there are other jokes that work on their own. What I like is how the game makes you want to interact with everything using all the options. For example, in other games, when you try to Pick Up something that you can’t, you get a generic message. Here, Paradigm will use all sorts of cheesy pickup lines.

Prepare to rock!

The puzzles are decent here. The background and characters are what really stands out. This game leans fully into the strange atmosphere it created, and each of the characters somehow fits in. The world is a colorful place where the greedy Dupa is running rampant. It’s up to Paradigm to save the day! Only because he’s procrastinating at his actual job!

Paradigm is a humorous point and click game with fun characters, great backgrounds, and a world full of dark humor. It makes you want to interact with everything because everything will react differently.

Find it on Steam.

A date at the end of the world