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Celeste is a challenging platforming game about climbing Celeste mountain. It won’t be an ordinary journey, though. You will venture through old ruins, magical temples and more. Along the way, you’ll meet new friends and challenge yourself to the limits to reach the summit.

Celeste mountain will bring challenge you with in a wide variety of ways. Can you persevere and make it to the top? Or will you listen to the part of you that says you can’t?

Find it on Steam.

Are you prepared to face the mountain?

Celeste is a simple but challenging platforming game. You have three abilities and you don’t gain any new ones over the game. You can jump, dash and climb walls. Dashing mainly recovers when you land on the ground, so it is a sparse and valuable resource in reaching far away ledges. Climbing can only be done for a limited time before you start to slide down. And your jump is pretty mundane. By the end of the game, you’ll have mastered all three mechanics in order to progress.

Dash and scale.

While you don’t get new abilities, each stage has different mechanics and ways to interact with it. For instance, the first stage has blocks on tracks that move when you land on them. You can use them to launch you to further points with momentum. Other levels have their own thing, giving each place its own challenge.

And it gets really challenging. Expect your deaths to easily exceed the hundreds, especially if you try to collect the optional strawberries. The only thing stopping you from progressing is a lack of practice.

Watch out for weirdness

However, an annoying part of the game is that it actively prohibits you from exploring. There are a lot of side areas, but if you accidentally progress to far, you’re locked out and need to replay the section again. Sometimes, the paths just lock even within a large single area so you can’t go back. That means playing entire sections again just to reach the part you need to be. It hurts my exploration.

Avoid the black goop

The art of the game is simple but effective. The end of stage artworks are great, though, and the character portraits are charming. They way they speak is great, too. It’s mainly gibberish, but you can still tell tone of voice easily. The music is good too.

Each stage has a distinct style, so climbing up the mountain feels varied and exciting.

A nice relaxing hotel?

Celeste can be challenging just to get through the main area. Never mind that there are even more difficult bonus modes to see. There is a lot do to in the game even after scaling the mountain.

But what if it’s too hard and you still want to see it? Not to worry, the game has an assist mode. Turn it on and you can make things easier such as slowing down the game or giving you more dashes. So anyone can get through the game.

Climb the mountain and face yourself in Celeste. Find it on Steam.

You can do it!