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Welcome to Orwell, the most comprehensive intelligence gathering program of its time. It is so powerful that several different people have to be in charge due to ethical concerns. This is a first trial of the program, and you are the investigator, the person finding and feeding Orwell information. Then that information is used by the advisor to decide on a course of action.

Of course, your simple trial becomes much more when a bombing happens. Now you’re in it for real trying to capture the attackers and stop future attacks.

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Prepare to spy.

Orwell can be considered a thriller, though you are quite safe. As the investigator, you are well out of the action, but your choices will determine the outcome of the case. What will you tell Orwell about the targets? What will you leave out?

Everyone is watched

The game is you on a computer looking through information. To help you along, Orwell will highlight the potentially important parts that you can upload. I say potentially because not everything is important. Sifting through the useless from the useful is your job.

Or you can upload everything to the annoyance of your advisor. I tried not to upload too many useless stuff, but I always go for more information over less.

You must find those responsible

The gameplay might feel simple, but the story and presentation are good. Orwell allows you to also spy in on anyone’s private conversations as long as you give it the right information, such as screen names or phone numbers. Slowly, you’ll build up a web of information on the targets.

It’s strange getting to know the characters without them being aware you’re watching. But you are the investigator, and your job is to stop any further attacks, privacy or lack of it.

Potential target acquired

To complicate things, there will be certain information that’s in direct conflict with one another. You must choose only one of the information to upload and remember, what you tell Orwell will affect the case moving forwards.

Dig through communications

Or perhaps not. Maybe you find all of this too invasive. You can choose to upload the least possible. Is Orwell overreaching? Even with the separation of power on who provides the information and who decides what to do with it, maybe it’s too much.

That’s a question presented in the game, too. So, what will you choose to do? Be helpful or try to spare the people you’re investigating because of the way you obtained the information?

There’s a Season 2 as well. Get Orwell on Steam.

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