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There is no combat here. No enemies, no fighting. It’s you, exploring a island, meeting the locals and doing some painting. This is a nice, serene game with lots of great scenery to look at. Oh, and the world is populated by animals instead of humans.

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That’s no moon

Eastshade is an open world game. You can go where you want, pick some flowers, craft things, do quests and more. It’s all of interesting parts of an open-world game. No one will hassle you every few steps here. Most importantly, you can paint. You are a painter by trade, and your main goal in the game is to paint four specific scenes. Other than that, go talk to people and explore!

Welcome to Eastshade

The quests are many and varied, as are the locations. A lot of the quests have to do with you fulfilling commissions. You need canvas to paint, though, so go gather some planks and fabric to craft them. I could do with more painting quests, actually, but there are a lot of things to do. You can investigate things or help out the local rangers. There’s even a whodunnit quest.

A picture is worth… tree fiddy.

Getting around the island in the beginning is a bit slow, but you can can more equipment to help. As you become more prepared, you can go out further. Starting out, just being outside at night will cause you to freeze. I guess Eastshade has really cold nights. But then you either purchase or learn how to craft more things, and then you get to enjoy more of the scenery.

Be careful of the cold

All of the characters are voiced in the game, and I think they do an alright job. Nothing stands out, but it all pulls you into the world. Eastshade is just a fun, open place to explore. Go through serene forests, windswept bluffs, sparkling beaches and more. Or, maybe you want to stay at the city and soak in local life. It’s all great to see.

A nice, picturesque beach

Of course, an open-world game is tough to do without some bugs, and this is an indie game, so expect a few issues. Also, the city isn’t as lively as it could be. While the world has a day-night cycle, the city doesn’t really do anything with it. The same people are around at all times and things like that. It is a bit disappointing.

Overall, Eastshade is a great for those that want a calm time. You can choose to do quests or just go out into the world and paint something cool. And the game also lets you export paintings to your computer to keep or share. Nice.

Go for a relaxing visit to Eastshade. Find it on Steam.

Nice, friendly locals