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Minit is a game where you live for one minute, then you die and respawn. It’s all thanks to a cursed sword, so you need to figure out how to get rid of it. Progress is saved, but you’ll always start at one of the many camps, so plan a route to do what you need to do. All in one minute.

Find it on Steam.

Minute to win it

Minute has a charming two bit art style. It’s simple, effective and charming. The characters talk in strange noises which work nicely for the game. Things look cute. The music is nice, too.

Watch out for sharks, though

The game plays like an old style Zelda game. You need to find certain items to get to further areas, and you can whack things with a sword. There are lots of secrets in the game. I didn’t even collect half of the hearts or coins when I beat the game. There are other collectibles, too.

The game play is really simple, though. You really only have one button to do an action with depending on your equipped item. The enemies are basic as well.

It’s a cursed sword

So the entire game is carried by it’s gimmick of dying every minute. Does it work? I suppose. You slowly unlock shortcuts to areas or new campsites to respawn at so the map gets bigger. But are things really improved by you dying every minute? Not really. It affects how much you can do at a time. It’s more of an annoyance than anything that adds to the game, I think.

The game sort of feels like one of those free flash games. It’s not too long. Most of the length will come from you going out and exploring for secrets, but beating the main game will not take much time at all, even with dying every minute.

It’s an interesting experience that’s not fully utilized. The game’s asking price of $10 feel high. Still, Minit tries to do something interesting all packaged in a charming style.

Find it on Steam.

No time to relax!