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A game from the creators of Myst. You are in the first person, never deviating from that view. You are transported to the world of Hunrath somehow. There, you must figure out what to do. Much like Myst, the game is lonely. It’s mostly just you and the notes of things that happened in the past. Though this time around, things are not quite as in the past as usual.

Go forth and figure out what’s going on in Obduction! Find it on Steam.

It’s a real word

This game is a first person adventure puzzle game. You must figure out what to do by looking at the environment and exploring. Hunrath is a strange world, and you happen to roll in during a crisis. That’s why the town there is pretty much deserted. Slowly, you need to piece together what’s going on.

You are not in Kansas anymore

To do that, you mostly need to find and read notes. You’ll find them scattered around as you go through the game. Also, observe the environment and see just how strange the world is. The puzzles in this game can get pretty space bending where you need to keep track of things in multiple locations at once.

Homely in the middle of nowhere

The story gets revealed slowly, and you might miss it if you don’t pay attention. The puzzles, too, require looking around. There’s no inventory here, so you don’t need to worry about that. The puzzles are more getting machines working and getting things to where they need to be through the machinery.

You’re not entirely alone, though. To tell you what to do is one guy who refuses to leave his bunker.

Your only “friend”

The guy is just there to tell you what to do. Don’t expect him to answer any questions or explain what’s going on. And what’s going on is pretty interesting.

The graphics of the game is fantastic. The world they made is equally wondrous. Hunrath might be brown rocks, but there is so much more to explore. And there are a few surprises in Hunrath, too. As you go through the game, take some time to see the world and the story told through the environment. Remember how it relates to things you read. Not all information will be used for solving puzzles, but they do build up the world you’ve been taken to.

Watch out for that laser

The game is good with puzzles that flow from the environment. Sure, everything has been arranged to be tough to get around, but there’s a good reason for that. You just need to pay attention to figure it all out.

Obduction has great visuals, a cool world to explore and a mysterious force pulling everything together. Find it on Steam.

There is some funky shigaite going on here

Oh, this is going into a bit of spoilers here. So stop and turn back if you want to fully experience the world for yourself.

I think the game needs a bit more character interaction. There are multiple endings to the game, but unless you really pay attention, you won’t know what each ending is leading to or how your actions influence which one you get. By paying attention, I mean remembering notes you read probably hours ago. Because there’s no direct character interaction, there’s no debate where people try to convince you to do one or the other. It’s all up to you.