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The Unavowed is a secret organization that fights back against supernatural forces. For a long time, there has been little trouble, leading to a small group just keeping watch. In recent times, however, a lot of supernatural activity has been kicking up. They group is overwhelmed and you are the newest recruit.

This is a latest point and click adventure game from Wadjet Eye Games. Find it on Steam.

It’s going to be a rainy time

This game is a bit different from other point and click games. It plays a bit more like an RPG. There’s no combat, but you choose a party of characters to investigate each location affected by supernatural activity. Who you choose determines how you’ll tackle problems. Also, for your character, you get to choose between three origins that affect dialogue and how people react to you. It gives the game some fun replayability. There’s also party banter while walking around!

Perfectly normal stuff happening here

Unavowed takes place in a rainy New York City plagued by an uptick of magical activity. The world they craft is fun and imaginative, all rendered in a pixel art style. You get to visit a lot of locations to solve different problems. For example, you might have to deal with ghosts in a house or strange murders out by the bay.

The main character is hunting for the demon that has possessed them. While the main character mainly talks through dialogue boxes, the other party members are chatty and have lots to say. They’re all interesting people to talk to, though two are more developed than the others. Good voice acting brings all the characters to life, though you can choose text only if you want.

Face off against something from across the void

Still, it’s fun taking different people to the missions to get their take and see how the puzzles change. You start off with a half-jinn and a fire mage. Both of them feel like cool people to hang out with and you slowly learn more about them over the course of the game.

While this is a point and click game, the puzzles are rather simple. It’s more of an investigative game where you talk to people to learn things with a few puzzles here and there. The situations you get thrown into are fun and varied, so I don’t mind it being simpler. At the end of each mission, there’s usually a choice to be made. Will you kill or will you not? And how does that affect things further down?

The team in their hideout

This game might be more comparable to story-driven games like those from Telltale rather than normal point and click games. Get ready for a great supernatural story. Go out hunting with your team but know that things aren’t always so simple.

Yep, that’s a ghost

Go solve supernatural crimes with your team and maybe find a way to stop the demon that possessed you from unleashing their dastardly plan. Unavowed is a good, story-driven point and click game. It’s lighter on the puzzles, but seeing different ways to get through missions makes it interesting to do again.

Find it on Steam.

Some major magic is affecting this place