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Karmaflow: The Rock Opera Video Game

Are you ready to rock? There are few musical games, and this one starts off with a song. Karmaflow is a platformer set in strange, desolate worlds. You are the Karmakeeper or just the Keeper, and it is up to you to decide the fate of the worlds. Everything is told through bombastic awesome music. The singers are all from the metal and rock industry, lending their wonderful and gravelly voices. It’s like listening to nightingales with chainsaws for wings.

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Welcome to the show

Before I begin the review, I actually want to tell a short story about the game. It’s by chance that I am reviewing this game now. I bought this a few years ago, but when I tried to play it, it didn’t work on my machine. So I uninstalled and forgot about it. Recently, I was going through Youtube suggestions and somehow wound up on the soundtrack to Karmaflow. I was about to listen to it before I remembered, Hey, I own this game! And my computer hardware had changed. I decided to reinstall and see if it would work this time, and it did! I’m glad because I got to experience this different and awesomely musical game.

Enjoy some background music.

Aren’t you adorable?

In Karmaflow, you play as the keeper, a robotic thing that can jump, dash and change the flow of karma. The main mechanic in the game is either taking karma from things or giving karma to things. That will change their state and allow you to progress through the stages.

Each stage is a world, and each one has their own great style and characters. No one talks in this game. They all sing! And at the end of each stage is the real treat of a song. Being a rock opera this is all in the style of metal, a genre I enjoy greatly.

Feel the flow of karma

The music is great, and the stages have good atmosphere. What about the gameplay? Well, it suffers a bit from normal 3d platforming stuff such as annoying cameras. The jumps are also real floaty, so be careful you don’t overshoot your platform. There are a few outright glitches in the game that necessitate a restart from checkpoint.

He yearns for her

Fortunately, checkpoints are frequent enough. There are a number of challenges in the stage, though the game isn’t about super tricky or precise platforming. There are a lot of cool places for you to go through, and each stage feels distinct. You’ll be flying through the air, avoiding traps, riding air drafts and more.

Sometimes, getting around the stages feels great. Sometimes, it feels clunky. The stages does draw you in, and the thought of the next musical number pushes you on.

She yearns for destruction

There are collectible bonus information in the stages, too, so it pays to explore. And at the end of each world, you must make a choice on what to do based on characters you meet and the information you receive. Will you give karma or take it away?

For those wanting to experience an otherworldly story told all through the power of metal, Karmaflow is for you. It is a cool experience. While the platforming might feel awkward at times, there is enough in the game to keep going and see the next thing.

Find it on Steam.

Onward to new and stranger places