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Kingdom: New Lands

Kingdom is all about starting a kingdom. Of course. Though not a grand one. The one your starting is under attack and must start from a bunch of tents. You must get money. Build walls. Get troops to defend. Or, as the game’s main tutorial says, Build. Expand. Defend.

Find it on Steam. Also, special thanks to swaswj for the game.

Your basic goals

Kingdom is a simple to play game. You can go left or right, or gallop left or right. Be careful since your horse will tire if you make him run. There is one resource, and that’s gold. You use gold for everything from building walls to hiring people and then getting them tools.

The game doesn’t tell you much beyond that, so you have to figure out what to do. There isn’t much to manage. It’s more of a strategy game where you choose how far and when to expand. What to spend your resources on.

Night falls and monsters rise

Getting gold is as simple as having your archers kill a rabbit. Why do rabbits and other animals drop gold? Who knows. Your archers will automatically go out and kill things. Then when you get near, they’ll drop the gold for you. You can only hold a certain amount of gold, so don’t hoard it too much.

Then, when night comes, you must be ready to defend your kingdom. By that, I mean you don’t really do anything other than hope the defenses you prepared is enough. There isn’t a lot you can do once the actual fighting starts, so I hope you have enough defenders or walls to stall the enemy.

Defend the walls!

The graphics in this game are really good pixel style. The weather effects are great, and I really like the water effects. There is water at the bottom of the screen all the time, and it looks gorgeous in motion. The still screenshots don’t tell how fluid everything is. The atmosphere of the game is done really well.

Let’s not go that way

So what is the ultimate goal of the game? As the nights go on, the monster attacks get more ferocious and resources less. Certain on map resources go away if you clear the surrounding forests, like the camps where you hire people, so the more you expand, the harder it gets.

Well, eventually if you explore, you might find a broken ship that takes a lot of gold to fix. Yeah, it’s time to abandon kingdom because this place is getting overrun.

Kingdoms is a simple game about surviving and trying to escape. It’s not about managing a kingdom. Just get your gold to get your people and strategize about what to prioritize.

Find it on Steam.

We made it! We abandoned the kingdom!