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Monster Hunter World

This is my foray into the world of Monster Hunter. World. This game is all about hunting giant monsters with giant weapons to make better gear to hunt even larger monsters. Thrown into the mix is a bunch of annoying design decisions that have little purpose. The play of the game is fantastic, though, and worth the time to delve into.

Find it on Steam or your local consoles. Note that this review is for the base game Monster Hunter World. They came out with an expansion, Iceborne, that changes some things, including ideal strategies for hunting monsters.

Also, all screenshots here are from the official Steam page.

A typical day

In the game, you play as a hunter who’s job is to research the ecology of a new and strange world. Of course, you’re mainly there to beat things up while other people do the research. To find monsters, you can go into one of several gorgeous zones. From there, you must track the target by finding signs of them, mostly in the form of footprints. You have scoutflies that will lead you from footprint to footprint until you reach the monster. Then it’s battle time.

Battling monsters is the main part of the game, and it is fantastic. The monsters are wide and varied with lots of different moves. To win, you must learn their attacks, avoid it and strike when the time is right while targeting the weak spots.

I think it knows you’re there

Each mission is bot times and gives you a limited amount of faints, so you have to know what you’re doing to win. Each weapon you can choose is really different. They all have their own moves and intricacies that take time to learn. Just trying to hack your way to victory isn’t going to work here.

For me, I use the hammer. I have to charge up, aim for the head and knock down the monster. Then, there’s the long sword which is all about building up spirit for powerful attacks. There are 14 weapons and each one plays distinctly.

Using help to track monsters

Outside of hunting monsters, you can also pick mushrooms or berries. Mine things and gather other stuff. You need to do that to keep up your crafting materials. Consumables can really help out a hunt from something as simple as healing potions to making flash pods that stun monsters.

Scoutflies will helpfully point out where stuff is, but they can be tough to see at times. So even with them pointing things out, I sometimes have no idea where to go.

Standing against the surge

What about other stuff? This game is full of decisions that make things annoying to do. For instance, each shopkeeper has 2-4 lines they want to say before they let you do the stuff you want to do! Every single time! In the main hub, at least, each shop is a good twenty seconds away from each other pushing people to use other hubs.

Doing story missions multiplayer is also really annoying. No one else can join you until you finish watching the cutscene. Sometimes, the cutscene happens as soon as you start the mission. Other times, you need to run and find the area before the cutscene happens. Oh, and cutscenes can’t be skipped.

And I hear this game already has a lot of quality of life improvements from previous games, which is great, but it could use a bit more. No one needs to see the handler animation for going into a quest screen every time.

Surveying the land

Monster Hunter World is a great game with gorgeous locations. There, you’ll track and hunt the monsters. Maybe even capture them if you don’t want to kill them. The monsters are varied and hard. You’ll need to know what to do to bring them down and build the right gear. There’s not much more to the core gameplay loop than that, but it works great.

Still, there are a lot of strange annoying decisions in the game that don’t feel like they have a real purpose. It might slowly wear on you or it might not. But know they they’re around.

Find it on Steam or your local consoles.