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A short and stylish point-and-click game where you take a little robot through the city to save the day. Machinarium has style and charm. You play as a robot, officially named Josef, I think, but that’s not revealed within the story. He gets thrown out into the trash and you must help him back into the city.

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Special thanks to swaswj for the game.

Welcome to the world

There’s not much talking going on. This is one of those more minimalist point-and-click games. At least there’s text in the menu’s, since I’ve seen a few games where there was no text at all. Still, you won’t get any quips or musings here when you click on things. Only a confused shrug.

The game still has a lot of personality, though. The setting is cool and the characters are all vibrant. The world may be ruined with no explanation as to why, but the robots still there chug along in a way that makes you want them to succeed.

Time to go fishing

This game is also a bit harder than other point-and-click games. For one, you have to move Josef close to the area before he’ll interact with it, especially when trying to use items on each other. He will not go to places automatically.

Overall, the puzzles are varied, and there are a lot of minigame type puzzles. You’ll find a lot of stock things here such as sliding tiles around to make a picture or tracing a path of tangled wires. It’s fun and there’s enough going on that nothing feels like it drags on.

All the backstory you need

Plot in the game is revealed through picture memories. It’s cute and tells what you need to know. Soon after getting back into the city, you’ll find out what you must do.

If you do get stuck, there’s an in-game hint system as well as a separate in-game walkthrough. Accessing the walkthrough requires playing through a minigame each time. I think that’s a clever way of making you want to figure things out yourself, though the minigame isn’t that hard.

That guy with the hat? He’s bad. You know because of the hat.

The game starts you off easy and then gives you more of the city to explore. It’s not too long, but you get to meet all sorts of strange robots that you must help. The puzzles are pretty good. Not too hard. Not too much hunting around for items.

The hardest puzzles for me were those where you needed to do more than just point-and-click. It took longer than I wanted to admit figuring out I actually had to move the mouse up and down to use the pump rather than just clicking it. It was a cool thing, though.

Moving on up in the city

Machinarium is a cute little story about a robot trying to save his city. By the end, you’ll have a full picture of what happened, though maybe not of what’s going on. You’ll go through a bunch of cool, rusty locations and mumble around with quirky characters.

It’s not too long or hard, so it’s a cool experience. And if you get stuck, there’s always the in-game help. Find it on Steam.