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Forgotton Anne

Take a trip through a strange world of forgotten things. Gosh, I almost wrote forgotton. Anyway, Forgotton Anne is a cinematic platformer all about the story. The entire thing is presented in a great, cartoon style. It’s like the cartoon’s of the nineties, only you get to play through it!

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Onward to a strange world

Forgotton Anne takes place in a world where things that are forgotten go to. Anything that gets there takes on life, so you have talking lamps, socks, light bulbs and more. Most of the residents are random objects no longer wanted by the people. It’s like the Brave Little Toaster. Only two humans exist in the world, Anne and her Master, Bonku.

Your pal, the lamp

Before getting too much into the story, I’ll talk about the gameplay. I mentioned that it is a cinematic platformer. I think that’s the term for it. What I mean is that the movements are a lot more realistic. Anne needs time to come to a stop and to turn around. Her jumping is about what a trained human could do. You don’t have much control in the air at all. It’s like the old Prince of Persia games. Don’t worry, though, Anne is still capable of non-stop muscle-ups to get onto platforms.

This game isn’t about careful, precision stuff. It’s about exploring the world with a bit of puzzle solving. There’s nothing too complex, but it does serve to build character in the world.

Go talk to your boss

Anne is the enforcer, the one who keeps things in order. Throughout the game, though, you’ll have to make tough calls as rebels try to stop Master Bonku’s construction projects. As the enforcer, you have the ability to distill things, that is, remove their life force and turn the forgotten things back into ordinary objects. How much will you use that power to stop the rebels?

Search for rebels!

There is a good mix of gameplay and story parts. It balances things out well so there’s usually not too much of one or the other. There are some puzzles to solve. It mostly involves rerouting power to get the things you want to happen.

The game keeps the player engaged both with interacting with characters and traveling from place to place. The setting of the world is fun as you get around a city filled with forgotten things. Just seeing random lamps hopping around or bowling balls going on their way adds a lot of life to everything.

Impress the children

The story of the game is good. I really enjoyed Anne’s journey through the world. You get to learn a lot about the various characters you meet as well as the history of the strange place. Everyone has good voice acting, and the main characters are great. I’m not going to say too much more about the plot, but there are some swerves in store for Anne. It is a touching tale filled with great characters. There are some choices through the game, but the story mostly goes the same way. That’s good since this game knows what kind of tale it wants to tell.

Soar to new locations

Oh, wings. Did I mention you get wings that help you super jump?

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