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Broken Age

Broken Age is a point-and-click adventure with a great, colorful art style and memorable characters. The story centers around two characters, Shay and Vella. It isn’t immediately apparent how their stories intersect since Shay is out on a space ship while Vella is in some quaint little town around 1850’s in technology.

There is quite a large break in the age the two characters reside in. How will it come together?

Find it on Steam. Also, all screenshots here are from the official Steam store page. And thanks to Swaswj for the game.

Praise the sun!

In the game, you can select between the two characters and change between them whenever you want. I started with Shay and him trying to escape his controlling mother. Shay is on board a spaceship as the captain, but really, he’s not in control of anything. It’s the same thing day after day, and Shay wants to do something new and exciting. He gets his chance when a mysterious new visitor boards his spaceship.

Make like a leaf and tree

Meanwhile, in Vella’s story, it’s time for the Maiden’s Feast! Every fourteen years, eligible maidens are sacrificed to a giant monster named Mog Chothra. It’s quite an honor, but Vella is the only one that doesn’t think so. She wants to fight and kill the Mog Chothra. You’ll be helping her out and exploring the world.

There are lots of hints to how the two stories are connected. I will say kudos to the story that it went in a way I didn’t expect. I really enjoyed the tale of Broken Age. It leans towards being humorous more than anything, and I’m okay with that. The side characters are great and funny.

Space Weaver good to go

The first part of the story is a bit easy, though. The second part and later is when the difficult starts ramping up. I do enjoy the increased challenge and puzzles. Some are clever while others are annoying. The later parts of the game take more advantage of the switching between the protagonists. You’re going to need to do solve some puzzles.

I am going to warn you for one puzzle, though. It’s not a huge spoiler, but write down the wiring configurations! You’ll know the part when you reach it. I say that because it’s possible to do a sequence of events that leaves you unable to access information on how to wire something, so if you don’t remember it, you can’t proceed in the game.

Like walking on clouds

While the characters are great, the world feels kind of small. That’s because you pretty much visit 90% of the locations in the first part of the game. The later parts just change up the places you visited before. It’s interesting, but I want to see new stuff!

Also, you can’t skip individual lines of dialogue, only entire conversation scenes. It is a bit annoying.

Broken Age is a good point-and-click game featuring two different characters that grow and fix their worlds. It has a quirky world filled with fun characters. Vella’s story was the one that drew me in, but both sides turn out really good.

Find it on Steam.