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Welcome to Truberbrook, a small town in some remote area of Germany. You are Hans Tannhauser, a professor on vacation. It isn’t as relaxing as he expects, though as something strange is happening in the town. Figure out what’s going on and save the day in this point-and-click adventure!

Special thanks to swaswj for the game.

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Truberbrook is a nice little game with a great style. It feels like you’re playing through a claymation world, though with smoother animations. I believe that’s because the backgrounds were actual physical objects that were converted into the game. It looks nice.

The main character is Hans, just an ordinary quantum physics professor. Yes, just by his profession, you might guess there are some strangeness going on around there.

A strange place with welcoming people.

As far as the gamesplay goes, it’s usual point-and-click stuff, though it is easier than others. That’s mainly because you don’t have free choice of using items on objects. The game will automatically select a few items that makes sense based on the situation, so you won’t be trying every item on everything. The game also has a hotspot indicator to tell you where you can interact with. It came in handy at least once for me.

Other than that, some of the puzzles are logical. Some came about from me playing a lot of point-and-click games so I knew to try everything they let me.

Not the best name for a boat rental company.

The story is charming and fun, especially Hans’s thoughts on things. There is a mystery going about Truberbrook, and it’ll take you all over the region, including an old Sanatorium, old mines, and more.

You’ll also meet a lot of characters, though most of them you’ll only talk to once. A few characters you’ll interact with more than once, though, and those are the fun ones. Everyone has style and personality built into their bodies.

Something strange is afoot.

I think the story could go deeper into the mystery part. Certain locations are underused. It could be more, but I did enjoy the time I spent in Truberbrook. It’s a fun place with a lot of charm. The gameplay is on the simple side, but I didn’t mind. The game looks good and tells a fun story about something strange happening.

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Looking at you.