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Whispers of a Machine

A point-and-click game taking place after some kind of collapse. By the time you get into the story, society has mostly come back in a new and simpler form. People have gone back to pen and paper and doing things by hand. No more computers running things. Of course, there are hints of advanced technology, the biggest of which is the Blue, some kind of bio enhancement that regulated agents of the government can get.

Hey, you happen to be an agent of the government, Vera Englund. So you have access to Blue to help you out.

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Welcome to Nordsund

You get called into a town to help solve a murder. Of course, by the time you arrive, a second murder has taken place. So things quickly get complicated. This game works much like another game from the same developers, Kathy Rain. Here, you find topics and question people to advance the story. You also get to investigate a bit using your Blue enhancements such as improved strength or scanning for bio signatures.


I think the game could use more investigative scenes where you use your special tools, though there are a few of those around. The puzzles are pretty good with some variety. A few of it involves deciphering notes to get passwords and other information.

Not so quiet little village

While you play a detective trying to solver murders, this isn’t a detective game. What I mean is that you don’t have to put together clues at the end to find a culprit. It’s all brought out by the story eventually.

The artwork is a cool old-school style, though I find the backgrounds feel more painted rather than pixelated. The world is pretty interesting to look at, and the characters you meet are decently interesting.

How cute

What makes this game different is that your responses to things will affect a personality scale. That will give you different Blue powers as the game progresses, so there is some replayability. The powers you get will determine how you go around solving puzzles. For instance, I got enhanced vision, so I could spy on information from long distance.

The story of the game is alright. It talks a bit about technology and how it has impacted society, though it never feels to be the main focus. The main goal is to solve why the murders are happening and catch the culprit.

Non-stop tomfoolery

Whispers of a Machine is a decent point-and-click adventure game. It has some interesting puzzles, but overall, the experience won’t stay with you. The different powers depending on your choices thing is cool, but nothing that the game really takes full advantage of. It feels like it could be longer. As is, Whispers of a Machine is a fine, if normal experience.

Find it on Steam.