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American Fugitive

American Fugitive, a open world game about doing crimes and an assortment of other random activities. If it sounds a bit like Grand Theft Auto, it’s because this game follows a similar style. Only this time, it’s all top-down.

This isn’t a review of the full game, but the first portion of it. Thanks to swaswj for making this review possible.

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It’s time to run from the law.

In this game, you play as Will, a man framed for the murder of his father. Now, he has escaped prison and must find out what really happened. It is a story of crime and conspiracy.

Of course, to figure it all out, he will do a lot of random stuff. A lot. The main missions of the game cover a wide variety of activities from stealing cars to using tow trucks on ATMs. It does act as a bit of a tutorial on all of the random things you can do in the game. The main story does feel a bit slow at times, though with all of the random activities you have to do to progress.

I do like that combat isn’t a large factor in most of the missions. It makes things feel different.

Doing work for random people.

The world you get to explore is a pretty cool representation of a suburban and urban area. The map is a decent size with three parts that gets unlocked as you progress through the story.

There is a lot to do in this game not related to missions or side activities. You can crush cars for cash, steal things from houses, find hidden stashes of loot. Now, did I have a big motivation to do most of the things? Not really. But if you ever wanted to just hang out, there is a lot of random stuff to explore. There’s also jumps to do with cars, and some of them can be pretty hard.

A relaxing time waiting for the train.

As for official side activities, there are two categories, time trials and demolition. I really like the demolition one as it just gives you some crazy weapons to let loose on. Time trials gives you various vehicles to race around in, which is fun.

Vehicle controls are decent, though the cars are intentionally hard to control, I think. The game wants some chaos, and no better way than having you slide around crashing into things. Hitting other cars or light posts will get the cops called on you fast. Escaping the cops isn’t too hard, especially on lower wanted ratings, but once you get choppers after you, losing them is a lot harder.

One great thing about the cars is that they can crush through fences with no momentum. So at any time, you can just take shortcuts through areas.

It’s race time!

Combat in this game is simple. Since the game is all top-down, you mainly just shoot in the direction of enemies until they fall. You got to take cover, too, since getting shot takes a lot of health. There is also melee combat, which is just you bashing people with things like wrenches of baseball bats.

As you progress through the game, you’ll receive skill points to upgrade your character. They boost things such as sprinting, health, robbing stores. They take money to get, but the skill points seem to be the main limiting factor. As long as you do side activities and world activities, you should have enough cash to go around.

Eat lead suckas

Overall, the game is well made and competent. The driving around feels fun, even if the car feels out of your control at times. Combat is simple, but it works well. The world is cool to explore, and you can break into a lot of homes and buildings to steal things.

The main missions are varied, though sometimes there is too much filler stuff. There really is a lot of random activities for you to do in the game. Not all of it feels worth it to do, but there’s probably something that will occupy your time if you want to just mess around.

Find it on Steam.

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