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Call of Cthulhu

Welcome to Darkwater, a tiny little island where strange things are happening. You are Edward Pierce, a private investigator that must go there to find out the true reason why the daughter of a wealthy man died. What you find there might be worse than you imagined.

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Will you listen?

The game is mostly you, as Edward, exploring locations. You talk to people and look around, searching for hidden clues and other information on your quest to discover what really happened to Sarah Hawkins and her family.

It’s mainly a cinematic experience, but it is quite the experience. The characters, tone and atmosphere of the game captures a spooky, Lovecraft style feeling.

A hard-boiled detective

There is sort of a stat system in the game where you can upgrade your detective in things like Investigation or Psychology or other things. Mainly, these skills will open up different dialogue choices or clues you can spot. Nothing will really stop you from progressing through the game. It’s mainly bonus interactions or easier interactions.

Beware of what’s out there

You go around from location to location discovering clues. Maybe there are some things you don’t want to do, though, as your mind will slowly weaken from the weight of things you discover.

For most of the chapters, it’s mainly look around and talk to people, but there are a few more intense places. Those include a stealth section and maybe a thing of some kind hunting you. Maybe.

Seek answers

The game can feel kind of trope-y or cliche at points. If you associate it with Lovecraft, you’ll probably find it in the game. Spooky locations? Definitely. Rituals, for sure.

Maybe not that room

Dank docks? Yep. You want an underground cave full of spooky stuff, you will find that here as well. There will be sanity-eroding things for you to discover and lots of occult stuff. The atmosphere is done great in the game.

You’re going too deep!

Is all of the cliche stuff bad? I don’t think so. This is a Call of Cthulhu game based on Lovecraft mythos. You’re not here looking for other things. You want all of the Lovecraft stuff. Tunnels and rituals and cults and more. It gives you a good Lovecraft experience, allowing you to play through all of the situations you want to.

Call of Cthulhu is for those that want to go through a Lovecraft story themselves instead of reading about it. The game is mostly talk and explore with a few dangerous parts, but the story is well done. It gives you an eerie feeling of something greater happening.

And oh no, there’s a mad doctor.

Oh no, it’s the asylum

Find it on Steam.