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  1. Rob

    [Be] Week 248: So Does the Echo Return

    WC: 1324 “As the world sings in the palm of one’s hand, so too does its echo distort the truth.” Cold. Isolated. Out of sight, and out of mind. Vahlmore was ever bathed in a mist not unlike its own hubris. It was quiet, empty, and people went about their business as usual. They didn’t know...
  2. Rob

    Reviewed [Be] Week 248: So Does the Echo Return - Feedback

    Please post any comments, critique, and other feedback here for [Be] Week 248: So Does the Echo Return by Rob.
  3. Rob

    Week 179: Tunnel Rhino

    Grade: 614 (backlog from week 106, 111 and 172) Vigor: 9,031 Latens: 3,031 Skills: School of Castus (Novice) School of Bellator (Novice) Discipline of Pugilis (Novice) Call of Exanimum (Skilled) Call of Daemonium (Novice)
  4. Rob

    Approved Vita, Dominus, The Curator - Demvir (Machina)

    Hiya! I am a nitpicker, so let's go! He is philosophic in his approach to life and frames most if not all of his thoughts threw the lens of his belief that his race is Superior. Threw? I think you mean through! Unless Vita likes to literally throw his lenses around. The Demvir are strong...
  5. Rob

    [Be/Be] Week 172: Beyond the Grave, I Return (Redux)

    Rob/Will 4560 Words If prosperity is what drives, we shun all that comes before. Through serenity, one, and with severity we come. We are the bringers of fate, harbingers of our own demise. For that is our own true fate: to unite, prosper, and lose all that came before as we kindle in the...
  6. Rob

    2017 Post Terminus OST: Working Title - Nominations and Voting

    Rosa: Will do proper formatting when I'm off work.
  7. Rob

    [Be] Week 111: Beyond the Grave, I Return

    1650 Words Takes place directly after: Nothing More In hindsight, Rosa probably should’ve realized that things wouldn’t really go as planned - something that, surprisingly enough, was a good thing for once. She walked up to what looked like a sacrificial altar, with massive cross to be hung...
  8. Rob

    [Be] Week 106: Nothing More

    Nothing More 1095 Words Follows: Visions in the Dark Waking up in a bed that felt unfamiliar and not wholly her own was nothing new to the stormy-eyed half-blood. In fact, the unfamiliarity had more of a familiar feel to it than many a bed she’d prepared herself. Still, the hangover from...
  9. Rob

    Week 91: Fitz

    Grade: 923 (backlog from week 31, 63 and 81) Rosalina Tacita "Rosa" Aetius Vigor: 8,417 Latens: 2,417 Skills:School of Castus (Novice) School of Bellator (Novice) Discipline of Pugilis (Novice) Call of Exanimum (Skilled) Call of Daemonium (Novice)
  10. Rob

    [Be/Oc] Week 92: Visions in the Dark

    Visions in the Dark 2030 Words Rob Finny Softly the pendulum tick, tocked as the wheels of time pressed ever onward on the desk of a woman running out of patience. She’d picked out this day in particular because she knew how close the veil between the world of the living and that of the dead...
  11. Rob

    Approved Aelia, Sommesso, Lia - Spurii (Cross-breed)

    h0i, it is I, Rob and I'm here to assume I'm still allowed to do this, so here we go run-ons! Just going to give a few pointers on things that stuck out and give a brief explanation on them as I go. Two things come to mind when I read about Lia's personality, the first being a bit of a weird...
  12. Rob

    [Be/Oc] Week 81: As Was Before, From the Abyss Again

    As Was Before, From the Abyss Again 3445 Words Rob Finny Ollie was in Vahlmore once again. It was a city covered in perpetual mist. The sky was always in gloom. Sight of the sun was a rare thing. The way into the city was also hidden. Not many people knew how to reach the streets. The...
  13. Rob

    [Be/Oc] Week 63: Through the Spider's Web I

    1830/7190 Words Takes places during/after: Amiss Deep within the crevices of her mind, Rosa stared at a reflection of a woman she had never seen before. It was a woman about a head taller than her with cobalt gray skin, gray eyes that housed frighteningly yellow pupils touched by eight, blood...
  14. Rob

    [Be/Oc] Week 63: Through the Spider's Web I

    3320/5360 Words Traveling outside was always an interesting experience for Ollie. It came down to how people reacted around him. People looked away and gasped in horror at the burn suffered on the lower-left corner of his face. Kids had the most interesting responses. It was pretty much a...