[Mission] [TWFNE] Week 210: Simmering Temple

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Sep 22, 2009
Aeria sighed. Keydis and Aelflead were clearly going to remain at loggerheads, but as long as it didn't jeopardize their ability to fight under these difficult circumstances, she didn't care too much. It seemed that some personalities were too similar to avoid clashing. She wasn't about to get in the middle of it, so she turned her attention to the library facing them.

The deep black pools of ink, reflecting the dim glow from whatever suffused the room, had a viscous quality that made the spurii's stomach turn over. There was something about the quality of the ink that nauseated Aeria. Diamantus came alongside her and wrinkled her nose at the Stygian pools of darkness.

"That's just fuckin' disgusting."

Aeria nodded. "A profound observation, Diamantus."

The velen snorted. "You're a sarcastic one, aren't you?"

Keydis slid around the first bookshelf and Aeria was right beside her, halberd ready to swing into action at the first provocation. From the bookshelf on the other side, Diamantus kept her pistols trained on the space immediately in front of Keydis, Aeria and Aelflead.




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Mar 18, 2007
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The sudden appearance of intruders barely garnered surprise from the priest that ran the library. It did warrant a lifeless glare. The figure was garbed in ornate robes that hung loosely on its gaunt frame. It let out a growl of disapproval.

Standing next to the priest was another templar, one that wielded a tower shield and arming sword. It remained in position but raised the shield, waiting.

From its lectern perch, the priest pulled out a quill. The end dripped with vile ink. It drew a shape on the surface. Fog spewed forth until the entire library was covered leaving visibility to a mere few feet. Both decrepit temple dwellers disappeared inside. The sounds of the templar's metal could be heard. It was a soft, jingling sound.

Green light swirled within the fog. Two bolts of energy fired out towards Keyis's last position.


At least 2 enemies present. Shield templar is taking up defensive position near the priest.


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Jul 29, 2013
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"I guess our definitions of-faex!" The duo and Aelflead's body stole her retort from her lips just as fog stole the forms of the groups newest enemies away from them. Reflexively Aelflead turned left on her heel; stepped up, then sprung off the bookshelf there, launching herself at the Templar -or at least where she had last seen him- with a kick.

Instinct told the redhead that hide and seek with a magic bishop and knight would be foolish. So the smartest thing to do was to separate them and stay close to one. The bishop was Aelflead's choice. And she threw her unnatural strength into her blow, aiming to knock the suit of armor on his ass so she could pounce on the mage.

The flashing glint of her knife blade as she flew through the cloudy air might have served as a warning it could be seen.

WC [/]

primary attack on the Templar fellow is a gangway kick, secondary is an implied attempt to gut stab the librarian if the first attack succeeds.

(Starting vigor -10%) [8,050/8,550]
Primary 2 mag Pugilis Gangway (Bare[booted] foot + lvl 3 skill -dual attacking + tech: Target templar's original location)
Secondary attack 4 mag pugilis attack (Neck gouging + Auritium trench knife + lvl 3 tech -secondary attack: Target mage if primary attack lands).
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Feb 18, 2008
Keydis had only a moment to react to the green lights. Dodging wasn’t an option, with Aeria and Diamantus behind her. She grabbed the sword at her waist, unsheathing it in an instant and sweeping the blade through the fog. The bolts struck the angled blade, deflecting upward into the ceiling but sending tremors down the blade and into the brunette’s arm.

If not for seeing a similar spell moments earlier, she wouldn’t even have expected such a hard punch from the lights. Luck seemed on her side.

Keydis turned toward the rattling sound of metal. She pointed back at Aeria, almost lost in the mist. “Go help Elf!” she called out to her. “We’ll get the big bastard!” Lifting her sword and one wrist blade, Keydis suggested to Diamantus, “I’ll deal with his sword, you deal with his life.” Even in the fog, she trusted her reflexes enough to defend herself if she kept a wary eye, broken rib or not. Blades ahead of her, Keydis rushed into the fog without waiting for approval, heading to where she heard the armor rattle.


Deflection, Adept Militis (Defend in 180 degree arc, 500 Vigor)
Blood from a Stone, Adept Pugilis (ignore pain, 200 vigor per round, 3rd round)

Deflection, 6 mag (3 skill + 3 material) [Note: If the bolts would have been more than 6 magnitude together, let me know and I’ll rewrite]

Keydis is advancing defensively toward the shield templar.

14000/30000 Vigor spent
Sep 22, 2009
Diamantus was behind and slightly to the right of Keydis, guns drawn, sprinting along behind the swordswoman through the fog. As the mists parted in front of them, the gigantic templar’s hulking form resolved into solidity. The velen stopped dead, her stance immediately set for shooting.

Looking up and to the right, she could see a gargoyle set high on the library wall. If she could get a bullet aimed just right, it would ricochet off and strike the thing on the side of the head, where it wouldn’t expect an attack to hit it from where she stood.

Aiming for the gargoyle, she squeezed the trigger and the bullet was loosed. She thought her angles had been correct, but the result would be quickly seen, one way or another.

Meanwhile, as Aelf tangled with the warrior, Aeria rushed in with her halberd extended and ready. Charging past the redheaded fighter, the lean contigeri drove her halberd forward, seeking to snag the bishop and fling him backwards, using the hook-like protrusion below the halberd’s main blade to drive into his bony ribs and lift him from the lectern, interrupting his spell casting.

Diamantus used Ricochet

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