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    Schools all over?

    So like... what other skills do you really need that's not gonna be (1) just some kinky-sounding skill (2) practical in the game and (3) others would actually invest time and energy on? I mean come on, it's not like PT doesn't have enough as it is.
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    Hi! Friendly neighborhood magic panda tossing in two more cents. Personally, I would still love to RP HD, but then, most of the people I collab with don't have the motivation to finish up anymore. It's like, "oh god my plot is just dangling there how do i save it?"More like, their motivation...
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    Chat Quote Thread

    undeniablenation 1:40 am sigh... I forgot my PT password. kazunarikago has entered the room. 1:40 am p.s. why don't we have this yet, even? D:<
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    Rocks foot in the door

    I liek dis ^
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    Question about Terra Regia

    I don't mean how much by how much in exa, but how much by in-game volume.
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    Question about Terra Regia

    How big/much is a standard Terra Regia purchase? Though it has a pic, I have completely no idea how much it is. Like, for example, the amount of lateris completely confuses me. How come it takes 5 lateris for a mundane melee weapon and only 10 lateris for a personal glider? It makes it kinda...
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    DIY Stat Graph

    Hi hi! Nerr here with a suggestion! Since the HD graph had attributes we didn't have as stats, the profile graph was vague and had no systematic manner of determining how many bars there should be. However, PT uses a tiered system for its skills, which makes this profile graph totes...
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    Now You'll See My True Power!

    ^ kinky. I like dis. 8D
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    Now You'll See My True Power!

    *grabs an awful lot of popcorn* I bet Mwn's your best friend.
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    Ameus Cornelia Renaldi

    Laicar • Velen • Enlil s k i l l s Ë Art of Aedificare - The Blacksmith Ë Art of Ingeniarius - The Engineer Ë Art of Terriculum - The Gunsmith Ë School of Serpens - The Serpent Ë Way of Perspicax - The Sniper Ë Way of Polybolii - The Gunner racial traits Aquatic Affinity...
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    Rocks foot in the door

    ^ best advice ever p.s. I read Wils before rock so i think imma just call you Willis anyway. *nods*
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    (you watched Death Note, didn't you?) Nope. xD Not really!

    (you watched Death Note, didn't you?) Nope. xD Not really!
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    And so it begins

    Vin, Ketch's new forum name invites "Deedee" as a nickname.
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    Approved Ameus Cornelia Renaldi - Spurii (Cross-breed)

    @Finny -- Already made the changes! Also, I've been told that it's okay to have attributes from all three races as long as the abilities are taken from only two. @Dys -- Yes, she'll be that way. Keikaku doori. On another note, what second racial trait? o.O
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    Approved Ameus Cornelia Renaldi - Spurii (Cross-breed)

    Name: Ameus Cornelia Renaldi Age: 22 Race: Spurii: Laicar, Enlil, Velen If Spurii, indicate your first Racial Trait: Aquatic Affinity (Velen) Vigor: 1500 Latens: 0 Persona: At first glance, Ameus appears to be the typical Terminus 'newcomer'--curious, possibly with a strong desire to "fit in"...